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GTO : I am proud to be a member of Team-BHP now! Glad all is not gloomy!
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Darn proud to be a team-bhpian. Put my friendship on line and asked a friend not to buy an octavia. I am forwarding this to everyone i know.
The revolution has begun. Better after sales service or your product stays in the stock yard.PERIOD !
Harish, U would make all of us proud if u fought this batter till the end.Its not only your victory.ITS OUR VICTORY.Everyone at Team-bhp's
Best of luck.

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GTO, other mods and all fellow TBHPians - Thanks for highlighting this as well as your experiences / views, went through all the posts, the comments have all come from the heart and every post represents feelings of car enthusiasts, who definitely know what they are talking about.

One of my friends was deciding between Fabia and i20. He has booked the i20 today, the reasons:
* We were pissed off that the sales guy got a temp registration car, when we asked whether he has a demo car, he said no and said - 'dont worry, we will not sell this car to you'. Strange that they do not even have a demo car, it may even have been sold to someone already :(
* When we asked about servicing, sales guy mentioned that servicing is at 10K kms. We enquired about general costs in the servicing, but he was evasive, So finally asked him the cost of engine oil and he mentioned 1.5K / litre and 4 litres to put. My SX4 had 3 servicings till 10K and total bill of all 3 is less than 6K , And this guy says the oil is of high quality used in aircrafts. LOL
* When we asked about competition and how this compares to swift and i20, the guy says this is a premium brand and we do not compare to these cars

Obviously, the above can be attributed to a bad sales team / dealer!

* Final nail in the coffin is "this post"

On the attitude of Skoda, I would like to mention that companies like Honda, Hyundai, MUL sell 100 times more cars than Skoda still the kind of disquiet you see against Skoda service is unprecedented. Bajaj was a new entrant into the bike segment, still I was surprised when they proactively replaced the front shocks on my P200. And Honda/Toyota's track record on this is legendary. No wonder why these manufacturers have grown rapidly worldwide.. Skoda needs to learn from this and get their feet firmly on the ground.
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Originally Posted by Ice View Post
As a Marketing Professional myself, I stay away from legalese. Its not a suit that fits us marketeers well.

Originally Posted by Harbir View Post
After anger, I am now feeling deeply sad. How has Skoda managed to get itself sucked into a situation like this?... ...
Exactly my experience too. I don't want to see no Skodas coming to India.

Well... I don't want to see no VAG cars in India. If VW can learn and do better, Skoda Out and VW in might answer.

Having spare brands is one way out of a PR debacle.
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We have to keep in mind that the most of the grievances against Skoda have been a response to the actions of Indian people and business associated with Skoda. THis Meghna is an Indian. the lawyer advising her on making these threats to TBHP is an indian. the employees of the dealership and of Skoda accused by HarishV are Indians. Jingoistic statements against Skoda are neither fair nor helpful.

That is not to say that VAG hasn't contibuted to the issue by offering cars of low reliability or that it wasn't their responsibility to build a state of the art customer service organization. None the less, it does not behoove us to denigrate the Czech Republic while denigrating Skoda, or making jingoistic statements against Skoda like "leave India", "we don't want you here", etc.

I am glad VAG is in India. It is good for Indians to expereince the Germanic automotive ethos, and VAG's faith in future of the INdian market, despite the fact that it most people are too poor to afford a Skoda, means we should treat Skoda as a respected guest. In the same vein, it is for Skoda to demonstrate our respect is not misplaced and that it is doing all it can to make itself at home in India.As such, a nationwide epidemic of dealer dissatisfaction is pretty bad and Skoda has a lot of work to do to improve things. So lets demand that. but lets not make ugly "foreigners, get out" type statements;

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Originally Posted by frankmehta View Post
SUGGESTIONS for the new team bhp logo on top of the page:

must be an icon in the automotive industry (or on team bhp) and must personify value, reliability, toughness and contribution to the indian automotive industry as a whole.

A maruti or a hyundai or a tata will be on top of the list (which i really dont mind)

suggestion 1: tata nano (for obvious reasons)
suggestion 2: maruti 800<maybe edmunds 800> (for putting the nation on wheels)
suggestion 3: rudra's amby (for aesthetic purposes: she's a hottie!)
suggestion 4: <taps fingers on table and thinks> no no, we dont want a hyundai as the top photo, outright BOORING!

suggestion 5: car of the month (picked by mods + team bhpians every month)
Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
I am with you guys and stand by the motion against skoda.
This is my last post on t bhp and I take a pledge never to post unless and until I see that red skoda VRS car taken of the forum homepage. For me, Its an INSULT to t-bhp brand as a whole.
How about an accident-damaged skoda, for the time being - it could well be a symbolic representation of what the company stands for as far as we are concerned.

Skoda - I will definitely vouch for the red Octy or the new Superb to go up, but only if you dig yourself out of this hole. You got to be kidding yourself if you think this bad Word-Of-Mouth you've earned will vanish in good time. You are only doing more damage to yourself (if possible, that is..!).

In case you want to sue me (or any of the TBHPians) for having posted in this thread, please PM me (us, am sure) and I shall send you my address for serving the subpoena.

Originally Posted by navin View Post
Guys I would like to see TBHP being proactive and being part of the solution. Statements like this do not help.

What India needs is car companies that will
1. produce good fun reliable cars to drive that appeal to the Indian customer
2. back it up with an attentive sales team
3. back that up with a efficient and economical after sales service (which includes maintainance, customer relation management, and a preventinve maintenance program).

Every car company has had it's share of lemons and PR disasters. This is one such PR disaster for Skoda. What Skoda needs to do is to pick up the pieces and move on.

1. Draft a smart letter to TBHP recognising the power of the internet and Skoda's folly in trying "to take it on".
2. Fix Harish's car and return the same to him with a 4/40 BUMPER to BUMPER warranty. After all that man has gone through he does need a car that will give him peace for 4 years.
3. Establish a process where they can monitor their dealers in an efficient way and be willing to take their dealers to task.

TBHP is a significant force and with this power comes a lot of responsibility. TBHP is a forum for people who are passionate about cars and just about anything automotive. If we take our passion and our power we can improve the product and service the Indian customer gets. Now that is what I would like to see.

Skoda, if you are reading this, I have (ever after reading Harish's thread) sent my car to your dealer (Autobahn) for service. Why? becuase if we all give up on Skoda then next we will all give up on Honda and then Tata and Fiat and very soon we will be left with only Maruti and maybe Hyundai.

Berating Skoda adinfinitum will solve anything. Lets be part of the solution instead of just part of the problem.

Skoda, if you are reading this and you should be, take the positives out of this thread and those out of Harish's. Work with us instead of against us. We need good realiable cars as much as you need good paying customers. It may look hard at first but putting processes in place is not that difficult; certainly not as difficult as trying to take on the power of the internet against a group of individuals that are knowledgable, passionate and are willing to 'fight to the last man/woman'. Think about the results. Even if you are able to and succeed at sueing every single TBHPian (leave alone a forum) what will be cost, will Skoda even survive in India after that, will any VW group company ever succeed?

Porsche, VW and Skoda is in the business of making cars, selling them and servicing them. Stick to your kniting, do it well and you will see that TBHP (along with similar forums) and the internet will reward you for your efforts.

It does not matter to a car buyer what the nationality of the car company is as long as it produces good relaible cars and services them efficeintly. Japanese car manufacturers have been very successful in the US despite a deep hatred of anything Japanese by Americans not 60 years ago (WWII). We in India have always had a fondness for most things German but that does not mean we will tolerate buffalo kaka. The activity on this thread is testament to that fact.

Skoda, if you do not respond, to this post I dont care. I would rather see the time and energies used to make a response to this post used towards making a concerted effort in your sales and service teams and that of your dealers.
Originally Posted by navin View Post

Skoda, lets us inform you that Ajmat and myself have some experience with cars. Both of us have driven (and I am not talking go-karts) on closed race tracks (me at Skip Barber's @ Limerock CT amongst other places) and have gotten our hands dirty (my experience includes using strobes to set timing of Premier Padminis in the 70s to building a amphibious vehicle from scratch for an SAE sponsored competition in the 80s). I'll let Ajmat detail his range of knowledge and expereince. There are many on this forum whose experience and knowledge far outstrips mine.

TBHP could be your best friend.

Where else would you find people with expereince, knowledge, passion and without bias. Just amongst the Mods I think we own 3 or 4 Skodas vRS (and this is just counting our personal vehicles) if we were biased would own so many Skodas? Would we (even after Harish's case came to light) still send our cars to a Skoda dealer?

If I were Skoda I would be most eager to leverage the power of such a community. You wont find a focus group of this quality anywhere else.
Well Said. Very Well Said!

Originally Posted by neoranjit View Post
Just one request GTO : Lets get rid of the red 'car' on top of this page with a better one.
Eye for details, eh Neo?!!

Originally Posted by harishv View Post
Hi Team Bhpians,

The last 12 months since the Skoda saga started have been very trying for my family and me.

The common consensus amongst people was that I was wasting my time up a one - way street. My wife, 2 kids and a few close friends stood by me strongly and backed me all the way.

There were anxious moments when they were worried. Valuable time, which could have been spent on business and family, got wasted.

But, Friday onwards it was a totally different story. The excitement at home was palpable and more than on Mumbai streets during an India-Pakistan cricket match. The family was glued to the computer and they kept the phone lines buzzing giving me an update of the happenings on the Team Bhp web site. Like my wife said “ Harish there is a God”

- ‘Dad, 250 and 90. 21000 and 2300 ‘

‘305 and 140, 22080 and 3837 ‘

‘Dad, GTO’s thread is on fire‘

‘That Harbir guy is awesome. He has got a Lotus’

‘GTO is cool’

‘Amit-mech has gone ballastic. He wants to bash up the Continental mechanic’.

The commentary kept my spirits up all along the drive back home. They kept track of every post and the views expressed on both the threads.

All four of us are travel and car enthusiasts. We have traveled all round the country in our M800, Esteem and then the Skoda. We share an Esteem now.

Our family credo has been - ‘Wherever there is a road we’ll drive’.

My 18 yr old son is my navigator. He is a national level athlete – sprinter and expects all cars to FLY. Hates anybody overtaking us. He has been viewing the entire Team Bhp garage. He wants to join the gang.

My 13 yr old daughter was curious to know what would be the course of action now. ‘Dad, don’t leave them’ is what she has been saying from day one.

I said “ Baby, I did not leave them when I was alone with family and few friends. Guess what I will do to them with an army of 40,000 Team Bhpians behind me ’.

Would love to be personally acquainted with all of you.

Excuse me if you find this post off topic and little mushy.

Thanks Team Bhp.
Harish - Salutes to you. We as a community of car lovers can never see one of us suffer!

Sorry for the long post, read 37 pages in one shot. The links are up my facebook, and have emailed them to a friend who was interested in the new Superb when we met last weekend...
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Hey guys!! There is another interesting fact about Skoda that you might like to know. In UK, Skoda was for many years the "worst brand ever". Not just in the automobile industry, but amongst all the brands!! In fact if there are lots of Skoda jokes that used to go around. I am not posting any of them here as it might be offensive to those fellow BHPians who are Skoda owners.

@Harish, hats off to you man!! Hope things end well for you.
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How about an accident-damaged skoda, for the time being
Or any good SUV like Land cruiser or fortuner or outlander.

But add my votes to remove the red skoda from index page. Even a Nano will be enough.

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Originally Posted by Harbir View Post
I doubt Skoda can get out of this situation. The dealer body and their collaborates in the Skoda Corporate office certainly are better placed than Skoda executives when it comes to manipulating the law to subvert the actions of Skoda executives.

Originally Posted by Harbir View Post
THis Meghna is an Indian. the lawyer advising her on making these threats to TBHP is an indian. the employees of the dealership and of Skoda accused by HarishV are Indians. Jingoistic statements against Skoda are neither fair nor helpful.

I am glad VAG is in India...As such, a nationwide epidemic of dealer dissatisfaction is pretty bad and Skoda has a lot of work to do to improve things. So lets demand that. but lets not make ugly "foreigners, get out" type statements;

VAG-Porsche has already estabished a presence in India. Making "Skoda get out or VAG get out" noises does not do anyone any good.

I dont know if this thread or this forum is read by the powers that can effect change. I get the feeling (like Harbir) that atleast those associated with Skoda India are either out of their depth or worse apathetic.

Skoda, I hope your sales/marketing, PR, legal, and adminsistrative teams have been following the happenings on TBHP.

If you have a plan of action all of us would like to know. If you have taken any concrete decisions we would appreciate it if these were shared with us. It would go a long way in demonstrating that Skoda India is seriously interested in serving the Indian customer for the long term.

If not we are fine with that too. Standard, Peugeot, Sipani, Opel, Daewoo are all brands which for one reason or another had to close shop in India. Skoda will just be another brand to join their ranks. But if you let us know atleast we will be able to say that you were honest with us.

I understand that the management at Skoda might be feeling a bit of heat (ok a lot of heat) but this heat was not of our doing nor was it just one case of bad service. It was a problem which like a dormant volcano was going to erupt - and it did.

Skoda, if you cant stand the heat atleast get out of the kitchen!

Originally Posted by Meer View Post
...And this guy says the oil is of high quality used in aircrafts.

This I got to hear. What was the grade of oil the sales person said Skoda uses?

Seriously, which aircraft? Jet? Piston? Model?

Simple prop engines (Cessna 152/172-Beachcraft Sundancer-Piper cub etc.) do use a grade of oil that is SIMILAR to what we use in our cars. Usually it a multi-grade and spec is W65+ up to W120 as dictated by SAE J 1899.These oils have certain additives to prolong life and prevent rust.

Model Aircraft (atleast in the 70s) used castor oil.

I have no idea of the oils used by Jet engines. I dont think that sales person did either.
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just saw this thread . i also want to be a part of this history.

skoda auto i strongly warn u to mend your ways or u will never see the light of the day again in india.

compensate my friend for all his expenditure or u will never have any money even to construct a small car in india

i already have refrained 4 of my friends from buying a skoda fabia and laura showing these threads.

and i have myself refrained from buying a fabia and have booked a linea.

imagine if one man can refrain 5 people from buying then what 1,147,995,904 ( google population of india) can do.

just think about it.u will be forced to shut off.
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I own a Skoda. The car rocks but the A.S.S is lethargic, slow and inefficient. I am still in the warranty and free service period so can't comment more.

After reading all this I am sure my next car won't be a Skoda (was looking forward to Yeti). And if things don't improve, I'll switch to one of the Japenese soon.
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Guys, pause for sometime from flooding this thread please. Inspite of me spending hours on catching up with all the posts, the thread keeps growing.

Great to see that the auto enthusiasts community is united against people issuing legal threats (I wonder how a company will make such a stupid mistake of issuing threats)

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Originally Posted by humyum View Post
Harish, U would make all of us proud if u fought this batter till the end.Its not only your victory.ITS OUR VICTORY.Everyone at Team-bhp's
Best of luck.
rest assured friend i will, whatever the sacrifice.
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Originally Posted by harishv View Post
rest assured friend i will, whatever the sacrifice.
and we will support you all the way in that
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Originally Posted by harishv View Post
rest assured friend i will, whatever the sacrifice.

That's to your dedication man. Just a suggestion. If skoda is suing us all as members of a forum which is causing them harm then i suppose all of us will be having a joint hearing in the court. Might as well make a team-bhp national meet out of it?


P.S. just went through the profile of this skoda corporate. Girl, get a skoda yourself first. And yeah, if you want to sue me, please PM me so that I can save you the hassles of finding my address.
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