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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Very good review. My compliments.

Somehow always thought the 124 BHP 1.0 L engine & the DSG will be mated. Now I find that it is mated to the 1.5.

I was sure that I am buying the VW Polo 1.2 TSI.

Had a dekkho of the Ecosport on MG Roadd in Bangalore (parked specifically for curious onlookers like me). First, the orange colour was brilliant. Love it. Smallish interiors but extremely well put together. Love it.

Coming back to my personal dilemma of Polo vs Ecosport, I think I am staying with the Polo. The Ecosport, it would have been had the 124 been mated to the DSG. Pity.

(I want a daily commuter that is fast - a hot hatch. Hence both the engine & the Auto are necessary).
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Vid, GTO, Ampere - Congrats. Excellent Review.

I am looking at buying an automatic in 10-12 lac range and after reading the review may consider EcoSport too. Here are few queries though
1. Is power of 1.5 AT same as the manual - 110 @ 6300? How about the fuel efficiency?
2. Is AT likely to be introduced in 1.0 EcoBoost engine too?
3. The huge blind spot mentioned by you is worrisome?
4. I am ok with seating for only four as well as limited boot space. However, how comfortable (seating) it would be for 4 people to go on occasional long drives?
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Great review indeed, however was expecting some pics of the ecosport in other colours. Have been seeing these sunlight copper and red all over the net. Yet to see a black or a grey or a blue or a silver ecosport review.
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Originally Posted by Guite View Post
I am in the same boat as you. However the other thing which worries me is the firm suspension tuned for handling. Don't you think that's a worry vis a vis back pain?
Well, I currently have a Santro, which has a fairly stiff suspension and I make the ride stiffer by running tyres at 35 PSI. As long as I take it slow over bumps and potholes, I haven't faced much of a problem.

I drove my co-brother's Vento once, when returning from Madikeri and at the end of about 2 hours, my back was in pain. Maybe I am used to the Santro, but driving it soon after the Vento, just felt right.

From this perspective, the EcoSport is the best upgrade for me (can't afford the Fortuner, a used Yeti might be OK, though). As long as 4 can sit comfortably, along with their luggage, I'm OK. The only thing that is a fly in the ointment is the steering. I love the steering in the Santro as it weighs up at high speed. My earlier car, the Palio GTX, used to get very light at high speeds (to me atleast, I was learning to drive then).
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

That's a marvelous review... Just hitting the "Thanks" button is not enough to appreciate this meticulous work. I have read almost all other auto magazines' reviews, but none of them comes closer to TBHP's. Thanks again for another 5 star review.

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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Fabulous and detailed review Viddy and GTO. Firstly, Iam totally marvelling at GTO's photography skills, some of the pictures can give a professional a complex. Great Job

Viddy, your detailed outline of the car is simple awesome. You have covered inch by inch of the car and I can imagine the time spent on getting so much details into the review. Rated the thread a well deserved 5*

Overall, the Ecosport seems to have carved a different niche within the small SUV market and will definetly sell in 1000's but, I have a feeling after the initial euphoria dies down, we will get to see who is the actual winner in the face-off between Duster & Ecosport. This one is for those who like funky looks, light driving abilities and fans of gizmos

Iam still a fan of the no-nonsense Duster which seems to be better in Ride, Handling and overall fun factor of driving an SUV.
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Long awaited.. Just arrived. What a review. Like others mentioned Team BHP reviews stand out. A review that answers all owners doubts. The long clear review with top notch picture quality is truly commendable. Thanks for the effort.
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Amazing review vid6639 and GTO. The review lived up to the expectation of being the 'BAAP' of all reviews.

In the already abundant feature list of the car, I only wish that they had added the Navigation system too. With the present status of the car scene in India, I aint asking for too much. Am I?

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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Great detailed review. And a long one at that. One you read in your spare time and read over and over again. Good long-term value this.

I feel the car is a good buy for someone cross-shopping between a small SUV/crossover/premium hatchback (Discounting the Polo GT of course - that is another league). An SUV wannabe. And it has its pluses, small footprint, and "urban" look (yes, the marketing has gotten to me as well).

And this was what I really wanted to know about. The steering.

Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post

Enthusiasts will be completely put off.
So there is little, if any, driving pleasure to be obtained with this car, with such a steering.

While enthusiasts will keep away, how many such species exist in the ones plonking in the money - not many, I think. I think Ford has read the market well before settling for this maneuver-with-one-finger steering. Good for the masses, the ladies, and the metrosexual kind.
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Congrats Vid & GTO. Yet another symphony from the Team-BHP band. While all other reviewers were blindly raving about the Ecosport, this review has hit the nail on the head. The positives and negatives have been completely detailed out in equal measure and with regard to car reviews, Team-BHP is 'THE' encyclopedia or wikipedia for readers to refer to and make an informed choice.

As far as the car or 'SUV' goes, Some practical issues have been sidelined by an attractive exterior. The blind spot from the A-pillar is disconcerting as sometimes an entire car can be missed. The other major hassle is the rear hatch opening the wrong side. It would be hell of a pain in most circumstances where there is no luxury of space at the rear of the vehicle.

I also donot like the look of the dash design. For a wannabe SUV, it least looks like a SUV from the inside.

Congrats again on a fabulous review.
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Amazing and detailed review as always! Thanks. While I am sure Ford's quality and overall service are excellent, have been hearing stories of their service becoming expensive after two years (after the initial warranty period) Can existing car owners throw some light on this aspect? Hyundai is expensive as well, so a comparison with them would also be appreciated.
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Already i see many complaining about the steering.But as ford told this is what market needs i believe.Team BHP is full of enthus no wonder all need a better steering.But in real world its that light steering is what majority of buyers look for.

Also imagine this, most of test drives will happen in city and it would be a big no by customer for a heavy steering in city. That said i still would love if ford had given those fiesta/classic like responsive steering in ecosport..
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Excellent review there!
The energy and enthusiasm of the testers are evident in the nice write-up and the photos! The review is the last of the ones on-line, however its quality and the fact that its a voluntary activity by the reviewers more than makes up for that.

Just a couple of points -

-Those pics of the engine bay of the Ecoboost version - is the coolant something special (with its orange-red colour instead of the usual Green) or is it just a trick of the light in the pics?

-If Ford gets their pricing right and slots it just below the Duster (which they doubtless will), then the sales will definitely zoom. I'm not so sure about Duster's sales being very grossly affected - one may very well see this Ford carving up the share of the 'premium' hatches and some sedans instead.
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

Originally Posted by mobike008 View Post
Iam still a fan of the no-nonsense Duster which seems to be better in Ride, Handling and overall fun factor of driving an SUV.
Are you sure you got those words right? Handling and fun factor and Duster better than EcoSport?! I personally haven't driven both and felt but from every review I read, EcoSport it is when it comes to these to words for that's the DNA of all Fords. Agreed Ford hasn't got EcoSport's steering feel right but considering just 'fun factor' and putting the bigger number Duster 110 and EcoSport with Ecoboost (no spec to spec comparison, just to test what's more fun) to test on a curvy and twisty tarmac, I am sure it is the latter that would plaster a bigger smile on anyone's face.
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Default Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review

This is a stellar review. I read each and every word of it and it took a long long time, and I never got bored. So, I can imagine the effort you guys put in here. The review is huge but precise and the attention to detail and the photography is simply mind blowing. Thank You for mighty effort Vid and GTO.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bit about Europeans and Americans putting the Japanese on the back foot by bringing the latest kit to our country.

And now back to the EcoSport. The localization looks to be on the lower side given the wait Ford put into the EcoSport.

2 questions?
1) Is it pronounced eco or echo?
2) Through the narrow twisty roads of Goa, did the car put a smile in your face? I read the EcoBoost managed it but what about the rest of the car? Were you enjoying it or constantly wary?

I pity the enlightened one who is evangelizing this within Ford.
Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post
We later asked Ford about the steering's calibration, clearly expressing our disappointment. Response "This is what the market wants".
The EcoSport looks 2 million bucks, is thoroughly modern, is loaded with technology that adds value and gives safety the importance its due. If the pricing is competent, this car will fly off the showroom.

Now, I hope more enlightened ones don't think a light steering is what stands between a new Ford and market success! Sorry for the rant! Maybe, the joke is on us.

Now that the steering is caliberated this way, I think the EcoSport will be priced really well. Sometimes, life is just like that.

Eagerly waiting for a drive now. Thanks again guys.
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