Taking part in Honda's Drive To Discover 11: 3 days & 700 km

15 sedans in convoy going from Bangalore to Coorg to Wayanad, before ending the journey at Kochi.

BHPian Rudra Sen recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Sometime in the evening, I land at Bangalore International airport on a delayed flight from Dehradun. Thanks to the delayed incoming flight to Dehradun for this. Anyway, I am here to join Honda’s Drive to Discover 11. By the way, this is my third participation in Honda’s Drive to Discover series.

The only saving grace now is that I don’t have to swim through Bangalore’s notorious traffic to reach the town. We are staying in the airport area and our drive starts from here the next morning. It is a three-day drive covering approximately 700 km starting from Bangalore and ending at Kochi.

Below is the route map for the drive and Honda’s theme for this event is Sedan & Stunning. This time they have only sedans (15 of them) including the Honda City, Honda Amaze and Honda City Hybrid.

After checking in, I go down to meet the other participants and Dhiraj from Perfect Relations, whom I know well from my previous driving trips. While walking down to basement parking to see the fleet of cars, he tells me that we are leaving the next day by 10 am sharp, right after breakfast and a briefing.

He also says that some members are reaching only the next day from various locations. I think, "We’ll be fortunate enough if we can leave even by 11 am."

The cars, in the basement parking, are being readied for the journey that is starting the next day.

Our trip will start opposite this busy airport.

16th September

After breakfast, we gathered in one of the conference rooms for the trip briefing. There we meet Mr Takuya Tsumura, President & CEO, Honda Cars India Ltd. and Mr Yuichi Murata Director - Marketing & Sales Honda Cars India Ltd. These two gentlemen are going to join us for the first leg of the trip (probably it is their first time on a trip like this). Mr Kunal Behl, Vice President - Marketing & Sales Honda Cars India Ltd. is going to accompany us for the entire trip.

Vivek Singh from Corporate Communications gives us the agenda and itinerary, while Mr Takuya Tsumura gives a short and sweet speech and wishes us a safe trip.

The 15 cars are neatly parked in the hotel's porch area for us to take over. As I had expected, it is already 11.30 am, but we have a short drive today and there is nothing much to worry about. The question is, "How long will it take us to get through Bangalore's traffic?"

I am driving from the airport towards the city in my car (Honda City automatic) for the day. The cars are moving despite moderately heavy traffic and we take a right below the Hebbal flyover. Traffic is heavy now and I tell my co-driver Nitish Rampal (from Top Gear), “Consider yourself lucky if you hit the highway in one hour.”

The road towards Channarayapatna is nice with smoothly laid tarmac. The sun is not too strong and without getting up to higher speeds, one can maintain a very decent timing. And add to that traffic is pretty thin.

We park our car at a truck lay-by area for a tea break. The new Honda City looks pretty cool from this angle.

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