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Hello BHPians!
This is a quick longterm ownership review of our Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2017 VDI Diesel. This one certainly is quite special to me. Why you may ask? This is the car that taught me how to drive. Starting off with some pictures of/with it.

Maruti Dzire : Official Review-img_9727.jpg

Maruti Dzire : Official Review-img_9728.png

The Buying decision- We wanted a replacement for our Maruti Swift 2014, This one had to be used as the primary car for my uncle. He now wanted to make a shift from the driving seat, to the backseat. Legroom started to make its importance felt. The Swift was terrible at it to be honest.

Cars considered- If I try to recall, no other car even got a privilege to be talked about, let aside a proper consideration. The Dzire was just launched, and it felt like a no-brainer to my uncle as If Maruti had launched this car just for him.

The D-day- It wasn't until the delivery that I got to know that there's a new vehicle coming. I noticed a new car standing in our parking in the afternoon and I was later told that It had meant to be some sort of a surprise to me, Well that didn't happen. Rather I was shocked.

I never liked the Dzire, at a time when you could see everyone on social media screaming about the terrible build-quality, safety, performance of Maruti cars and what not, owning one somewhat irked me. Still, I had to make peace with it anyway.

At the time of posting this ownership review, the car is just a few KMs shy of crossing the 90,000km mark.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that it managed to improve Maruti's soiled perception in my mind and to the extent, that I have developed an infatuation for this car now.

Time for the age-old ritual: (What I like and what I don't)

I believe, you discover new likes and dislikes in a car after actually owning it. The likes that got you to buy the car in the first place just fade away and new likes that you never thought would ever matter to you, become the reason for you to hold the car for longer.

Here are my likes:

The flat bottom steering wheel:
I don't know how many times this steering wheel has made getting out of tight traffic jams smooth as butter. The bottom serves as a good area to use your palm to manoeuvre. Not sure it has been given in the car to serve this purpose but proves to be useful every single time.

Name:  IMG_9753.jpg
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Performance isn't that bad: The diesel motor packs in adequate performance, turbo doesn't wake up until 1500-1700 RPM, but once it does, leaves little room for complaints.

The Wooden trim:
I just love the way this long wooden piece that runs through the dashboard looks.

Name:  IMG_9752.jpg
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Coming to my dislikes:

Ground Clearance: Considering the fact that this is a car that has been almost fully developed in India, ground clearance is tad lower than it should have been. Scraped it multiple times upon speed breakers that don't even look that cruel.

Highway performance: Doing triple digit speeds feel terrifying. Feels as if things are just a pothole away from falling apart.

Looks: Doesn't look special, look at it for a couple of minutes and you'll get bored. Part of the reason could be its cab-abilty

Overall, a great city workhorse to run errands with. It Isn't a looker but hey! it's not even meant to be. Drive under the speed limit and it won't disappoint.
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Re: Maruti Dzire : Official Review

Am driving Dzire VDI for the past 3 years. Speaking about likes
1) The Car offers good comfort and Leg room for the passengers.
2) Engine is superbly refined and offers good drivability for its capacity
3) Good Boot space and moderate features, flat bottom steering.
4) Most importantly mileage. I bought it for Mileage in 2017. Imagine today


1) Ground Clearance. Scratched the bottom may times.

2) Good to drive within 100.. More than that will be too risky. I never crossed 120

3) Average middle aged Looks.

4) Poor Crash performance. (Know it before buying though )

Above all this, this car never let down anyone's pocket. That's true
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Re: My Maruti S-Cross 1.6L Alpha : Stage 3 Wolf ( ~200 HP / 420 NM )

Originally Posted by Dr.Naren View Post
1. ECU should be same.

2. Instrument Cluster change might be required.

I know someone who retrofits cruise control in Maruti cars. I shall update you after the lockdown
Can you please share the details of that person who can help me retrofit cruise control in Dzire Zxi 2018 model?
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Re: Maruti Dzire : Official Review

I would like to know if there's an option to cover dzire's boot lid from inside. The boot lid cover is available on boodmo for Ciaz however I'm unable to find it for dzire.
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Re: Maruti Dzire : Official Review

Please check out the behaviour of my Tachometer. More details in the description in the video.

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Re: Maruti Dzire : Official Review

Here's my 6-month ownership review of the 2022 Dzire VXI(AGS) petrol model. In this review, I will only focus on the mechanical and electrical aspects of the car, and not the cosmetic features.


The engine is super-refined and I have never experienced any power lag or vibrations. It feels peppy and is fun to drive.
The rear legroom is good and spacious.
The adjustable rear headrests look premium and add to the overall comfort.
The fuel efficiency is excellent and I am getting around 15-16 kmpl with mixed driving conditions (70% city and 30% highway). I have a light foot on the throttle.
The steering is light at low speeds and becomes heavier at high speeds. It also returns to the center position after taking a turn.
The seats are very comfortable, especially during city drives. The front passenger seats have extra padding on the sides, which adds to the cushioning and comfort. The rear passenger seats have a good recline angle and are also comfortable.
The rear AC vent helps cool the cabin quickly.
The boot space is large, which was one of the reasons I chose a sedan over a hatchback.
The auto hill hold functionality is incredibly useful, as I no longer need to worry about my car rolling backward in the event that I have to stop on a slope.

The stock tyres are narrow, with a tyre profile of 165/80 R14. The car lacks cornering abilities and scares me while cornering at high speeds.
The suspension is stiff and doesn't absorb large potholes at low speeds very well. The ride becomes bumpy and uncomfortable during city drives.
What could have been better:

The suspension calibration needs to be improved. The car feels stable and planted at high speeds due to the stiff suspension, but the ride becomes uncomfortable at low speeds. It does fine over small bumps and potholes, but large potholes can be spine-breaking.
The AMT/AGS gearbox calibration needs to be improved. The car tends to hold on to a particular gear for a long time, especially at low speeds. I have noticed this in slow-moving traffic, where the car holds onto 1st/2nd gear until a certain speed is achieved. This is not a major issue for me, but worth mentioning.
The under-thigh support for the rear passengers needs improvement. Due to the high recline angle, the under-thigh support is lacking, which can be uncomfortable during long trips.
Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. The car is extremely value for money, and Maruti is well-known for its after-sales service.

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