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Default Re: The best car ads

Originally Posted by Joxster View Post
While I find the Ad a bit entertaining, IMO it is utterly and completely pointless.
The point of the ad was to 'get noticed' and it sure did! I think it's super cool. We live in an era of information overload, thus brands are thinking up ways to stand out everyday. In that sense, this ad has achieved its objective.
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Default Re: The best car ads

Smart car indeed. In today's world of smart cars, and less than smarter drivers; this ad of the Smart Electric puts things in perspective. It's all good to have displacements et al. But the first 5 meters do matter in a clogged road like we encounter on a daily basis.

Looking forward to the 'real' hybrid technology to filter into our automotive environment. The best of both worlds.
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Default Re: The best car ads

This new Advertisement/short film showing the capabilities of the new Range Rover Sport hybrid is brilliant. A good takeaway from the advertisement was another new and brilliant road added to the list of roads to drive on, for me.

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Wow, thanks for sharing. A close buddy of mine is involved in shooting ad for Land Rover in India. Don't know if they are planning something like this in an Indian locale.
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Default Re: The best car ads

Though not Indian , it is a cool ad by SKODA.

Skoda takes on Elon Musk!

Watch the display “Don’t Panic Elon!” on the touchscreen.

While Elon Musk’s own first-generation Tesla Roadster won’t quite make it to the Red Planet, Skoda has successfully sent its flagship Superb model in the punchy 280-horsepower Sporstline specification to Mars.

Without making a big fuss about it, the Czech marque part of the Volkswagen Group empire has released video footage on YouTube to demonstrate the red-hot Superb was actually on a mission to Mars.


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Default Re: The best car ads

A longish TVC by Hyundai :

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Default Re: The best car ads

Not sure if it has been shared here before:

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Default Re: The best car ads

I donít know if this ad has been shared before, but anyway I love it. Captures the essence of Lambo in a brilliant way.

Mods,please delete in case itís been shared before.
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Default Re: The best car ads

Kimbal Musk Designs a car with Kids - for the "Win Kimbal Musk's Tesla 3" contest promo

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Default Re: The best car ads

Pardon me if this is a repost, an old but a funny one from MB.

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Default Re: The best car ads

Came across this ad while randomly scrolling Facebook. Pretty smart marketing.

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Default Re: The best car ads

Came across this old Peugeot 206 Ad today after reading an article on Top Gear.

It all began with an idea. A mad idea, but an idea all the same. Could a Hindustan Ambassador actually be converted into a convincing replica of the Peugeot 208 GTI? A question not plucked from thin air, but based on one of the greatest car adverts ever.

In the 45 second long original, an Indian gentleman falls in love with the Peugeot 206, so sets about crashing, hammering and squashing (with help from an actual elephant) an Ambassador into the shape of a 206. Need some refreshing? Google ‘Peugeot The Sculptor advert’ now. Employing some liberal movie magic, the car in the original ad was merely a dented 206, not a chopped up Ambassador… which is where our opportunity presented itself.

Our mission was two-fold. Could we make the conversion stick, and once achieved, could we film our own shot for shot remake of the advert? So here it is, the fruits of our labour, featuring one elephant fewer than the original, but one JCB more. The car at the end of the film is the finished project. What was once a dodgy white Ambassador, has become a beautiful two-tone French hot hatch…
Original Ad:

Recreated Ad:

Since it is hosted on TG's website, the video link cannot be directly posted, but is worth a watch
Also, if you're interested in how they built it, you can find the links to those videos in the article.


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Default Re: Kia chose to pit Lamborghini as Forte's contendor in its promo ad [Funny ad]

Originally Posted by sarathlal View Post
Attachment 1723248
We are used to BMW - Audi tongue in cheek commercials, but this one from Kia stands out as well.

Having no space for the grocery, making children being left off for lack of space and finally, "Lambo is a 'little' faster, but for $400000 less, you can buy a Forte and a villa in Italy";

Reminds of our "kitna deta hai" tag line
While you are at it, lets compare Maruti Zen with Ferrari F12 for the next video saying that Zen has better mileage . This ad is totally stupid according to me. Trying to add Top Gear'ish flavour but failing.

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Default Re: The best car ads

The small phrase "Its always there" has a very deep meaning especially in the Indian context. From ambulances, private cars, taxis and VIP cars to hearses, once the scenario was dominated by the Ambassador:

The best car ads-its-always-there.jpg

A few more scanned from auto magazines of the 1980's

The best car ads-uttamkumar-010.jpg

The best car ads-uttamkumar-009.jpg

The best car ads-scancars-049.jpg
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Default Re: The best car ads

Loved this new ad by Porsche, based on the Panamera.

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