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A whatsapp forward, but so true!
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Default Newton's laws of physics for Bangalore

Newton’s first law : Inertia. A vehicle in Bangalore remains in a state of rest, irrespective of whether it is acted upon by an outside force or not. There is no question of any state of motion. This is particularly true in places called Marathahalli, Outer Ring Road, Kundalahalli and Hoodi.
The only exception to the first law is when you are rear ended, in which case you do make a slight forward motion, before coming back to the state of rest.

Newton’s Second Law : F=ma/chr. Force is equal to mass times acceleration divided by crater depth, divided by speed breaker height and divided by river mimicking capability of the road. It can never be greater than 1 (0.01 in Marathahalli, Kundalahalli, etc etc)

Newton’s Third Law : Equal and opposite reaction. As soon as a road is tarred, it will be dug up. The size of the digging shall be equal to, and opposite of, the quality of the tarring.

Newton has also postulated three additional laws specifically for Bangalore.

Fourth Law – Law of elevation : The size of the truck broken down at the foot of the flyover is inversely proportional to the width of the flyover, subject to the “BBMP constant” that the width of the truck shall always exceed the width of the road.

Fifth Law : Law of relativity of colour : Colour is not absolute but relative to where you are on the road. It shall always appear green to the driver coming to a signal irrespective of what it might appear to anybody else.

Sixth Law : Law of relativity of space : The gap between two cars shall always appear infinite to a two wheeler, while to the two cars in question it shall appear infinitesimal.

Bangalore BHPians are kindly requested to mug up the above laws.
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread

^^^ Simply awesome Secretariat!!! Almost fell of my chair laughing. Another masterpiece after the Novice imitating a Detailer thread!!
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread

No, this isn't Faking News.
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread

A new low for scammers.

I believe this ad belongs in this thread.

BHARAT MOTORS we selling all our honda city iv tech 2012 model - Bangalore
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread

The Petrol-head Prayer!!
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread

10 Funny Indian Station Names
1. Kala Bakra
Where: Jalandhar, Punjab
Not just some ordinary 'bakra', it's kala bakra.

2. Ib
Where: Orissa
The shortest named railway station in the country. Not to to be confused with Intelligence Bureau.

3. Digha
Where: West Bengal
Reminds us of the song, 'Dum Dum Digha Digha, Mausam Bhiga Bhiga'!

4. Clutter Buck Ganj
Where: Uttar Pradesh
Now that's whack!

5. Singapur Road
Where: Orissa
Why to waste money on an air-ticket to Singapore, if you can visit it by rail?

6. Tung
Where: West Bengal
How does a bell ring? Ting-tong-tung!

7. Divine Nagar
Where: Kerala
Where do you go to attain divinity? To Divine Nagar.

8. Lotte Golla Halli
Where: Bangalore
Lotte what?!

9. Chinchpokli
Where: Mumbai
The butt of all Mumbai train jokes.

10. Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta
Where: Andhra Pradesh
100 bucks if you spell it right in one go!
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread

Number 10 is, I think, the longest station name in India.

There's a challenge for the railway buffs: travel from Ib to Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta
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Originally Posted by msdivy View Post
Another name worth mention is Turkey on Muzaffarpur-Hajipur section.

Somewhere near Kanpur is Fafund (Hindi meaning - Fungus).
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread

Only in Gujarat (note: am Gujju myself).

Drying food items on a BMW's roof

The Official Joke thread-img20141101wa0008.jpg
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread

Now, that's what is called 4 - wheel stall! Wonder if the man in red is wondering "Should I pick the BMW or the Papad/Khakhra on top?"
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Optimum utilization of space! Should check storage area under seat. Might find one more person there
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread

You are hereby Condored

This scooty shot was posted a few pages back. Check thoroughly before pasting.
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread


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picture courtesy: George Takei@Facebook
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Default Re: The Official Joke thread

Cheeky slogan behind auto driver's seat:

I couldn't afford a Volkswagen.

"Thus" Auto
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