Upgrading tyres and wheels on my Tata Harrier

My requirements are better performance, better handling, better driving dynamics, shorter braking distance.

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My Harrier comes with the stock size of 235/65 R17 Goodyear Wrangler tyres for all 4 wheels.

Now the tyres are almost the end of their life. So I need to replace the set of 4 with new ones.

Well, here are some of my observations of the stock tyres:

  • The ride is bumpy. Only slightly though.
  • The grip is not so great since I am an enthusiastic driver.
  • The handling also is not so great as the cornering at even 80-90 demands significant speed reduction.
  • Sometimes, in open expressway roads, I go pedal to metal. However, the ride is bumpy and the car understeers most of the time. I think better tyres will definitely improve the driving dynamics.
  • The tyre is prone to puncture.
  • The tyre noise is high, though less audible due to the engine noise itself. But I feel that it can still be reduced to a significant level with better tyres.

From my understanding and limited knowledge, I think that these are the best tyre brands for my replacement - Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Yokohoma, Pirelli - Am I right?

Additionally, I am also thinking to upsize the rims to R18 for 4 reasons - better driving dynamics, better performance, better safety and enhanced looks. Harrier's PCD is 108*5 which is a rare/uncommon spec and so the options (I want only good branded wheels, not any brand for the sake of upgrading) for rim upgrade are pretty expensive as well.

Please advise on the following:

  • Given my reasons to upgrade the rims - Is it really necessary to upgrade the rims or should I just go for a good set of tyres?
  • What rim brands are good?
  • Which tyre brand is the best and what is the tyre model?
  • My requirements are better performance, better handling, better driving dynamics, shorter braking distance. I cannot compromise on the driving comfort. At least the same comfort if not better.

Any other suggestions/recommendations are highly appreciated.

PS - I always maintain the right pressure (whether I am driving or not driving). I do the tyre alignment and wheel balancing appropriately/when needed. I keep my tyres and wheels clean.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

What are you doing, brother? On the one hand, you are complaining about the ride and on the other, you want to upgrade the rim size to 18 inchers! Please don't. The single advantage of larger rims is looks, but the cost is huge = easy to damage the rims & tyres, more expensive replacements and a bumpier suspension. Stick to the stock size only.

I see some Yokohamas (including the lovely Geolandar) & Michelins in the said size. That's what I would pick. If you want something more VFM & durable, look at the Apollo Apterra range.

Here's what BHPian VW2010 had to say on the matter:

What you need is an enthusiastic sedan or hatch back. All things highlighted looks like normal behaviour or a truck meant to be a truck in a suv like clothing.

Upsizing will only make it worse. Your need for a sedan like drivability is not going to get solved with tyres only. Better suspension set up is what you require.

Apollo Apterra is so underrated. AT-S is meant for off-roading as well and that means your puncture issue may be solved.

Here's what BHPian Rshrey22 had to say on the matter:

If you want a comfy ride, go with Bridgestone Duellers. They are expensive but are decently comfortable and safe. I once unknowingly drove a Creta with a front tyre having 10psi pressure at continuous 100 plus speed on highway for 150kms on these tyres.

It is safe to say, that the Duellers saved my life.

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