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..and here i was, cooking up plans to pick up a jetta automatic, dammit!
Volkswagen what you pulled off is quite breath taking i must say :D

Something not related to VW
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Originally Posted by nakul0888 (Post 3812064)
Look at what a certain jeremy clarkson just brought!

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Poor jezza, always making one mistake after another :D;)

That's most probably a Golf GTI and I don't think he has made any mistake by buying a GTI.

Something related to VW:
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Some condolence to VW:
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Originally Posted by Gannu_1 (Post 3812181)
But that tacho looks like it is a TSI? stupid:


Originally Posted by CarLoverJosh (Post 3812204)
I also think its a TSI else the needle wouldn't be marked till 8000 RPM.


Originally Posted by Doge (Post 3812239)
That's most probably a Golf GTI and I don't think he has made any mistake by buying a GTI.

Yeah, I know, but with all those billions vw has to cough up and pay in several countries anybody would think twice before buying VW cars at this time. Well atleast till all this smog clears. He he :)

Obvious that jezza ordered his way before any of this happened.

the other interesting bit was whether the customers were charged for the defeat device also?

Sniper mode on!
This was to be expected, yeah.

Thanks to Groovi Bhoovi for sharing!

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Huehuehue more VW jokes

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Another version of the same joke...

Somehow a bit of the joke is on us Indians as well.
While Volkswagen's emission cheat code saga is being fined heavily by US emission authorities, Chevrolet forged emissions tests for their Tavera in India is being forgotten.

If you recall, a couple of years ago, news was that Chevrolet forged emissions tests for Tavera in India by selectively supplying better performing engines for the tests, yet they faced a fine of only between Rs 3 crore or Rs 11 Crore (which I am not sure is paid either).


Originally Posted by GrammarNazi (Post 3811419)
Apparently :

VW employs CEO of Maggi to head the company. Releases statement saying that the intake air was already polluted, hence the high readings.

Also recommends EGR delete (coz enjoy your car while you can), says the world's air is polluted anyways.

P.S. : Guys, this is India. We couldn't penalise a noodle maker, this is an automobile giant !

Well the ceo of Maggi and further the media will twist it like this. The govt gave a bad name to VW as baba ramdev is planning on launching his car. Politically motivated lol:

VW basically did what engineers in VTU do. Get 35 to pass the external and target 15 in the internals. Total 50. Target Pass achieved.


If you like Conan, you will love this ☺

This made my day :uncontrol :uncontrol

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Bill Maher of HBO absolutely NAILS Volkswagen! Don't miss this.

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