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Old 11th December 2009, 02:08   #151
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Is it just me or you guys too noticed that many parts in this car look after-market? Rear Lights, tachometer (seen those modded zens, ain't it?), placement of the rear door handles, spoilers....they all look aftermarket to me.

May be it was done deliberately done to give that 'modded' feel to the car. Or may be its just me!
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Default Like I said elsewhere..

Beat seems like a great package. Small car when it comes to price, manuverability and FE with big car solidity... ride/handling & safety rating.

A worthy competetior to the i-10, Ritz and Swift.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Once you touch the revv limiter (6,300 rpms), the engine gets violently jerky. Real violent.
thats the hard fuel cut.
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Old 11th December 2009, 11:24   #153
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Excellent review. Very detailed. Would love to see the actual pricing?

The speedo is really fantastic.
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Default Excellent review

As usual, GTO has done an excellent job with the Chevy Beat review.
A friend of mine (Karan) was at a dealership the other day n spotted one in flesh at the service station. So he decided to click a few pics for fellow T-BHPians.
The sales person had no clue about the pricing or the details of the features of the car. "This is just a test car for the NCR region" he claims. What the sales guy knew and told Karan was that the top executives of GM were in Gujrat for a big meeting with over 20 different import models at the factory.
I guess GM is really planning something BIG for India.

Thanks for the information Karan.
Enjoy the pictures.
Attached Thumbnails
Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review-dsc07682.jpg  

Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review-dsc07684.jpg  

Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review-dsc07686.jpg  

Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review-dsc07688.jpg  

Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review-dsc07690.jpg  

Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review-dsc07691.jpg  

Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review-dsc07692.jpg  

Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review-dsc07694.jpg  

Chevrolet Beat : Test Drive & Review-dsc07695.jpg  

Attached Images
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Originally Posted by Games Goblin View Post
I really appreciate the fact that Indian market is now getting radically designed cars (beat, ritz, a-star etc) instead of the usual bland and boring fare.
Well said. In a sea of similarly constructed hatchbacks, the styling remains a substantial differentiator.

I love this car's looks esp. the rear.
I like the rear too. A breath of fresh air after the Ritz

However, I prefer the conventional front ends of the Ritz and the i10.

Originally Posted by Mpower View Post
thats the hard fuel cut.
Yes, but very aggressive fuel cut mode. And hey, I experience the fuel cut off in every car I drive. Am a high-revv lover, remember?

Originally Posted by carrazy View Post
What the sales guy knew and told Karan was that the top executives of GM were in Gujrat for a big meeting with over 20 different import models at the factory.
Could be a last minute strategy meet for the Auto expo launch. The Beat is a VERY important car for GM.
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Oh that's a god view of the rear seat. Even from pics it looks spacious but set really low.

One glaring thing I noticed in the pics is that the front seats don't have plastic cladding on the side between the front seats i.e. near the handbrake lever. The door facing sides have a plastic cladding. You can see the metal frame of the seat.

Hope that is fixed by launch time.

Somehow the seat upholstery looks to be of a very high quality.
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Old 11th December 2009, 14:28   #157
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Oh so it was Beat, saw this small wonder in ORR near HSR layout where the flyover construction work is going on early in the morning but couldn't make it out which car is it as they covered the front part with some cloth must be hiding the identity of of this car.
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Old 11th December 2009, 14:37   #158
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Excellent review GTO! We were just wondering what to buy as a 3rd car for strictly city use in Jan and this seems to be a good option.

If the pricing is going to competitive, i dont think we will have a second thought.
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Old 11th December 2009, 22:17   #159
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A nice product for small families, with better quality feel.
Thank you GTO for a wonderful review. This is going to be a second car for many people who live in the city.
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Old 11th December 2009, 23:30   #160
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Great review GTO. Better than our magazines. Even the snaps are too good and very descriptive.

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Old 11th December 2009, 23:49   #161
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Wonder if MJ's song "Beat It" will be used for the media campaign. Maybe, there could even be a "beet" colour to the Beat.
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Old 11th December 2009, 23:57   #162
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Default Horn, Headlight

Sorry for the repetition, GTO- but "Excellent review"!

I somehow felt the following 2 things:
1. Horn was sounding more inside the cabin
2. The headlights were not that powerful

Did you feel anything like that?.. or was it the problem with the car we were riding/ driving?
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Old 12th December 2009, 00:52   #163
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Default New Pics

The more I look at the Beat, I tend to like the styling less. When I saw the pictures that GTO posed in the review, I thought that here was one unique and bravely styled car.

Now, after visiting this thread everyday, the styling is not looking half as good as it did earlier. In the latest pictures (of the blue car), take a look at the blue car from the side; the shape seems disjointed and the styling forced (as in loads of creases added and the window swoops up too much). The rear hatch seems similar to the first gen Santro. It's only the roof mounted spoiler that makes it seem otherwise.

The interiors though seem to be doing just the opposite. The more I see it, the more I like it! I really like the dashboard.
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Old 12th December 2009, 05:47   #164
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The looks sure are agressive . The Chevy seems to be starting to have some kind of a standard family look (the grill) .The rear lights are not to my taste .

I like the interiors and I like the fact that they are black , beige is just too common now a welcome change then . The speedo and screen are cool. The back is bad though . The quarter glass will surely be missed and it is too dark and claustrophobic .
The AC controls look top notch too .

Should be a hit with the college going crowd I think . The price (below competition) along with the three year service should pull in decent numbers .

Though it might not become a segment leader , it should bring GM right back in the mix of things .

It somehow reminds me of the Matiz story . Love it or hate it looks , peppy engine ,aimed squarely at taking marketshare away from a certain Korean sibling (i10 now Santro then) and a performance Suzuki (Zen then Swift now) ,parent company trying desperatly for a comeback (GM India now Daewoo then) .

And finally thanks for a brilliant review .

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I was saving this thread for the weekend and I am not dissapointed. Lovely review. Great car too. Thanks GTO. IMHO looks better than the Ritz anytime.

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