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Originally Posted by m_upreti (Post 3787897)
Jokes apart:


Car manufacturer

Precisely what I am talking about. You don't take design cues from a designer - you employ the designer to design your car. In plain English it means copy or get inspiration from.

rl: rl:

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Originally Posted by GTO (Post 3788279)
rl: rl:

GTO, you missed the next one which says:

My favourite armchair critics are the ones on team bhp. "Company x should bring their sports car to India and sell it for price of alto"

I wonder lol:

A resident in a seaside hotel breakfast room called over the head waiter one morning.

"I want two boiled eggs, one of them so undercooked it's runny, and the other so over cooked, it's tough and hard to eat. Also, grilled bacon that has been left on the plate to get cold; burnt toast that crumbles away as soon as you touch it with a knife; butter straight from the deep freeze, so that it's impossible to spread; and a pot of very weak coffee, lukewarm."

"That's a complicated order, sir," said the bewildered waiter. "It might be quite difficult."

The guest replied, "Oh, but that's what you gave me yesterday!"

If Cars Had Facial expressions ( on FB )


Originally Posted by vinay kamath (Post 3788938)
If Cars Had Facial expressions ( on FB )

If? Of course they do! And I'm sure that is well known and understood by the designers and marketing men!

old but definitely gold

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Munnabhai was blessed with a baby girl.

Circuit: "Bhai, ab to muhalle ke sare ladke is pe line marenge".
Munna: "Tu fikar mat kar re, apun iska naam DIDI rakhenge!"

Teacher: If you want to strengthen your character, think of the teacher as the mother.

Student: Teacher, it will strengthen my character but spoil my father's character!

Found this on the website of a well known automotive magazine.... :)

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WhatsApp forward. :D

A to Z story of the Sheena Bora Murder Case:

• A & B (a couple in Guwahati) adopt C (a girl).

• When C is a teenager, she is allegedly impregnated by X (who is believed to be a close family member).

• C leaves the house and gives birth to Z (a baby girl).

• C then gets married to D.

• C & D give birth to E (a boy).

• C then divorces D and gets married to F.

• C & F give birth to G.

• After a few years, C & F get divorced.

• C then comes to Mumbai and marries H.

• Z & G then comes to Mumbai and stays with C & H.

• E stays back in Guwahati.

• H has a son I from a previous marriage with J.

• Z & I get into a relationship, which is not approved by C & H.

• C & D get together and murder Z.

• It is later alleged that X is actually A.

• It is also alleged that Z refused to part with an enormous amount of money which was parked in her offshore account by C.

• Enraged by this, C alongwith D plotted to murder Z.

Confused? You aren’t alone, everyone else is equally or more confused.
After Indrani Mukherjea's case, the Govt. should immediately implement "One Wife One Tension" Policy.

:D Whatsapp forward...

Which one would you buy? :P

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Originally Posted by Spinnerr (Post 3793141)
A to Z story of the Sheena Bora Murder Case:

:D Whatsapp forward...

I know it's the Official Joke thread but I don't think that the above facts are correct.

As per the recent developments in the case:
C (Indrani Mukerjea) never married D (Sidhharth Das). They were in a Live-In Relationship and gave birth to both Z (Sheena Bora) and E (Mikhail).
A DNA test from the Sheena's remains will confirm her actual father's identity.

Some news channel did claimed earlier that Indrani's step father molested her but has it been proven?


• C & D get together and murder Z.
Its not C and D who murdered Z. Actually as per reports C (Indrani) and F (Sanjeev Khanna) murdered Z (Sheena).

It's highly OT but just out of curiosity..


Originally Posted by Sherlocked (Post 3793361)

I know it's the Official Joke thread but I don't think that the -------snip-------

Well, you do your handle justice, yeah?

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