Nissan too moves away from diesel, bets on electric future

Nissan has joined other Japanese carmakers to move away from diesel in Europe. Following a similar announcement from Toyota earlier this year, Nissan will instead focus on electrified vehicles, which include pure-electric, hybrids and hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles.

Overall demand for the oil burning cars has also been falling in the wake of VW's emission scandal of 2015. According to a media report, the company would stop selling diesel variants across Europe over the next few years in a staged manner. This would lead to job losses at Nissan's Sunderland, UK plant but the company expects an equal or increased demand for electric cars, including hybrids and all-electric vehicles.

Nissan was the first carmaker to introduce a mass-market all-electric car, the Leaf back in 2010. Currently the 2018 Leaf has commenced production in the USA and Japan. Production in the UK is scheduled to commence later in 2018. This has been in line with the company's focus of an electric future for automobiles.

Source - Forbes

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