Weird software bug solved: Brake lights remain on when XUV700 is locked

I tried pressing the brakes, tried the remote lock, and checked the handbrake, but nothing worked.

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Hi guys,

This is my 1st post here. I started reading the posts on this thread in October and now, it is part of my daily ritual. All the experiences which were shared here saved me a lot of pain.

Recently, I noticed a bug. I parked the car as usual at around 2 pm in sunlight, but when I looked at it on my way to the building, I noticed something off with the brake lights. It looked as if they were on! I told myself that it might be due to the sunlight and reflection & all, so I locked the car again just to be sure and left. At 6 pm, when the sunlight was low, it became clear that the lights were indeed on! I rushed to the car and my biggest worry at that time was the battery because apparently, the brake lights didn't go off when I locked the car at 2 pm. The car started on the 2nd or 3rd crank and I gave a sigh of relief.

Now, here is the funny part. The brake lights again didn't turn off when I turned off the engine and locked the car. I tried pressing the brakes, tried the remote lock, and checked the handbrake, but nothing worked. Then I remembered that on that day, I had accidentally hit the auto headlight switch and pushed it to its utmost setting and then quickly went back to switching it off and then setting them to auto (while the brake pedal was pressed). So I enabled the auto headlights, made sure that the car detected the sunlight and turned off the headlights and then finally brake lights went off!

Because of this incident, I and my wife look at the brake lights when we leave the car parked.

Also, recently I saw a fuel log of a diesel AT on Facebook. I have shared it along with my Petrol AT fuel log just for comparison. Not sure how the diesel AT variant was driven, but I have driven mostly within Mumbai in moderate to heavy traffic.

Keeping this incident aside, everything else is fine.

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