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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by Hayek View Post
You should buy - the Kia Carnival. It is the only “reasonably priced” car which seats 7 in comfort with enough space for all their luggage. Yes, it is 5.2 m long, and hence parking will be a challenge - which is why we did not pick it up, but it drives brilliantly.
Kindly share your opinion on it being a front-wheel-drive and its capability on inclines with a full load of passengers and luggage. Ertiga's are known to suffer on inclines, hence my doubt.

Last time I heard there were juicy discounts going on with the Carnival and they were available for roughly 25L On-road [Disclaimer: Information I have is hear-say, kindly verify]
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Test drove the Carens (Top End) Petrol & Diesel automatic today. Wanted to share few of my thoughts...
I could see a lot of foot fall in the showoom today (being a friday afternoon). Not sure if there will be any space in the showroom on weekends.Kia carens has set the right tone for VFM segments in India.

Diesel Automatic Impressions:
  • A diesel is a diesel is a diesel... Decent pull with 4 people on board.
  • Power of OK in other modes. Sports mode was most engaging
  • Engine was a little noisy in sports mode.
  • Excellent cabin insulation
  • Slight body roll (but thats expected)
  • Gear shifts were felt, but it is liveable though.
  • I did not notice any odd welding joints (like mentioned in one of the earlier posts)
  • Paint quality was OK (not skoda'ish levels)
  • I felt that doors were less hefty . Kushaq/Taigun doors felt very hefty (almost twice)
Petrol Automatic Impressions:
  • Not fun to drive as diesel, though being quick enough
  • Engine noise can be heard at higher RPMs
  • I found diesel more refined and good to drive
  • No blind spots anywhere.
  • Steering weighed up ok'ish at high speeds
Overall, both are good vehicles... Can't expect a TSI level pickup, but the segment is targeted for different audience.
Waiting for GNCAP rating to finalize the booking..
Waiting times have crossed 22 weeks for top end models already.. I'm sure for mid variants, it should be a yr now..
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by achintatri View Post
Also VFM = quality/cost so if we make a list of all the attributes of both the cars and put them in the formula, the VFM ratio for Carens will be higher. Moreover, Fuel efficiency has a lot of variables, driving style being one of them, another one is the wedding of engine and the gearbox. And as far as 'accessory features' like LEDs, leather stuffs are concerned, after market has many competitive options that will still maintain the VFM factor for the car.
You summed up well on the VFM factor and how the choices may vary for individuals.

I am also in the midst of adding a second car to the garage. As we already have a 5 years old VW Ameo 1.2MPI (no hiccups so far) at home, there's still confusion on whether the new car should be a hatchback or a 3-row MPV/SUV. I booked the Carens last month just in case we decide to go for it, we can get it at the introductory price. The launch price of Carens is indeed so pulling because there are no other cars at this price range that give you value without feeling robbed.

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by TheARUN View Post
Kindly share your opinion on it being a front-wheel-drive and its capability on inclines with a full load of passengers and luggage.
I only test drove this car - but with a near full load of myself, 4 family members and the sales rep from Kia. Didn’t see any lack of power - got it to 100 kph fairy quickly. Have not driven it on hills - so you should test drive if that is important. Going OT now - sorry, mods
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Originally Posted by ashis89 View Post
Yes it is the Seltos. The front crash bar can be seen at the bottom, below the radiator (silver bar partially hidden behind a plastic panel). Another bar is a the top, above the radiator. Look for the black bar between the headlights. The last pic shows the bars very clearly.
What is the use of a structural member at the very bottom, most frontal impacts occur at a higher position. Also, the 'bar' at the top is just a cross-member from which the radiator hangs, if it is getting hit, the heat exchangers have already suffered damage, it doesn't 'protect' anything.

Originally Posted by ashis89 View Post
Now you can compare my images and description with the K2 platform structure which Seltos (SP2i) uses and has been shown in the following thread. The images match. (Kia Seltos body structure facts & comparison with the Hyundai Creta)

(Note: As the images in the above thread, the new Creta (SU2i) doesn't come with a front crash bar. Would be interesting to see if someone has images of what lies behind the Creta bumper).
Yes, the SP2 has two big 'open flange' like things onto which a front crashbar can be bolted on. Whereas the SP2i has a 'window perimeter' like thing already fitted to the BIW

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by DImPo View Post
Similarly, I expect lot others who have booked Creta/ Seltos/ Sonet/ Venue/ Ertiga /XL6/Astor / Kushaq and Taigun to cancel their bookings and switch over to Carens
After all my search and TDs, I had narrowed in on the XL6 - that train just came to a screeching halt. I want to TD the 7DCT and then I'll take a call. Just hate that the 7DCT starting price is like 14L
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Just noticed the Kia Carens prices yesterday and excited by the mouthwatering prices of the base variant, made it a point to visit the nearest Kia showroom today. Was even tempted to change my wife's car, even though it is just over a year old. But when I saw the vehicle in person, it was an underwhelming experience.

1) the car looks good from the sides but the front and back design elements are not coherent. The smallish alloys don't help the cause either

2) the sheet metal is ultra thin, just as thin as may be Baleno's. The window glass is very thin and shaky. The window glass shudders/trembles 4-5 times everytime one closes the door with moderate force (best observed with the window glass rolled down halfway). This i observed in at least 2 cars. No reassuring thud anywhere. Worse, If the door is shut with force, the whole vehicle shakes up

3) All that has been said about the third row seating comfort seems to be only a PR excercise. Third row is absolutely unuseable for adults. Even for 2 minutes. I am just 5'9" and weigh about 80 kgs. With drivers seat adjusted to my driving position, and the second row seat (captain seat behind the drivers) set for my height with just one inch of knee room to spare, there is absolutely no space for me to sit in the third row. I really had to make the second row backrest perpendicular to prevent my knees from hitting it's back. So the third row can be useable only if the second row adult passenger sits very very upright. In comparison, I felt I could easily sit in the third row of the XUV700 for a two hour drive, with the second row passenger too seated more comfortably.

I was so disappointed by the thin sheet metal and the lack of third row space, that I didn't even bother to check the other features or go for a test drive. The XUV 700 is tremendous value for money over this. So any of you who are looking to cancel your XUV700's booking and thinking of jumping into the Carens bandwagon, think a hundred times before doing it .


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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by sou_3749 View Post
Has anybody else booked the same model? What's the waiting period?
I have booked this and I was told the waiting period is 10 to 12 weeks at Capital Kia Adyar, Chennai.

Having said that, I have concerns over the performance. The only reason I booked this over XL6 Zeta (On road price Rs 12.6), it has the same power figures and has 6 air bags, spacious 3rd row and on the road price was Rs.11.85L and thought I can keep the difference for alloys etc.

This engine having similar specifications, will it perform like Ertiga/XL6 or will it be inferior to that?

I will be taking my car on the highways a lot and the hills, though not quite often but at the least 2 to 3 trips a year.

My theory is "I'm the one who is going to be driving and I do not want to live with compromises" at the same time, the same variant with 1.4 Turbo Petrol costs Rs.3L more, which I'm not convinced to shell out.

I'm in fix now, whether to go for a good driver satisfying family hatchback (read Tata Altroz Diesel) and for occasional all family trips depend on self driven rental MUVs or go with this Kia Carens 1.5P Prestige
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by Venkatr View Post
Test drove the Carens (Top End) Petrol & Diesel automatic today.
I have booked Kia carens Luxury Plus 1.5 Diesal Auto 7 seater version at bangalore whitefield dealer (EPITOME KIA) on 15th Feb . Waiting period mentioned in booking docket is 12-13 weeks.
I am yet to TD the diesal auto version as the EPITOME KIA says that they donot have a diesal auto TD vehicle. Folks who have already Test drove Diesal auto, please let me know the bangalore dealer where diesal auto variant is available for TD.
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Originally Posted by Geta View Post
Just noticed the Kia Carens prices yesterday and excited by the mouthwatering prices of the base variant, made it a point to visit the nearest Kia showroom today. Was even tempted to change my wife's car, even though it is just over a year old. But when I saw the vehicle in person, it was an underwhelming experience.
I totally disagree with you on this. The middle row seat of XUV700 is not even sliding and I found the 3rd row to be most useless in XUV700. Not at all suitable for adults. If all 6-7 people travelling in the car has height of 5'9" or more then maybe the 3rd row in Kia Carens is inadequate but with proper siding of 1st and 2nd row seat with avg height taken of all people, the 3rd row seat is quite comfortable in Carens for adults.

Ideally I found the Prestige Variant to be the most VFM. Additionally change all tyres to alloys and change the door handles to Chrome and it should be good enough for majority of people. I wish iMT would have been there but many people in reviews said the Clutch is super light. So hopefully the manual will be OK in bumper to bumper traffic.

I would really want to test drive the 1.5 petrol and see its performance with AC. People who drove the same on the Seltos find the performance adequate. If that's the case then the saving of ₹2.5 lacs on road is quite good over the Turbo Petrol/Diesel.

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Originally Posted by souvikjana83 View Post
If all 6-7 people travelling in the car has height of 5'9" or more then maybe the 3rd row in Kia Carens is inadequate but with proper siding of 1st and 2nd row seat with avg height taken of all people, the 3rd row seat is quite comfortable in Carens for adults.
Yes agree on 3rd row part, mine height is 5’8” and with seat adjustment as per that in front 2 rows i was very comfortable compared to XUV700. Also getting in-out is far easier in Carens, my father felt bit uncomfortable in xuv specially while getting in but was fine in Carens. But comfort wise in first 2 rows, xuv is far better. May be a better padded seat cover will improve seat comfort in Carens too.
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Went to Yashodha Kia, Patiala yesterday evening for a test drive of Kia Carens. They had Diesel Manual TD vehicle available. Although I have booked the 1.5 Petrol variant, went ahead with the test drive of diesel itself, to check out how it rides, handles, and the NVH levels.

The car is going to be used 80% of the time by my mom on her daily commute of 50Kms on a smooth state highway with mild traffic and an average speed of about 75 Kmph. I and Dad were already sold on this car, but it was Mom who had to give a final go-ahead. This test drive was to check if she was comfortable driving a big vehicle daily.

The Dealership experience of Kia is by far the best we have experienced out of all that we have gone to during our new car hunt. Their staff although quite busy (even more so after the Carens' price reveal), is polite, knowledgeable, and well versed with their product's features. Special shout out to Mr. Danish (our sales executive) here.
(I am sharing this after visiting them multiple times as we had also booked Sonet before the Carens here).

Let me share my 2 cents on Carens with you all. This short review contains the combined opinions of three of us (parents and me), thus I will be using "we" here. There are occasional comparisons with Sonet because we had booked it earlier and Alto K10, which is our current ride.

What we Liked:
1. Car(ens) looks very elegant, proportionate, and BIG.
2. Interiors are very premium looking, good to touch (although not soft-touch, which is justified for the price it is being offered at) and overall there is a pleasant ambiance here.
3. The infotainment system is lag-free and looks very well integrated into the dash.
4. The amount of safety equipment offered as standard is truly commendable. We loved that it has 6 Airbags, 4 Disc brakes, Tyre Pressure Monitor, Hill-start assist apart from a host of other safety features it offers.
5. Ground clearance is rated at 195mm which is great! Although we didn't had big speed breakers to try, it will not be an issue (In comparison: XL6/Ertiga offers 180mm, Innova-178, Alcazar/Marrazo-200).
6. The headroom and legroom is humongous! 3rd row is very usable in our case because all of us have a short height. The best part is that even in the second and the third row, 2 type-c ports are offered each (so no fighting for chargers, even when the extended family goes on vacations).
7. After adjusting the driving seat (6 way, manual) and the steering (tilt and telescopic), we got a great commanding view of the road. This was especially missing in the Sonet, Seltos, and likes. You sit quite high off the ground which adds to that big car feel in a good way.
8. Getting in and out of the car is easy. Unlike Innova, where one has to climb up. Mom especially finds it difficult to climb onto the Innova, but she was very comfortable entering the Carens.
9. The glass area is exactly what it should have been, even in the third row.
10. Once on the move, the car(ens) doesn't feel big to drive. It almost feels like driving a Sonet. The car didn't feel cumbersome like it did when we drove an Innova earlier. The steering is extremely light, far lighter than the Alto K10 which too has a power steering but is nowhere close to how light Carens has. I expect the petrol one to be even lighter because of the low load on the front end. This is both a good as well as a bad thing.
Good - Because mom although loves driving is not an enthusiastic driver but more of a cruiser and thus it is easy to handle and less tiring.
(Bad - highlighted in Point 5 in the cons section)
So mom found driving this car to be very easy even though it's a big jump from a tiny K10.
11. Ride quality is very good and comfortable. It is on a slightly stiffer side, this is especially felt when you go through extremely bad potholes, but not bone-jarring (like Sonet). The rough patches on the highway were not noticeable. On a smooth stretch, the car felt very planted at speed of 100kmph.
12. Although many Bhpians have complained about the NVH levels, we found the car to be very silent inside. Even though it was a diesel, the car was refined. However, we could hear the diesel clatter when revved hard on a smaller gear which is expected.

What could have been better:
1. As many Bhpians highlighted, those odd welding spots on all the doors near the door-beadings were present. This although not a deal-breaker is a sore point.
2. The Piano Black panel used all around the dashboard is prone to scratches. Telling this from our personal experience because even our Alto K10 has a piano black panel in the center console which is a fingerprint magnet and very prone to scratches.
3. The front armrest is unusable for short drivers, I would say at least up to 5'9 height. There should have been a sliding armrest.
4. Body panels are a tad bit lighter than Seltos maybe, but definitely not like Baleno. They are still better than the Maruti's.
5. The steering doesn't weigh up enough to inspire confidence when going above 120 Kmph. Forget sharp cuts, even quick lane switching at higher speeds would require a strong heart.
6. Body roll is present and you can easily feel it around the corners. Although it's not scary like a Scorpio, still makes its presence felt.
7. No headrest for the middle passenger in the 2nd row. If the company is calling it a 7 seater, then 3rd headrest on a middle row should be offered, at least a non-adjustable one.

Overall, we loved the car, and all the cons we found can easily be ignored because of the price it is being offered at right now. Prestige 1.5 Variant which covers almost all the essential features and a good amount of feel-good features is being offered at 9.99Lacs ex-showroom, which is an incredible VFM and a steal deal.
We booked it online on 15th Feb just after the price reveal and have got a tentative waiting period of 9-10 weeks on the booking docket emailed to us. Let's hope we get the delivery of our car(ens) soon, so I can make a fresh new thread on my ownership on our forum.

Also, I am sharing the current price list of the Carens indicating the on-road price of all the variants in Punjab. Hope it would be of some help.

Kia Carens Review-img_1904.jpg

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Re: Kia Carens Review

Checked the Carens the other day at the Kia showroom along with a friend. I couldn't drive the car, the motor vehicle dept doesn't allow TD cars without registration on the road here in Kerala.

Let me get the this out first regarding the Carens. The base here is definitely the Sonet and not the Seltos. I am not sure why Kia and most media is saying otherwise - it simply isn't.

The dealership had all 3 cars on display and I checked the internals back to back. In the Seltos, everything is one size up! The suspension mounts, the inside of the front fender etc. are the dead giveaway. And that is why Carens is riding on 16" wheels too. The Seltos feels better built - the doors, fenders et al is heavier & sturdier. I know! That doesn't mean anything regarding safety, but just stating what I felt.

That said, the pricing is still very sweet and the Carens makes a compelling case for most buyers. It's got a very roomy cabin! And its loaded with good drivetrain options. Wish they could have done a better job with the the integration of the touchscreen on the dash and the instrument cluster. I wouldn't want to look at that tachometer every day!

And kudos to Kia for giving 6 airbags + 4 disc brakes + all safety abbreviations standard on the car. Let's hope this is Kia turning a page and that will reflect in crash tests too soon! The customers here are definitely not asking for it looking at the waiting period across models, so all power to them for taking this decision. Will be a plus in the long run and for exports. Anyway, I am digressing!

Here is the pricelist for Kerala and my pick will be the Prestige Plus 1.4 DCT with that extended warranty. It's really sitting in a sweet spot right now given everything.

Kia Carens Review-snipaste_20220219_074039.png
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Carens Price list - Incheon.pdf (286.9 KB, 837 views)
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Re: Kia Carens Review

Going by the first hand impressions, it looks like Carens is effectively a modified Sonet and not a modified Seltos like all of us initially thought. And that is why Kia is able to price it so well. Alcazar on the other hand is a modified Creta and hence the it has to be priced more than Creta.

I understand all these are based on the same K2 platform, but that platform can support numerous size and engine configuration. I am sure there are internal sub categories for the K2 platform which we are not aware of. I20,Sonet etc could be from a lower category subdivision of the K2 platform. In my opinion, the feature deletions compared to Alcazar like panoramic roof, MID etc cannot justify the almost 5 lakh price difference. They have to be based on different cars.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent strategy and Kia has got a winner here.

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Re: Kia Carens Review

I Did a short TD of Carens 1.5 Diesel AT(TC) yesterday.
The first point to note was the quietness of the well tuned diesel engine. For a moment there I thought the show room personnel mistook my request and was showing a petrol engine. Very quiet indeed in comparison to my 1.5 Diesel unit in Rapid!
During the ride the NVH was also excellent! I did not hear the engine note over the A/C unless the pedal was pressed hard. But when it is total silence in the cabin ( after switching off Front/Rear ACs ) one could hear the note of the engine.
The pothole handling of the suspension is surprisingly good, but low speed handling does give away the very well tuned but hard sprung shocks.
I was worried about the under-powered Diesel, but with 4 people on-board it pulled fairly well. Nothing in the lines of my remapped Rapid, but what you expect of a people mover to pull.
The torque was also OK - not under-powered, but not overwhelming.
I still have my heart set on the Carnival ( after getting a peek into the Meridian, which doesnt seem to have a good 3rd row if the Commander is anything to go by ), but Carens Diesel AT is a decent contender for a 6/7 seater if you are not worried about AWD and torque but rather like a sedate drive in a Diesel AT.

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