My Volvo XC40's first service bill was over Rs 29,000: Here's how!

The odometer had clocked close to 9000 km by the time the SUV went in for its service.

BHPian gismosin recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally, the first service is done and out of the way. As expected, was uneventful. The car was picked up early in the morning and dropped off by evening. I regrettably could not complete the 10K km needed for service, the ODO clocked 8784 when the car went to service.

I would break up the service bill into three categories:

  1. Parts
  2. Labour
  3. Discretionary spend


Parts included replacements needed in the first service, here is the list for you. This cost Rs. 17,301.5/- including GST. Nothing in this section of the bill stood out to me.


Labour included the following, maybe a couple of line items could be avoided (RS. 885 for checking battery? I hope it got a spa-level treatment) But did not haggle much. However, they had added car wash and sanitization in the original work and got that removed (avoided Sanitization Rs.800/- and Car wash worth 1000/- done free of cost). Total cost Rs. 6,490/-

Here be labour line items

Discretionary Spend

In discretionary spending, I did wheel alignment, balancing & rotation of wheels. AC disinfection and Lubricants were mentioned by Service Advisor as needed so went with it. This part of the service cost Rs.9,298/- I just went with the service for wheel alignment this time around but next time might just get it done outside.

The total bill added up to Rs. 33,090/-. I got a Rs 4k voucher for insurance so the total I paid was Rs. 29,090/- which was in line with my expectations.

Since (I believe) I did not choose the sanitization package there was no foot paper on top of the mat and when delivered there was some water on the driver-side mat.

Other than that, both drivers (pick-up and drop) were courteous, pick-up pictures of the car were taken and shared and location tracking was done. It was a working day for me when the car went to service and my interaction with Service Advisor was on WhatsApp messages, she was prompt & courteous. Maybe, in service two I will try and go to the Service Center.

For now, need to do some mile munching with this Swedish beauty.

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