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zteg 14th June 2013 19:50

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Originally Posted by anumod (Post 3149767)
Forgot to mention one important point here. The Engine cover is coming as an accessory

Do you a list of accessories? Any document or picture??

Phoenix_Nemo 14th June 2013 19:55

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
I am following facebook page for Ford EcoSport and they are mentioning that launch date announcement is couple of weeks away.. I hope its just poor social media management and not the truth..

rlvl 14th June 2013 20:22

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
My dad thinks he saw 2 ecosports on the NH4 @Bangalore today heading into the city. Guess they are showroom models! Will visit Metro Ford tomo and get as much as details available and post here

sunilg33 14th June 2013 20:36

Call excitement or madness. Metro ford have stopped taking bookings for petrol ecoboost. They seem to have sold out their quota of ecoboosts for 3 months. The representative got 2 calls enquiring petrol variants and he out rightly rejected sighting ecoboosts are booked fully. They are going to get around 220 cars for the first 3 months. So they have kind of a list of variant wise/colorwise breakup. White titanium is in highest demand followed by mars red.
He advised me not to go for white if I want in 3 months.
I booked silver diesel trend variant with 50k cancellation amount is 3k.

damager21 14th June 2013 22:04

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
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Ford has officially quoted INR 50000 as booking charges and INR 3000 as cancellation charges.

Also, the launch is officially confirmed for last week of June.

Ricci 14th June 2013 22:15

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Originally Posted by amtak (Post 3148628)
Although Fiat makes very good cars, a person considering a Ford Machine will not consider a Fiat.

OT - Ah, quite wrong ! Most people in India don't think like us in the first place, few of them actually understand about performance and handling, all they can manage is "Ford Ikon has zhakaas pickup" and "Fiat cars have sturdy doors/body" , hardly mascots of enthusiast drivers. Anyway, entirely by failure of other brands to show up for TD, we were left by default with a Fiat vs Ford choice. My dad chose Ford , only/mainly for the better visibility from the lower sills.

Back to topic : in many an organization, the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. Some Ford reps denying bookings while another Ford rep tweets about bookings being started .:Frustrati

Reminds me a lot about how the IT industry is - very little information, and not much technology in sight !

The real kicker is that Ford seems to be unsure of how to price the Ecosport , high prices give more margins, but could drive away customers leading to lower realized revenue/profit , than lower pricing with lower margins. Lessons from the Fusion ought to be remembered by Ford's big guys.

anachronix 14th June 2013 22:33

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
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I think the bookings are official, Ford India FB page shared this status! I dont understand why there is no official press release :(

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zen kobane 14th June 2013 23:03

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Originally Posted by Phoenix_Nemo (Post 3149723)
All this hype and hoopla around EcoSport has given all these dealers a free hand.. they are fleecing people by demanding all sort of money in the name of booking amount.. there is no consistency in terms of booking amount(some are asking 50K , some are asking 1L) and same goes for cancellation charges.. how can these be "official" bookings when there is no official word out on launch dates, prices, variants..

Suddenly from a very well planned Urban discoveries campaign.. Ford has stooped down to such shoddy work which reeks of mismanagement and uncertainty.. taking advantage of unsuspecting loyal customers

Lol, Delhi Ford Executive asked me for 3 Lacs as the unofficial prebooking amount, on phone.

I hope the ford dealers dont go the renault dealers way... milking this cow till it loses its novelty...

crazydave 15th June 2013 00:12

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Originally Posted by zen kobane (Post 3149971)
I hope the ford dealers dont go the renault dealers way... milking this cow till it loses its novelty...

They will, because this is India and its all about the dhanda and getting cash from your hands into theirs. Once that is done, you mean nothing to them. Case in point, me.

Salesman - "Sir, we'll get your Duster model in 2-3 days, no problem"
Me - "Wonderful, heres the booking amount cheque"
2 days later - "Sir, actually it will take 2-3 weeks"
Me - &&%^#*!!YY!@#!@#
Manager - "Sorry Sir, new salesman and inexperienced. Please forgive"
(interpretation by me - "Lump it, because you have no option!"

anumod 15th June 2013 08:11

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Originally Posted by zteg (Post 3149822)
Do you a list of accessories? Any document or picture??

They have promised to share it over e-mail by Monday. At that point of time, I will share it here

sharninder 15th June 2013 08:36

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Guess the dealers have already started showing attitude. At this point, everyone, including Ford and the dealers know the car is going to be a success and this attitude was bound to come.

The only good thing that has come out of this delay, for me personally, is that I've started looking at other cars too. The Ecosport seems like a very nice package overall, but there are others in the same league and with more responsive manufacturer and dealers.

I think the best time to buy an Ecosport would be around Diwali 2014 and not now.

thiagust 15th June 2013 08:52

Going by what our fellow TBHP ians have experienced in the past few days, Ford and it's dealers need to understand that they cannot get carried away. Only a very less percentage of the public tend to do a lot of analysis and homework prior to a car purchase and the others are normally taken for a ride. Pre-booking is fine , but official bookings without a test drive and no wording on the pricing is a strict no for me personally. Also I still suspect that Ford might have cut corners for cost cutting in the Indian market.

dhruvmalik 15th June 2013 09:27

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
Got a call from a friend @ Cargo Ford in Ahmedabad - Booking amount claimed was 51k which is Official Booking by Ford.

Car pricing to be announced on 18th of June. His advise was to wait till the 18th and book to see which model you want.

Test drove again yesterday and I think the Ecoboost is a really nice engine, will wait to see the pricing first to see if its truly worth it.

naveen.raju 15th June 2013 09:34

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review
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Went to the showroom to check out Ecosport. Here are some details

1) Car will launched and prices will be released anytime between 17th-21st June
2) Yellow Ecosport will be launched after 6 months.
3) Accessories to include - Parking sensors, camera, Spare wheel cover and couple more.
4) Booking amount 50k and cancellation charge is 3000. You can switch through the variants anytime after booking.

212 Ecosports allocated for this particular Cochin showroom for the first 3 months. Bookings easily crossed triple digit figures as of now. If I book now, I should be getting my car in the first slot.

Some pics.

Here are pics.

ACM 15th June 2013 09:58

Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Originally Posted by anumod (Post 3149712)
Booked Ecosport today. They have a wide variety of accessories as well. You need to mention what accessories at the time of booking itself.
A couple of interesting accessories to look
1. Reverse parking camera, integrated with IRVM
2. Rear armrest
3. rear spoiler


Originally Posted by anumod (Post 3149767)
Forgot to mention one important point here. The Engine cover is coming as an accessory

Normally the Engine cover sits on top of the Engine and is fitted onto mounting points provided on the Engine rather than on the engine bay. It was mentioned somewhere that the Engine cover is standard on some engine and not on some other. So it must as per your info be an accessory for the engine on which it is not standard. But the question is where it would be mounted if the cover is the same as the one on the other engine and would just be swapped. Hence most likely it would be a different engine cover for different engines (and mention the engine type / size on the top of the cover).

The other accessories that you mention are really nice once - A rear arm rest is hard to add. Is it going to be a foldable type (fold into the seat) if so then it would require the seat to be different form the company itself and rather than an accessory it would be more of an option (which is a very good facility if indeed so.) If it is an accessory then it would be taking away the small middle passenger seat for sure. - Not a bad Idea if one is a family of 4 though.

The Reverse Camera would be nice add on - especially as this would not void the warranty and even better if it is not a snap on that comes on top of the existing mirror. So if it were to be something that just replaces the existing mirror then again it would have to be a factory option rather than an accessory.

The Rear spoiler will add to the looks, but then so would be spare wheel cover - though the spare wheel itself does look quite good.

It needs to be seen if there are all indeed factory options or accessories. Factory options though a great idea are unlikely in a vehicle of this class.

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