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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by Pramathyu View Post
Can anyone tell me when will the actual bookings begin? When can one expect there vehicle if Pre booked? What the procedure to give out the vehicles to different dealerships?
Haven't the bookings already begun? They are taking ₹21,000 for bookings.

I am going today to have a look at the car and will only book after I have the price details.
I really want to get creative AMT for all bells and whistles but also am worried that may shoot north of 10L.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Tata Punch to launch on 18th October at 11am. Carwale starts teasing it on its portal.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

So I am back from checking the Punch at Wasan Motors, Borivali (East), Mumbai. I did not drive as I am not experienced driving in India. But my brother drove. So whatever I am saying here is coming from amateur so experts here please excuse.

They had the top level creative AMT inside the showroom and outside for TD too. I have zero experience going to car showrooms before so when I went inside, the Punch looked like a big car to me but outside in parking it becomes ok. We went with mindset of checking Tiago too and obviously Tiago felt small in front of this. Also wife and myself sat on driver seat and as expected, in Tiago, we could not see the bonnet at all while in punch it was clearly visible till end. This inspired confidence in wife. We were considering spresso for this reason.

Drive was good and as I told, I have no experience, we felt all was good. My brother told me at signals and such when people honk, more sound comes inside the cabin. He himself drives 2010 corolla Altis and previously he drove 2012 Honda City automatic. My brother did mention the head nod thing when gear changes in AMT but for myself and wife, we just were not sure and felt nothing as we didn't specifically look for it. Back seat has ok recline, obviously my brother's corolla has more incline and more relaxed seating.

Wife appreciated the ability to adjust seat height. I believe accomplished variant has it as well. Checked that online since we are considering accomplished and don't think the creative may be worth the extra money, just not sure how much extra. The sales person had no clue of price but they were taking booking for Rs. 21,000 and he was sort of trying to get me part with my money but I did not go with intention of booking today. I plan to do that next weekend once I am aware about prices. Wife liked the mystic blue color and said it was different than usual colors. I personally like it too. That or gray. Don't want to go with the loud colors.

Infotainment was nice and sound was good but we didn't make it more loud. Touchscreen response was as expected and no such delay was observed. AC was nice. Brother felt nice driving automatic, his current corolla is manual but previous Honda City was automatic. My brother is 5.9 and myself 5.10 and when I sat behind him, I had generous legroom. In back seat, it was myself, wife and 7 year old and Still we has space. My wife's father owns Hyundai Eon so she told in that it is cramped if we 3 sat.

Overall, we liked it and I hope the price is good as this is going to be our first car. Waiting patiently for price reveal so I can see how much it comes to on road price and I decide which variant I want. I am, for now, interested in only accomplished and creative.

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Tata PUNCH AMT does seem to have a sort of sports mode as seen in some you tube videos. In my two AMT cars a Genx Nano and an Espresso, what i found is that when i choose manual mode the car revvs to the redline and holds the gear. So while taking off from a standstill it neccessiates us to keep your left arm on the gear lever to keep upshiftng. But in Punch it shifts just below the redline if we don't let go of the throttle. Seems to be a good option when at times we need a quick getaway like merging into a 4 lane highway. Fellow members who test drive should try this option.

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Checked out the Punch today and man does it pack a punch!

The car looks great inside out - a total crowd puller. The colors on offer are great and it'll turn heads on the road like anyone's business.

It's got a tight hatch-backish rear and a mini-Harrier vibe going on in the front

Tata Punch Review-inshot_20211017_185303889.jpg

The interiors were also really good quality. Fabric seats, plastics, knobs all seemed high quality and fit and finish was real good. I really liked the accented AC vents
Tata Punch Review-inshot_20211017_185808624.jpg

The gear knob has a really nice gloss black finish - looks classy. The dash is clean and pleasant

Tata Punch Review-inshot_20211017_185732913.jpg

Tata Punch Review-inshot_20211017_185530443.jpg

Rear legroom was also quite nice. Width would be best for 2 though.

One thing I found weird was this cutout in front of the horn - won't this get a lot of mud/muck/water/ leaves stuck inside?
Tata Punch Review-inshot_20211017_185639502.jpg

Overall it's a great package and looks brilliant. If priced well tomorrow, it will surely be a volume mover for Tata. 6-7 thousand units monthly easy ( unless Tata get greedy with the pricing)

Now comes the inevitable bad part of today's experience-

I went to the Tata showroom in Chembur with my brother in law who is looking to get his first car. The showroom experience was nothing less than terrible.

Sales staff was absolutely uninterested to sell. This did not seem like a showroom that has a brand new product. A lady just took our name and number, which seemed more like a sarkari tick box exercise. No one came forward to talk to us about the car, no one explained the features, no one was bothered. I could see a few other clueless customers too who were looking around for help but the sales staff was either uninterested or busy on calls.

Now here's the kicker - I went and asked for a test drive to the lady. She first said we're not doing test drives for the Punch. I stared at her with surprise and pointed out the TD vehicle which just entered their premises as I asked this. She said oh sir we have already issued 3 gate passes for the test drive "abhi time lagega". Really reminded me of SBI of yore.

We walked out without a test drive - really liking the product but underwhelmed by the customer focus!
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Re: Tata Punch Review

I was thinking of replacing my Wagon R AMT with a safer car.

The punch top model if priced at 8L ex-showroom comes approximately 9L OTR in Delhi. Whereas the Magnite XV CVT Turbo (next to top model) is 10.15L OTR. Although it is 1L more it offers more in terms of engine, transmission and overall space.

The punch model next to the top model have lots of omissions and doesn't even have defoggers.

So, I'm in a dilemma and will be watching the pricing tomorrow very closely.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

An interesting feat by punch, TATA punch reaches Sandakphu.

TATA Punch in Sandakphu where only Land rover 4x4 operates
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Re: Tata Punch Review

Tata Punch launched at ₹5.49L - ₹8.49L!
IMO, the first two variants are priced perfectly, but the last two variants are priced dangerously close to Magnite & Kiger territory. Yes, Tata might have better service, more features and more safety but I don't think the last two demand so much of a premium.

Tata Punch Review-1009171b2d2144d581753dbeedbeb7cb.png

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by akash_v12 View Post
Tata Punch launched at ₹5.49L - ₹8.49L!

The higher variants are definitely overpriced. Rs 8.5L for the manual top end is a lot, tbh. That's Altroz XZ+ pricing which is a much bigger car with a couple more features. The base price is good.
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Pricing looks mostly in line with expectations. The Creative AMT coming up to 9.4 with options feels a bit expensive especially when you compare with Kiger or Magnite that have CVT/Turbo options around the same price point.

The low end Pure is just to get the starting price low. I don't expect many takers for that one. Will be interesting to see market reception for the Punch at these prices.

Originally Posted by H0RSEPOWER View Post
Tata Punch has been launched with a starting price of 5.49 lakhs. Hope that it is not introductory price only.
These are introductory prices valid till end of the year.

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Aren't the higher trims over-priced? I mean you can get a Nissan Magnite XL CVT (a turbo petrol + CVT transmission) for around the same price as the top end manual Punch.

Put in just a little more and you can get the XV CVT at Rs. 9.09L ex-showroom. which is really all the car you really need in my personal opinion.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

As expected.

I had disclosed this in September itself in the earlier Punch thread:-

Someone in my circles who has made a booking for the Punch with a token amount of Rs 11,000 in Mumbai claims that he was informed that the base variant will be priced at Rs 6.70L, OTR Mumbai.

Seems like it will be priced attractively at launch.
And in another thread too:-

I have pointed it before in the Punch thread - one of my sources booked the Punch base in Mumbai and was quoted a price of 6.70L OTR for the same, which comes to around 5.50L ex-showroom.

Same was conveyed by another birdie yesterday from Kerala, so it's pretty much decided that the range should start from 5.50L, if there's no last-minute change to that from Tata Motors.
The first 2 variants (Pure & Adventure) are priced on expected lines. It's the top 2 variants which have now gone slightly steep, specially when the Punch has a 1.2L shared heart under it.

Ideal pricing would have been 6.99 for the Accomplished & 8.09L for the Creative (which was the initial decision by Tata's corporate honchos), so that a fully loaded Creative AMT (60K) with the iRA pack (30K) would have topped off at 8.99L ex-showroom, just for the feel-good factor for the paying customers and to set the cat among the pigeons against the competition.

Again, pricing for the top 2 variants were moved upwards a few days back, as per a birdie. And these will be jacked further up come January 1, 2022.

Make hay while the sun shines, Tata Motors. All the best to all the early adopters.

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Re: Tata Punch Review

Higher variants are overpriced, definitely. The 60000 premium for the clunky AMT is also kind of ridiculous. AMTs are the ultra low cost jugaad automatics, after all. Seems all the pre launch hype has played its part in this pricing. I see more value in the Nissan Magnite. Turbo petrol + CVT, any day.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

IMHO pricing of the top variants are not quite OK. Just stated in my eariler post a Nissan Magnite CVT XV (2nd top most version) @ 10.15L makes much more sense than a Punch Creative AMT @ approx. 10.39 (both OTR).

The Magnite XV offers much more in terms of everything except the 4 start rating and the projector headlamps.

I think I'll go shopping for a used Nexon AMT.
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Re: Tata Punch Review

I think TATA pulled out a ARIA with the pricing!

The top end Creative + AMT + iRA@ customization will take the pricing to 9.39L ex-showroom!

Although some variants of Harrier was deemed a bit overpriced, it never matched the pricing fiasco of Aria. Are they a bit overconfident with Punch?
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