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Default re: Is your car rattle-free?

Stating the cars we used in the last 20 years-

Our past cars-

Fiat Uno (2000-2013, 107,000km)- It was not rattle free. Whenever a rattle cropped up, it was taken care off.

Maruti Alto (2008-2011, 47,500 km) - Rattle free.

Maruti Alto k10 (2013-2015, 13,000 km)- It had rattle's from the rear parcel tray and the front left door. Both were fixed.

Ford Figo Tdci, old gen (2015-2018, 35,000 km) - Rattle free.

Our current cars -

Toyota Etios petrol (2011, 95,800 km) - Rattle free

Renault Duster AWD (2018, 17,700 km) - Rattle free.

Few pointer's to keep rattle's away -

Be slow on rough roads.

Be gentle on closing the doors, glove box, boot lid.

A periodic good pressure wash by water and application of WD40 on locks, hinges, seat rails and other parts helps to keep the squeaks away.

If I myself fail to identify the place from where it's rattling, I take the car to old experienced FNG mechanics. They have a much more sharp and experienced ear than the guys working in the service centers. 99% of the time, the FNG mechanics have not disappointed me, whereas in more than 50% of the time I see, the service center guys trying cluelessly to identify the sound.
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Default re: Is your car rattle-free?

Our 7 years old i20 with ~1.85k kms on the odo had 0 rattles and squeaks and it was driven on some so called roads in Maharashtra where there was no tar or cement.
The rear parcel tray of our Ritz(8 years, strictly used in city taken on highways only twice) rattles when going over bumps and the plastic panel on left squeaks.
The new car, Nexon (4000 km done in a month of which ~2000 on bad roads) has no rattles as of now, but there is a squeak from the armrest on the LHS front door. IIRC, this has been an issue in other BHPians' Nexons too. Hoping to get it fixed during next servicing.

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Default re: Is your car rattle-free?

Zero rattles for my 6 year old Linea Tjet. My 12 year old i10 is also relatively rattle free.
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Default re: Is your car rattle-free?

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Default re: Is your car rattle-free?

My Tata Hexa has 55k kms on the ODO and there isn't a hint of rattle anywhere. The thing is built like a Tank!

This is the first car I owned which hasn't squeaked for so long yet. And I've owned quote a few.

This was surprising, considering:

1. It was a Tata
2. I drive it mercilessly over bad roads, potholes and speedbreakers.

And the above is one reason I love the Hexa XTA to bits. It is simply a class apart.

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Default re: Is your car rattle-free?

We have three cars in the family currently.
Tata Nano CX 2012 model, my father's daily drive, Currently has about 24000 kms on the odo. Yes it rattles here and there, but not too much and frankly nobody is bothered.
Fiat Punto Evo MJD My first car, my daily drive. I got it in 2015, has done 80500 kms as of today. The only thing that rattles in it are my daughter's rattles in the seat back pockets. It had developed a squeaky noise from the front passenger seat after getting submerged in the floods, but Fiat guys rectified it somehow.
Grand i10 Nios Just about two months old, done around 600 kms. There is one rattle that I can hear, yet to localize from where.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

Rattles are a standard feature of my Jeep . Came like that straight from the factory! Every time I drive it, it seems that some new rattles & squeaks have popped up, and some have disappeared.

In my 530d too, I have started hearing mild rattles from some corners. But rattles don't bother me as I play my music loud enough to drown them out .

Most cars in India rattle. The single car I have owned that remained rattle-free was the Mercedes C220. IIRC, even at 70,000 km, that car had no rattles at all (and we take our cars out on the highway a LOT).
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

2011 Hyundai i20 Sportz

Just 30k kilometers on odo and this nimble little car rattles a lot! From the steering wheel to the rear right suspension, everything comes to life in the first and second gear after 2500 rpm. My take would be the attitude my family has towards this particular car in my garage. It's always late for its servicing, no one takes the toil to get the rubber and wheels balanced and aligned. So this was inevitable.

2008 Honda Civic - S MT (85k)

This piece of legend has its own marks. Exhaust pipe rattles. But that's cause of a speeding biker who just shoved up his front wheel beneath my Civic and we all know how high the Civic rides!! So yeah, exhaust pipe took all the bruises and despite getting it replaced and repaired in-numerous times, alas, it'll never be the same again. Rest all is just fine.

PS: The whole car used to rattle a couple of years back in the first gear when starting from a standstill. Recently it's clutch plate and master cylinder (that's what the GoMechanic guy referred to that part) was replaced, bye-bye rattles.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

My 10year old Aria with close to 1.75L kms on the odometer doesn't rattle, but the general NVH factor has worsened noticeably.

Btw, my 2yr old 15K kms driven i20 has a rattle from somewhere in the boot when driven on bad roads, but it hasn't pestered me enough to find the root cause.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

Originally Posted by Flash777 View Post
And the above is one reason I love the Hexa XTA to bits. It is simply a class apart.
I would second that, my 3 year old Hexa XTA driven on all sorts of roads & no-roads is largely rattle free. Class act by Tata, sadly the market did not did like the Tata product
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

2003 Ford Ikon: No rattles except for the rear parcel tray, presumably because of the aftermarket speakers.

2007 Mahindra Scorpio: Everything rattled, the seats groaned, the diesel engine was loud enough to drown out most noises.

2015 Hyundai Grand i10: No rattles so far.

2018 Hyundai Creta: No rattles so far.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

Ford Ikon 2003-2006 Minor squeaks in the doors but the dashboard was rattle free. Was quite quiet for the times.

Swift 2007-2010 Everything rattled. Had to use music to drown out the sound when others sat in the car. Embarrassing.

Dzire 2010-Still running The car seemed to have improved from previous generation. One theory I have is that maybe the swift rattled more due to the rear door. Since the Dzire has a boot, the cabin seems more quiet.

XUV 2014-2018 First year was actually good for the car. I actually thought it was Chandigarh roads and lack of potholes leading to a rattle free existence. A couple of mountain trails after the first year led to multiple squeaks. There was one terrible squeak which came from somewhere in the rear which ASS could never ever fix. Sounded like a ghungroo or a tinkle from a small bell.

XUV 2018-2020 The new XUV is very refined in terms of engine noise and rattles. Hardly any rattles after 2 years of use. A trip to Chitkul threw up a squeak in the driver side door which got fixed in service. The driver seat has developed a squeak recently which should get addressed in the next service.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

Rattles are totally unacceptable in any vehicle. Yes, I'm spoilt.

Both my 3rd gen Honda City and my Dad's Maruti Ritz are 9 years, 90k km old and without rattles. We take good care of them and don't go fast over bad roads or speed breakers because
  1. they aren't built to do that well and
  2. we care about our comfort as much as the we do about the car.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

Maruti Ritz VDi ABS (2009 - 2018): Had couple of rattles from doors
Hyundai Creta SX(O) D (2018 - present): Had one rattle on front passenger side door which was fixed in last service. Now recently, the driver/co-driver middle armrest has minor rattles.Yet to try some tricks to fix that.

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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

Isn't it surprising that the cars which the company claims are specifically built for Indian conditions keeps rattling? Eg. All Maruti vehicles, Ford Ecosport, etc.
Where has all the R & D money gone?

My examples:
1. Swift VDI - Being a diesel and a Maruti, rattles was part of its genetic inheritance. The car would rattle randomly from wherever possible; doors, windows, steering and dashboard. I stopped looking for them once I realized that the rattles keep changing places every 15 days. Sold after driving for 95000 kilometres.
2. Etios diesel - Rattle free overall. Sometimes the AC vents rattles in a particular position. So, I just change the direction of the vents and the rattles disappear. Still with me,currently crossed 120000 kilometres.
3. Baleno petrol - Rattles started from left side bonnet area. Can't find the cause. Driven just for 15000 kilometres.

I will give benefit of the doubt to manufacturers because car has more than 25000 different parts, few moving and few still. All these parts takes years of abuse from different driving conditions and driving styles of the owners. Parts can fail or tend to get loose inadvertently after few years. Rust tends to develop between screws which then won't be able to hold the particular structure in place tightly.

Rattling of cars after a lakh kilometres is still forgivable, but a new car which has hardly crossed 25000 kilometres must be in rattle free condition unless met with an accident.
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