A month & 910 kms with my Hyryder Hybrid: What I like & what I don't

Even though our A-Class was very efficient, this hybrid takes things to the next level. Fuel efficiency of 21.5kpl in pure city driving conditions with AC on at all times is simply mind blowing.

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It has been exactly a month since we've brought home our Toyota Hyryder, and incidentally, today was the first time the car has been tanked up since the last full tank was on the day of delivery on 30th November, 2022.

Variant: Hybrid G

The numbers:

  • ODO: 910km
  • Trip since reset: 875km
  • Fuel efficiency: 21.5kpl
  • Cycle: 100% city
  • Driving Mode: 99% Eco, 1% Sport


Smoothness and refinement:

Coming from a diesel A-Class, this one feels eerily quiet, with a faint whine in EV mode. When the petrol motor kicks in you can hear a mild purr, but it isn't ever crude or intrusive.

Fuel efficiency:

Even though our A-Class was very efficient, this hybrid takes things to the next level. 21.5kpl in pure cityA driving conditions with AC on at all times is simply mind blowing.


It feels very peppy, especially while closing those gaps in traffic (even in Eco mode, which is the default mode in our car). Petrol with the electric assist is very responsive, and more than fuel efficiency, it was this instant power delivery which sealed the deal for us. Not talking about flat out acceleration, but it is the quick increments in speeds, when you want to momentarily up the pace in traffic, which is impressive.

Ride quality:

It tackles potholes and bad roads really well, soaking in all the shocks. Suspension feels really well suited for urban conditions.

LED headlamps:

I love the throw and spread of the auto LED lights. That they look stunning in the dark, as do the LED tail lamps, is only icing on the cake.


Buggy touchscreen:

I love the fact that it has wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay, however this is one of the worst softwares I've experienced in the recent times. When connected, if you dial or answer a phone call, you won't be able to hear anything after the first 5 seconds. The system freezes occassionally, and you have to switch off the car and open the door for the screen to turn off. Lastly, that annoying voice assistant keeps interrupting without any input. The latter two are issues you can't replicate, although the phone call issue is consistent.

Horrible speakers:

Sound quality is absolutely rubbish - budget hatchback levels, to be honest. I tried playing with the equalizer settings so it did improve a bit, but it is still several notches below what the competition has to offer. Interestingly, the speakers in the V variant are decent compared to the ones in the G variant.

Boot space:

I've done 1 airport run till date, and the boot can only fit in 1 large check in bag at a time. Not that we do a lot of outstation trips, but this could be a deal breaker for some.

The sunshade for the panoramic sunroof is flimsy for sure, however I always keep it tucked away, so it hasn't been an issue so far.

My car is due for the recall, so will be sending it for that as well as its first service in the second week of January 2023.

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