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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by AirbusCapt View Post
I think either the Punch 0/100 is wrong or somehow the laws of physics are bent.
Simple reason I can think is TALL gear ratios, this will help better fuel efficiency (highway), better topspeed at the cost of acceleration.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Very good review. I can’t understand the thought process at Tata motors, why can’t they give proper automatics. The logic of responding to customer interest is baffling, how can a customer show interest when a product is not available!!! Hyundai has AMT, iMT, DCT and what not for their models, and here Tata is flogging the AMT.

If a proper automatic is available for Altroz, Nexon and Punch, they will easily add another 2000-3000 to the sales. Let the base model of Punch start at 5 lakh and top end go upto 10 or 11 lakh. Why can’t you let the customer decide how much they are willing to pay. These guys haven’t seen the waiting period of Thar and the mind boggling XUV 700 booking numbers? Damn it Tata, if you can’t develop an automatic get it from someone else as you have done for Harrier! Feel like going and giving a smack on their face. I’m waiting for 2-3 years for a non AMT automatic in Nexon or Altroz
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by abhishek46 View Post
Just a quick look at the Performance Figures of the Tata Punch:
Source: ACI

0-60: 7.23s
0-100: 16.4s
0-100 (AMT): 18.3s
20-80 (3rd): 17.26s

Forget the Celerio, and the Ignis.
In flat out acceleration, it is comparable to the Alto 800cc.
And in roll-on acceleration, it is a whole 4 seconds slower than the Alto 800.

For reference, the Figures for Alto 800:
0-100: 16.9s
20-80: 13.1s

It makes me wonder.
Did Tata really bench-mark this against something?

In summary, I still do not understand the point of continuing this engine.
Looks it is neither smooth, nor powerful, nor efficient.
For such a wonderful looking and capable package, why use this underwhelming power-train!
This means more safety 😀. The Punch will be struggling to do 100-120 kmph on a highway. So lower highway speeds and more safety. Donít ask me about overtaking scenario.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Very well compiled review . Tata does seem to be packing a punch here too. One striking thing about Punch - it's not a gimcrack car owing to almost zero chrome treatments. Thank you TATA for sailing against the wind on that aspect. Or is there shortage of chrome supply too besides semi conductor ?

No power in this car? engine is NA - means "Not Applicable" !

An electric Punch in the future with a 350 km range under 10 lakhs would be a real icing on the cake.

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Tata Motors, we all know you read Team BHP threads Please give Punch the JTP touch and promise we'll lap it up. Or please launch Punch EV and make us petrolheads converts 😍
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Re: Tata Punch Review

A stunning looking car with overall design similar to Harrier. The tall boy design could attract customers from Wagon R, Nios, Ignis etc. We have a Wagon R at home and I find the K series 1.0 litre engine adequate for our needs. A customer looking for a decent city car with occasional highway trips or even regular highway trips in states like Kerala( can't call most highways in Kerala as highways ) can definitely consider this car and won't be complaining about the naturally aspirated engine. I have seen a fan following for Tata cars in Kerala especially the Nexon, Altroz etc. and the Altroz beats Baleno and i20 in monthly sales in Kerala, so we can definitely expect similar demand for Punch too. The Punch doesn't have a direct competitor I would say and it has created a new segment, hope it would sell more than 4k each month.

Its true that Tata should have provided a turbo petrol variant but considering the price difference between Altroz XZ plus iTurbo and Nexon XZ plus being less, I don't find a reason why one should opt a Punch over a similarly priced Nexon.

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post
Another highlight of this course was the ice challenge that was designed to demonstrate the ‘Traction Pro’ mode in the AMT variant. The course simulated a situation where you would lose traction on one of the front wheels when stuck.
Can you confirm whether this feature is applicable for AMT version only. Does the MT version also have traction control, also is it available across all variants.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by RR96 View Post

Can you confirm whether this feature is applicable for AMT version only. Does the MT version also have traction control, also is it available across all variants.
I am not so sure about the variants but yes the traction pro mode is only in the AMT
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by SenPai_GTi View Post
I just have one issue, the interior of the base variant. If the pricing becomes competitive with the tall boy hatches(Wagon-r/Santro), many would consider shifting here. Tata not offering speakers or even a slot for a simple 1-din radio is beyond my understanding. Even my 2013 Nano CX had two front speakers and the radio slot. My dealer happily added the aftermarket 1-din Pioneer system for me. Now Tata has the additional "Rhythm" pack (costs 20-25k on the Altroz) gives 4 speakers, a 3.5" floating screen (which I agree looks better than the old 1 dins, but costly) and steering mounted controls (seems logical and convenient, but not sure how useful in this segment). Not sure how the additional cost is going to justify for a simple audio system, considering the segment (where even 10k matters a lot while deciding on accessories).
They have provided a single din slot. It's below AC control. Please look carefully. I have highlighted it.
Attached Thumbnails
Tata Punch Review-picsart_100909.12.28.jpg  

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Thank you for such a detailed review. Tata Punch is certainly a good product; however I am not able to understand why Tata is not willing give a proper 4 cylinder engine to their cars. I personally feel that a 4 cylinder refined engine will certainly give an added "premiumness" to this car.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Quite a comprehensive review as always!
I see that Punch has more positives than negatives broadly speaking. However, one major negative is the mediocre 1.2 NA petrol motor. Will this one factor outweigh all other positives- styling, feature list, space, road manners..? Pricing becomes all the more important now.

While I agree Tata should have given the Turbo petrol option right from the outset, I don't think the engine bay is probably big enough for Tata to plonk the 1.5 diesel mill. People who seen the car in flesh will sure have a better insight. Turbo petrol powered Punch might still be a reality, but not too soon, given Tata's track record in this regard. All eyes on the pricing now.
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Re: Bugs or Feature?

Originally Posted by Gannu_1 View Post
Guys, this could be the cornering function activating in the fog lamps. The driver would be steering the wheel towards the right side and that fog lamp has got activated.

Does keeping the fog lamp 'on' give same coverage of light as the cornering fog lamp activated with steering input?

I believe normal cornering lamps are additional lights pointed towards the sides (Creta Gen1, XUV 500).
Is cornering fog lamps (Punch, Kushaq) a simple activation of fog lamps with steering input or is there an additional bulb pointed towards sides?

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Excellent and to the point review as usual. What really took the cake this time is how fast it came up. I frankly was not expecting the review on Punch today and so T-Bhp reviews are now instantaneous too. Apart from that somewhat odd-looking rear (extra plastics) and of course the pedestrian engine, I could not find any deal breakers here. Knowing Tata over the past half-decade, there was little possibility that they would offer the turbo version at the debut.
So by the time the turbo version is launched, we all are pretty sure of that, some of the features may well be offered (centre armrest, rear AC vents, underbody protection) with a better tuning of the EPS. With that turbo, Punch stands in position to trigger a new segment that the Ecosport did way back in 2013. That is the time frame I am eyeing for our new steed and Punch will be a serious contender.
Just came to my mind how stark the differences are when compared to the giant of the industry. While Punch may well be that first sub 10 lakh compact “SUV” which many in the market were looking for Maruti is happy fiddling with their ever-changing marketing vocabulary. Although competition is always welcome, the way Tata et al. is approaching almost every segment south of 25 lakhs, do we really have to care about Maruti now?
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by abhishek46 View Post
Just a quick look at the Performance Figures of the Tata Punch:
Source: ACI

0-60: 7.23s
0-100: 16.4s
0-100 (AMT): 18.3s
20-80 (3rd): 17.26s
I think you got the number wrong (in bold). The AMT does 0-100kph in 19.98s not 18.3s.
Here's an excerpt from the review:
The latter sprints from 0-100kph in City mode in 19.98 seconds, which is 3 seconds quicker than in Eco mode.
Even the video screenshot is attached for your reference.
Tata Punch Review-20211009_225652.jpg
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Watch the journey of PUNCH navigating and conquering the treacherous terrains of Sandakphu.

Tata Punch Review-screenshot_20211009230315_youtube.jpg

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Looking at this review, I think there should have been a shift in the product placement.
The Punch should have been the Nexon (with the turbo petrol) because it is doing 80 % of that car's job-ie urban compact crossover with comfort for 4 adults and their luggage.

The Nexon should have been the Harrier with a full complement of petrol and diesel engines to compete with Mahindra, MG and Hyundai-Kia. The Harrier should have been the Safari , a proper 4x4 SUV continuing its rich legacy.
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