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Great review GTO. Looks like this one drives fast!!!. Hopefully FIAT would be able to push the sales a bit more with this
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Gear Recommender is here too

Thats a comprehensive review GTO but i distinctly remember a beep everytime i revved the engine too hard in a particular gear and i had to upshift. I'm sure u heard it as well esp if you redlined it every time

Also, this is not a comparison thread but i test drove the city and T jet back to back and -

1. City is much more comfortable to drive in the city
2. The T Jet suspension is atleast 15 times better than the city. It devours the pot holes and bad roads.
3. City handles like a boat at 130Kmph and above. I was nervous zipping between trucks and other cars. In a linea i could just relax and it would behave exactly the way i wanted to, as if this was my own body's extension.
4. T Jet plastics are a joke. The cup holders in the rear are shocking:Shockked Why did they even bother?
5. I expected Diesel like city drivability in the city from the T Jet but sadly thats missing because of the turbo spooling in at 2000 rpm. So i had to downshift in traffic.

Heart says Linea, Head says city
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Thank you for the 5 star thread rating, guys.

Originally Posted by MAS View Post
Would suggest to start a new sub-folder and name it as GTO test reports!!!
That's very flattering. We intend to create a sub-folder for all official test-drives soon.

Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
Time for Fiat's turn around?
No, I wouldn't say this car will bring substantial volumes to Fiat. However, what it will bring in are the enthusiasts who would have looked elsewhere for power. Believe me, this car is a pure driving machine. Fiat will be happy with an additional 300 - 400'ish monthly sales to the Linea's tally.

Originally Posted by AutoIndian View Post
Just a small request. The link to this thread has been given as in the previous thread. Can this be corrected to so that clicking on that link will directly open the thread
Thank you! On my way to correct.

Originally Posted by deepakhon View Post
Does the absence of the inter-cooler explain 114PS vs the 120PS this car is actually being sold in?
I don't think so. Most cars are detuned before they are launched in India (fuel quality, fuel economy tuning etc.).

Originally Posted by MCR View Post
Are the alloys fitted on 98 PCD hubs?
You bet.

Originally Posted by motor-head View Post
Thats a comprehensive review GTO but i distinctly remember a beep everytime i revved the engine too hard in a particular gear and i had to upshift. I'm sure u heard it as well esp if you redlined it every time
The beep you are talking about is the speed alert. Someone must have set it to a conservative 60 kph (or similar) in your test car.
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Superb Review GTO!! A lot of members on the forum(Including me) were waiting for this one.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Also, my 5’ 6” lady passenger frequently banged her head against the curvy roof when getting into the rear (not once, but several times).
Being a tall person i cannot sit in upright posture on the rear seats without brushing my head on the roof.

The chrome-ringed dials & the awesome instrument console are smashing. The MID has reasonably large fonts, hence you don’t need to strain your eyes to gather information.
I Love Linea's meter design. I even posted a query on the forum regarding a swap of meters in my Punto.

The steering is tilt adjustable, but I felt that it didn’t tilt low enough (upward adjustment was fine, downward wasn't). The unit is positioned too close to your chest; Fiat should equip the Linea with a reach-adjustable steering, just as VW does the Vento.
Agreed. Even i find the steering in Punto/Linea too close to my chest. I find the Steering even at the lowest position to be too high.

The ergonomics are a mixed bag. For instance, the power window controls are placed so far forward (remember...long-armed Italians!) I lose count of the number of times I opened the rear windows, when I actually wanted to roll down the fronts.
Both Punto and Linea have poor Ergonomics. Even after driving a Punto for more than a year now, my hand automatically goes to rear windows switch when i want to lower the front door glasses.

The air-conditioner is significantly stronger than the other Lineas that I’ve driven.
That's very good news. My cousin owns a Linea MJD, the AC is on weaker side. Hope the improvement is carried on to FIRE and MJD versions too.

I’m not at all satisfied with the Linea’s storage solutions.
I agree. The storage space here is very limited. Even the glovebox does not have much space.

I'll give the wing mirrors a 6 / 10 rating. They aren't too wide, while the left ORVM doesn't adjust out as much as I'd like:
While i find the mirrors good enough, I do not like the fact that they cannot be adjusted low enough while reversing.

After reading the review i am very happy for fact that we have a Linea available with an Engine which complements the Dynamics. Hope Fiat launches the 1.6 MJD soon.
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Finally! Top class review! Can't wait to TD it. Sadly, not available in my city. Well, after three years when I buy a car, it will be a Punto T-Jet. (I like small & fast )
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GTO: We need more pictures!! I have read that you drove for more than 300kms!!

Awesome, unbiased review.
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very interesting point on the Distance to empty meter. This seems to be a real problem. If i start out really slow (maybe in crowded market) for a while in 2nd gear, it will be tricked into giving a low 'to empty' value and then even if catch and come to the fuel efficinet power band, it will still get the incorrect figures as they are still based on the 2nd gear calculations. Is there a way to reset this gauge and let it 'learn' the current driving pattern?
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GTO, absolutely lovely review.

A couple of points,

1. The rear seat sqab needs to be pulled out 90 Degrees first, then the back pulled down to release a full and flat space.
2. I have had initially huge problems finding a good seating position, but if if push my backside firmly into the sqab and adjust the angle of the seat, i get clean and nice support. (Or is it that i have got used to it now).
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Excellent review! Great attention to detail. So in short the best petrol sedan in the segment!!

One small thing I wanted to point out about the rear seat folding. If I remember correctly, the rear seats fold completely flat? (if you follow the steps in the image below). I have not had to fold it flat in my Linea so not completely sure. Can other Linea owners confirm if it is the case? I will be checking my Linea for this tomorrow morning.
Name:  lineatjet06.jpg
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GTO, Excellent review as always .
Fiat should have launched Linea/Punto with 1.4 T-Jet and 1.3 MJD VGT 90HP only.

• To further widen the Linea's appeal, Fiat should introduce an automatic gearbox. For the T-Jet and MJD, both. There's a growing number of 10 lakh rupee customers who are inclined toward the convenience of AT, and Fiat does have some great slush boxes internationally.
I was under impression that Fiat will launch 1.4T-Jet with Auto box. I hope they launch Auto version of both Linea as well as Punto.

• Question : Is Fiat going to license this engine out too (Maruti, Tata etc.) or keep the T-Jet for itself? This engine should inevitably make its way to the Punto.
Tata and Maruti? Do they have anything in their lineup to compliment 'performance' of this engine?

• Fiat should first work on making completely trouble-free cars. Niggles are a given with current Fiats.
I think the other way. Being European, I don't expect them to manufacture 'completely trouble-free' cars. And if they decide to achieve that, it will take long time!! Workaround would be 'to learn to fix their own cars efficiently'.
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Excellent review, as usual GTO. This is the most extensive review one can ever find compared to any big publications even.

One question though, you mentioned "Strange, exposed screw hole placed between the A & B Pillars. What gives?" in one of your pics. I find the same in Skoda Laura even at the very same place as well as between B & C pillars too. Now I am very curious to know their purpose. Can anyone throw some light on it?

As for Linea, I totally agree with you on this is what Linea should have been from day one. It seems like it holds the biggest potential in the C segment and will erase all the misdeeds of erstwhile Fiat and builds its image in our country. Hope the T-jet engine makes its way to Punto in 6 months time in which case, it will be the real replacement to legendary Palio 1.6.
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Excellent review GTO, now this is the car which feels desirable. Really good effort from FIAT some small niggles are there but i guess petrolheads can ignore those
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You have already seemed to answer my queries.
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
There will inevitably be some cross-shopping between the Linea T-Jet & Vento Diesel. The latter costs only Rs. 17,000 more, is quicker in a straight line, has a better mid-range, superior driveability (minimal turbo-lag), more interior space, better overall fit & finish, excellent ride & handling and also, cheaper running costs (diesel fuel economy). What the Vento doesn't have is the T-Jet's brilliant steering, outright grip levels, tijori build, equipment level and 6,500 revvs.
•To add to your points, the superb gearshift of Vento is something worth mentioning. Linea on the other hand has an unbelievable 4 yrs 150000 KM warranty.

•There is however a substantial price difference. Vento D highline costs 9.23L where as T jet is only 8.55L. There is no point comparing with T jet Plus as neither 16" alloys nor leather seats are available in Vento. Still the level of equipments in linea is more. So isnt difference of 70K reasonable?

•I believe ride and handling should have been Linea's strength rather than Vento's. Any comments please.

•So what will it be for you personally?
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Awesome review GTO. Now I know what you meant when you said "Quality needs time". The small nuances that you pick up like "6 jet sprays for windshield wash", "the display giving you exact info @ which door is open", "the two orange lights illuminating the gear knob", etc are simply great, I felt as is I was test driving the car. No one else (at least in my knowledge) has the knack of these subtle things. This is what makes your reviews so special & so wanted.
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Another great review, GTO. Accept my congratulations.

So, in a nutshell, I understand that while the engine + gearbox are more or less fixed by now, the other ergonomic + storage + space + el cheapo bits and pieces are not actually improved despite "improved soft-touch plastics" and leather.

There are some things which Fiat will never fix, it seems, because probably they refuse to recognise them as shortcomings. The late responding DTE (same as the lethargic fuel gauge on the Palio), the lack of bottle storage spaces, the awkward steering and pedal position (funny how Palio ergonomics are so good but the Punto / Linea ergonomics are not great), etc.

Thankfully, the ride + handling + steering area as good as ever and the surprise bonus is excellent braking.

The Warranty seems great. I know Fiat has problems with diagnosis and repair but if they can (apparently) handle turbo-diesels, will turbo-petrols be much more complex?

Just trying to figure out the learning curve of Fiat India Limited in its post 2007 innings in India. If they can get some of their original GTX fans and owners back (those who are not already into Laura / Cedia / Accord territory, looking at the growth in incomes since 2001), it could atleat re-inforce the original USP of Fiats: Affordable Drivers' Cars.
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