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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

I wish they had though of a better name for the highest variant instead of 'Topline'. Sounds a bit corny and cheap.
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

A good Interview given by Ashish and interesting questions asked by the Anchor about the ADAS in Astor and XUV700 pricing. Start watching from 7 mins 44 secs, prior to that its just the repetition of what was said in unveil today, also I was excited to hear about the upcoming sedan from VW, Ashish seems to be in awe of it.

Pro tip : watch it in 1.5x speed :-)

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Originally Posted by Venkatesh View Post
Here's a quick look at how Taigun compares against its rivals on the price graph.
Slightly OT, but proves beyond a point that Maruti can easily afford to bring the 1.4 Boosterjet on the S-Cross as, say, an Alpha Plus variant and still compete in a space/segment that appears to be getting somewhat crowded.
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Checked out the Taigun today. A good friend of mine wanted to pick up the Polo and I insisted to wait for the Taigun because the Polo has zero space at the rear. I liked the Taigun. It looks and feels better than the Kushaq. It’s the same exterior body, but somehow the Taigun feels better. The car felt solid. The doors have that VW thud. Don’t know what to make of it, but it feels good. Not one piece of metal that you can push down with your finger. Test drive begins next week. I’m excited to test drive the 1.5 DSG. The suspension and the engine transmission combo has got rave reviews and I’m eager to get behind the wheel.


The front is alright. The grille is set a bit down and the bonnet has a sharp fall at the beginning. The side profile is nice. Nice creases. The rear is definitely interesting. I didn’t like it initially when I saw the pictures, however, I really liked it outside in the flesh. Gives the Taigun a distinct personality. In comparison, the rear of the Kushaq is very plain jain and boring. The 17 inch alloys are nice as well. No complaints in the exterior looks department. I love the yellow shade. I probably would never buy such a shade, but it looked stellar with all the fancy lights in the showroom.

Volkswagen Taigun Review-e421be85bd7e44f0827d23c6861bfc61.jpeg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-a232708989724a3fa4da6f47668508a5.jpeg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-c873584d6f004a3fad25a28d421778ee.jpeg


This is where I was impressed the most. I never owned a VW before. My benchmark of comparison is our 2018 Fortuner. I feel the Taigun is miles ahead of the Kushaq. It looked and felt richer. The steering is soo light and looked upmarket. I’ve read a few complains about the digital instrument cluster here in the forum. Trust me guys, it is very clear and it is a good display. I initially thought it was a sticker on the screen, but it wasn’t. Might not be as good as the one in the Superb, but its definitely a good one and you won’t be disappointed.

Volkswagen Taigun Review-8d00304d8aae4f07ac60f8f0913bcb53.jpeg

The infotainment screen man. Crystal clear . I’m more of a ‘get the basics right and not give a damn about the screen’ kind of a guy, but this one just draws your attention. You’ll love it. Wireless Apple CarPlay was a breeze. We were all surprised by how clear and beautiful the screen was. I’m not exaggerating it. It’s the best in the segment for sure. Coming to the speakers, they’re clear sounding and have good bass. Maybe not as much as the Kushaq because this one doesn’t get a subwoofer (bad move by VW). I don’t mind paying the extra 10-15k. The Taigun speakers are clearer than the ones in the new Safari. The JBL speakers in the Safari are more bass heavy, but the voice is a bit muffled. The Taigun is clearer, but not as bass heavy as the Safari.

Volkswagen Taigun Review-d96b3eeb22cf4914aa09dbf1f7bc8b3e.jpeg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-2194433dda224376bc43731f58632362.jpeg

Volkswagen Taigun Review-552a29a7324545839c81c2c81249e520.jpeg

The seats were solid. Built and stitched better than the Kushaq. The front seats had good support. No complains. I’m 6’2. Coming to the rear seats, this one reminds me of the Baleno. Acres of legroom. I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, what differentiates a good rear seat to a great one is the foot room and this is where Kushaq/Taigun excel. The front seats are placed on top of this railing which is 2 inches above the floor. This leaves a lot of space to stretch your feet which in turn improves your under thigh support. The Taigun rear seats are very good. It’s great for two people or three lean people. The head room is sufficient for me. I guess I have 2 inches more. Although not everyone is as tall as me. The middle seat has lower headroom because of a protrusion. I’m glad there were no ventilated seats. None of my cars have it and I experienced it on the Kushaq. It feels good, but it’s soo noisy. In the Kushaq, switch off the music and turn on the ventilated seats and it gives out this annoying hissing sound. I’d rather have no ventilated seats than have a bad one.

Volkswagen Taigun Review-f72aa296018c4526801d0d0245606372.jpeg

The disappointing part:

The damn ROOF LINER . This is the definition of ‘fly in the ointment’. I can’t believe this has passed VW’s QA and QC. It’s just CHEAP. It’s GROSS and has no place in a VW or any car that costs 2 million rupees. Just look at it. It’s disgusting. It’s soo flimsy that it moves up and down with a light tap of your little finger. The doors, the switches and everything inside and outside are built well. However, the front roof is just built horribly. I don’t know why they gave a cutout for a sunglasses holder and decided to keep it closed. Makes no sense. The SA asked me about the car and I was all praises and told him my friend will book one as soon as VW changes the quality of the roof liner. From my post, it’s clear I liked the Taigun very much and it ticks all the right boxes. It’s only the roof liner that pissed me off. Hopefully VW is reading this and gets to work.

Volkswagen Taigun Review-f2a8716061ee45a39de2280967d303bd.jpeg

A note to prospective owners:

1. I would recommend to wait for a couple of months and make sure the Taigun has no EPC issues. I don’t care who and what they say on Twitter, I’ll wait for a couple of months and be on the safe side. I don’t want a local service station opening up my new car.

2. In the Kushaq thread, couple of them complained about the AC. When I test drove the Kushaq, I personally didn’t find the AC to be effective, especially in our summers. Do take a long test drive and check out the AC.


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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Plotting the Automatic variants on the same price checker from ACI.
  • The VW-Skoda twins' 1.0 AT are comparatively cheaper than the 1.5 NA variants from Kia-Hyundai. Though the Koreans offer bit more features, the 1.0 TSI should be more fun to drive.
  • S-Cross MT, AT variants are very well priced and are competent and reliable, though lacking in features and safety additions (ESP, CSC, 6 airbags)

Looking forward to see if MG Astor brings in more disruption in the segment.

Attachment 2210996

Originally Posted by Venkatesh View Post
Here's a quick look at how Taigun compares against its rivals on the price graph.

Source : Autocar India
Attached Thumbnails
Volkswagen Taigun Review-mid-suv-prices.jpeg  

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

The two safety features, Multi-collusion Brakes and Electronic Differential Lock System seems to be first in segment and available from base variant.

What exactly they mean and how they function.
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

The manual GT does look overpriced by a little now if you compare it with the GT+

First, the GT+ is DSG, that alone is more than a lakh premium. Now for the 1.5 lakh difference (if you remove the gearbox from equation), you get so many features

virtual cockpit
6 airbags
cruise control
sunroof (blacked out roof)
auto dimming rear view mirror
led headlamps (automatic)
rain sensing wipers
... and many more

this surely is way more than the 1.5 lakh premium demanded
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Taigun-Brochure.pdf (2.06 MB, 307 views)

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Originally Posted by shishir333 View Post
The manual GT does look overpriced by a little now if you compare it with the GT+
It's costlier by 3 lakhs onroad. Infact, the manual GT looks VFM with all essential features.
Attached Thumbnails
Volkswagen Taigun Review-screenshot_2021092319104513_22353eb1782f8b444dc7fb2de30fd006.jpg  

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Taigun is one car where people look at the interior to decide the colour of the exterior . I can see lot of people opting for muted exterior colours as they don't have to keep staring at the bright/jarring colours inside.
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

The cat is out of the bag!

Interesting warning under note#5!

Volkswagen Taigun Review-taigun-price.jpeg

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Originally Posted by RD150 View Post
It's costlier by 3 lakhs onroad. Infact, the manual GT looks VFM with all essential features.
IMHO - Wrong way to look at things because the DSG alone costs around 1.8 lakhs if we go by the pricing of Kushaq, making the GT manual look VFM.

See the pricing for the Kushaq to know the premium for the DSG alone.

Kushaq 1.5 MT - 16.2 lakhs.
Kushaq 1.5 DSG - 18 lakhs.

Taigun GT+ DSG - 17.5 lakhs.
Taigun GT+ MT - Should have been around 15.7 lakhs 'introductory' had VW decided to bring it instead of the barebones GT manual variant. Doesn't sound so VFM anymore? 70k would have brought tons of kit.

I feel 1.5 MT buyers should just look at the Skoda. Just see the amount of kit it has for an additional 1.2 lakhs only -
  • Side and curtain airbags
  • Cruise Control
  • LED headlamps instead of halogens.
  • 17 inch nice pattern alloys instead of smaller, 16-inch, plain-silver alloy wheels with 205/60 R16 tyres
  • Ventilated seats
  • Music system with subwoofer
  • Auto-dimming IRVM
  • Auto headlamps
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Sunroof
  • Keyless entry

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Price similar to what Kushaq had. Not a good value proposition for sure. 1 Ltr around 17lakh that too for a mid variant is just not value for money at all. Not really disappointed since this was expected. Now the wait for ASTOR. A mid variant CVT/AT with around 13-14 lakh would be simply amazing. Fingers crossed.
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

New Volkswagen Taigun - Launch TVC

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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

The car looks stunning. Pricing is as expected. I had a small ray of hope they would go more aggressive on the base variants of the 1.0 and 1.5 TSI engines. But that is not to be. The 1.5 TSI GT MT is the best VFM variant. That cracker of an engine, most safety and comfort features present and the Active Cylinder Tech to deliver some stunning FE at least on paper.

I just hope the Taigun has a good launch with no untoward incidents like the EPC issue with the Taigun. VW just needs to wait it out and once enough Taiguns are in the roads, the sheer killer looks are going to pull in young customers who care more about the fabulous exterior fit and finish, aesthetics and the mature proportions than anything else.
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Re: Volkswagen Taigun Review

Pricing seems along expected lines. I don't think the Taigun has in it to do anything than slightly exceed the Kushaq's pricing which is what has been done.

Would be interesting to see how the split between the VW and Skoda badges go. I think in the Rapid vs Vento race the Rapid is doing better.

Drive on,
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