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Default Re: Skoda Superb : Official Review

I took delivery of a Business Grey 1.8Tsi LnK Superb last month and had done exactly 1000Kms on it before the lockdown was imposed.
Some early thoughts:

1) Love the space on offer. The car swallowed a lot of luggage in the boot, seated 4 in comfort including a big child seat and the rear legroom really spoilt my family.
2) Great engine. Fast, dead silent, linear and smooth. So vibe free that you don't even feel it turn on at ignition. Fast enough on the open road. 'S' mode is where all the fun is. Leave the 'D' mode for when it's driven by the Driver.
3) Good ride+handling balance. I am pleasantly surprised at the way this car hides its length and manages to almost behave like a driver's car. The ride is good as well - decent at slow speeds and excellent as the speeds go up.

Minor dislikes:
1) 80kmph/120kmph alerts! I know this is a regulation now but the 80kmph alerts every minute are super irritating on highways since they are pretty loud and tend to wake up your co-passengers. Also, on wider state highways, the typical speeds are between 75-85kmph, which means you are constantly hitting that 80 alert every time you slow down a bit and pick up pace. 120kmph is still manageable but I was distracted trying to keep the car to 115 or below just to avoid that fire alarm noise. I usually cruise at around 115-120ish so this didn't help me in anyway other than getting me woefully distracted and giving my co-passengers a hard time.
2) Torque-kick! Actually like the fact that there is no torque-kick as such, since your co-passengers don't get shoved into their seats on every acceleration and therefore have a more comfortable drive. But, the two other cars in my garage are torquey diesels and I miss that kick sometimes, especially when driving alone.
3) Mileage. It's hovering at 7-8kmpl now. For the highway run it gave me 10ish. Hopefully will go up a bit as the mileage increases. Not a big concern, just a wee bit worried how low it'll drop once traffic returns to normal in B'lore and I am stuck on ORR for hours.

I was able to squeeze in a trip to Chikkamaglaur and Sringeri as well - so got to experience her on straight 6 lane highways as well as some never ending twisties.
On the 6 lane highway, nothing to report other than that it was fast enough for quick overtakes and silent enough for everyone in the car to doze off, letting me enjoy my drive in peace.
On the twisties, loved the 'S' mode. Car was almost always in the powerband and flows through the curves so naturally. You feel the long wheelbase in narrower, tighter sections but otherwise, lovely car to drive hard and have some fun as well.
A wrong turn after blindly trusting GMaps took me through some narrow, non existent, gravelly, hairpin ridden forest roads for 20 odd Kms which took me an hour and half to traverse. I was sure I would scrape the car's bottom off completely and get stuck in the middle of nowhere but the Superb handled it brilliantly. The laid back throttle response in 'D' mode helped, as well as the raised GC and rough road package. The only souvenir from that horror diversion is a creaking rear door that I need to get fixed.

Still trying to figure out what's different between the 'S' mode on the DSG vs the 'Sports' mode under Driving modes. I felt the throttle response was the same. Not sure if other parameters change.

Overall, absolutely love the car - is brilliant at doing all the things I bought it for. Had some second thoughts initially about whether I should have waited for the Kodiaq but after driving a diesel Kodiaq recently, even more convinced that this was the perfect choice for me.

Attaching some of the very few pics I have of her!
Attached Thumbnails
Skoda Superb : Official Review-superb_s60_1.jpg  

Skoda Superb : Official Review-superb_s60_2.jpg  

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Default Re: Skoda Superb : Official Review

Hi guys,
I saw the 2020 L&K Superb recently in the showroom today and thought of making a quick walkaround video of the same. It really was looking good in Lava Blue Colour.
This was the L&K version. Hope you like the video (please pardon my amateur camera skills as I am quite a newbie at this!)

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Default Re: Skoda Superb : Official Review

I think the 2020 Superb is a step back in styling with the chrome overdose on the front grill and rear boot. I also prefer the timeless alloys on the 2019 L&K compared to this new dual-tone one, which seem to be all the rage on everything from budget hatches to C-Suvs.

Ofcourse, the all new motor+DSG would still be a strong reason to go for the 2020 Superb.
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Default Re: Skoda Superb : Official Review

FIRST SERVICE UPDATE : 10100KMS, 05 June 2020

I had taken delivery of my car on the 2nd of June, 2019. It was registered in my name on the 30th May. The scheduled service was due 30th May but almost everything was closed due to the lock-down. Upon contacting SKODA they confirmed scheduled service validity was extended till 1 month after lock-down ends.

Now, I had purchased the car from Arya Skoda whose workshop is 50kms from my place. But luckily a new SKODA ASS and "experience center" came up in Noida about 20kms from home. I booked a slot for last Saturday and I was there at 0930. It is called BRITE SKODA.

It is a huge facility, exceptionally well decorated and hygienic. I was thermal scanned, hand washed and "feet washed" with alcohol and led to the waiting lobby. I was immediately attended to, and the job card was prepared in less than 15 minutes. Computerized entirely and photos clicked on mobile. No fuss, no add-ons, no unnecessary extras. Plain, no nonsense service.

The dealer principal Mr. Prashant Luthra was around, had a long chat with him, and the best part was I was allowed in the workshop floor to see the service first hand. He is quite knowledgeable, an enthusiast himself and he personally keeps visiting the shop floor often!!

Quite well laid out service bay. Service was done in front of me and the technician was happy to explain me what all was going on. My only "complaint" is they use oil from the drum. Not individual 1L or 4L cans .

5.2 Liters of oil went in, filters were DUSTY. Both the AC and Air intakes. They tested the battery with a dedicated tool, and the battery was in excellent shape too. The service interval counter was reset to 365 days/15000kms. The tool they use is a VAG proprietary with it connected to a Panasonic Industrial Laptop. Upon connection with my car, a whole lot of features were in YELLOW, active ones in GREEN and some in RED. Gave me ideas, for sure... lol

The bill was 8400/-. Alignment or balancing was not needed. Overall, very impressed with this new facility. Hope they keep up the standards. I am willing to spend money: I understand a huge facility upkeep has its costs. But not if there is a tendency to fleece. So, this workshop has delivered, the first time, at least. No reason for me not to go back.

Insurance : I have third party for 2 more years. OD was taken from HDFC ERGO via the original dealer as they did quote well, in fact at par with on line quotes. They did mess up model number, swapped engine and chassis numbers, but that was corrected. Total zero dep and engine protection : 35k with 20% NCB.

The car has only done short runs in the last few months owing to the lock-down. Also got the pollution done for 1 year. Overall happy ownership experience. BRITE SKODA Noida, was a good find.

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