Would you daily-drive an unconventional car like the Thar?

These cars are NOT as easy to live with. But then, some cars are a matter of heart-over-head.

The '20 Thar has reignited interest in the 4x4 / lifestyle vehicles category and there are many buyers who started with the Thar, but are now considering the V-Cross too. Trojan's awesome Gurkha review is sure to set some phones ringing at Force showrooms.

Question is, can you daily-drive one? Anyone can keep a Thar as the 2nd or 3rd car of the house, but using it daily? That entails compromises. No matter which offroader you pick, you'll have to contend with some or most of the following = 2 doors, sad rear seats, bumpy ride quality, poor high speed manners, basic / inexistent feature lists, heavy steerings, questionable safety and more. These cars are NOT as easy to live with as your usual Honda City or Hyundai Creta.  

There might not be many pickups on sale in India, yet there are some enthusiasts who daily drive the Isuzu V-Cross. The truck is MASSIVE in size, which gives it incredible street presence. The size could also make it cumbersome to drive & park. One must remember that carrying luggage in this truck is a problem as it has an open loading bay and not a boot. Do invest in a lockable lid for the loading bay. And you'll have to contend with neighbours thinking you've entered the construction / delivery business.

But then, some cars are a matter of heart-over-head. GTO daily-drove his Classic 4x4 for many years. And there are some who also daily drive their vintage cars! You will easily spot a couple of classics driven by their owners in South Bombay on weekdays.

Bulldogji drives around in his beautiful Mercedes-Benz 190 SL.

There are a few determined owners who use their supercars as daily drivers too. There's a 2005 Porsche 911 Cabriolet that crossed the 100,000 km mark back in 2018 itself. A very respectable 8,000 km / year! In this video, the 911's owner even mentions doing 2,000 km in some months.

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