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Received via WhatsApp rl: rl:

The Official Joke thread-at58sbqfpamrv5qyxjjfxmeqdag7dmvas9hi_sgba1gh.jpg

^^^ The placement of the comma really shows that the sender struggled to avoid a few curses, before continuing the sentence. :D

Air support! Not what you thought! :uncontrol


Originally Posted by mayankk (Post 3742537)
You can't see the dosa, because stone cold said so!!

you made my day bro. cant stop laughing looking at this poster :uncontrol


Originally Posted by 1self (Post 3744897)
Air support! Not what you thought! :uncontrol

that top portion of the picture is actual game footage from Battlefield 3.

latest acquisition by S.W.A.T teams around the world :D

The Official Joke thread-388316_10150475267566840_792441312_n.jpg

Oh, well, certification accepted.

After going through a few pages, I can make out that quite a few people are 9gaggers. Quite a small world indeed. :-)

A man has been arrested for getting an Aadhaar card made of his dog in the district, police said.
Azam Khan (35), who is working as a supervisor at an Aadhaar enrollment agency in Umri town, about 45 kms from the district headquarters, was arrested on Thursday following a complaint that he had made an Aadhaar card for his dog, Bhind Superintendent of Police Navneet Bhasin said today.
The dog’s Aadhaar card reads: ‘Tommy Singh’, s/o Sheru Singh, Year of 26/11/2009 and sex as male, he said.

The matter came to light when the locals complained to the Umri Police that they were facing lot of problems in registering for Aadhaar card, while, they alleged that the agency was issuing cards in the names of dogs and other animals. Following probe, Khan was arrested and a case of forgery was registered against him. Police is further investigating the matter to know whether the accused had made more such cards.


Originally Posted by GTO (Post 3744451)
Received via WhatsApp rl: rl:

Hahahaha! :uncontrol After seeing this, I can only imagine Raghu (the bald guy from Roadies) shouting "Tu Dubai jayega??!!"


I do ever so often feel like this!:D

So true! :p

The Official Joke thread-10177261_1113306495365469_716132092605924552_n.jpg

Chris Harris: Asking the Porsche GT car boss Andreas Preuninger what the third pedal, and the lever between the seats on the Porsche Cayman GT4 are used for. :D

Yep, busy busy busy :D

The Official Joke thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1436692367.941575.jpg


Originally Posted by IronH4WK (Post 3751497)
Yep, busy busy busy :D

Speaking of USB, heard this one..?

"When the inventor of the USB stick dies they'll gently lower the coffin, then pull it back up, turn it the other way, then lower it again."

Yeah, this one won't hold as the inventor of the USB is Ajay V. Bhatt a Hindu, will be cremated for sure :p

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