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Old 29th February 2008, 13:22   #46
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Originally Posted by vcash View Post
Thanks tsk - I have someone researching this now - I thought 15K sounded steep as well.

Maybe I am getting confused with this octroi thing - I think the guy was trying to say that I will need to pay Haryana state tax (Road tax?) for getting the car in from a different state. Is this bull?
If you go for a number change, you would need to pay the road tax
If you keep your JH number, no such issues. I have not heard of Gurgaon or NCR police harassing out of state cars though(I myself have a KA one).
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Old 10th March 2008, 14:38   #47
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Okay - After some more research the following are the Movers & Packars and their charges for transporting the Cielo:

(a) Agrawal Movers & Packars => Rs. 15000/- and Service Tax as applicable (5-6 days)
(b) TLS Movers & Packars => Rs. 9000/- (6-7 days)
(c) Sharma Movers & Packars => Rs. 13000/- and (6-7 days).

At this point, I am wondering if it is better to get it driven down? Also, has anyone used TLS? They are substantially cheaper - Are they reliable?

And finally the car is registered to a company. Will the registration need to be changed to my name or can I just simply drive it with the company reg in Gurgaon?
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If you drive it yourself, company registeration won't matter. but if you transport it, there could be troubles, and you would need some authorization letter etc.,
When I moved from BLR to Noida, the car was in company's name through the leasing company. The paperwork took more than a month due to incompetence of the Leasing company, and till then the car had to be parked at a friends place.
Only when the paperwork got done and car was in my name, I got it through truck.
My cousin runs a trucking company, so I paid substantially less.
I am not sure if they run operations from Calcutta to Delhi.
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Old 29th June 2008, 17:35   #49
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I will be relocating from Mumbai to Bangalore next week. Wanted to get my NHC (2005)transported. Its being done by the office, although Ive heard a lot of bad reports of cars being transported thru container. What would you suggest?
I thought of driving it down, that would take 15 hours with rest. Ive not really driven it for such a distance, so a bit concerned about the fatigue etc. Since ill have to resume office on Monday. Another concern was the route in bangalore. Ill have to go to ORR/Hebbal, so how does that connect to the NH4?
If sent by packers, what needs to be taken care of? Can I take snaps of the car and then take them to task if something awry (I pray not!!) happens? I think its agarwal packers and movers. A colleague of mine, who had his car trasnported recently from Mumbai to Bangy, told me his car was in a bit of bad shape in the interiors. And it had clocked 1500 kms from when he left it. Looks like they had driven it all the way thru.
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hrman, I'd recommend driving it down. If you start early morning from Mumbai, you can reach Bengaluru by night with some spirited driving. An alternate option is to break overnight at Hubli if you want to take it easy.

I recently drove my colleague's car down from Pune to Bengaluru - took me 12 hours because of a late start from Pune. The rains were there but it was more the late start that extended the journey to 12 hours.

Please let me know if you need help (you know which kind )

The ring road connecting NH4 to NH7 (near the Hebbal flyover) is well marked and you should not have any problems finding it.

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Old 23rd December 2008, 08:41   #51
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Default Another train v/s truck query

I have a 1980 Toyota Corolla (black/left hand drive) in Bangalore (photo). It's my dad's car, shipped from Saudi Arabia in 1993 and is registered in Satara (MH 11)
We used it in Mumbai for a long time (ah! those college racing days!) and then drove it down to Bangalore in 2005 (with a driver, minor hiccups and an overnight halt). The original registration is valid, I did not get it registered in Bangalore, no issues yet.

I now want to send this car to Satara from Bangalore (I'm guesing that's the closest transport location to its final destination Panchgani, a hill station) and since I am not relocating or changing jobs, etc, I have to pay for this myself.

The reason I am reluctant to drive it is that it gives an average of 6-8 and the exhaust pipe has a history of heating up and developing holes (just below the driver's seat) in long drives + very low ground clearance + a/c doesnt work!

I've gathered from your posts that it's a good idea to take pictures of the car before sending it across, I will definitely do that, and detailed ones of ext and int - moreso because it's an old car, has some rusting damage and it may be easy for the transporter to claim that it was already damaged.

Now, I've read your experiences and opinions on
- sending by a regular truck (damage prone)
- sending by a trailer (expensive)
- a few grumbles about sending by train (sarkari hassles - paperwork, octroi)

Still, I wanted to put this up to get some feedback on the train route. It seems to be some hard work, but also the safest option.
  1. Has any of you ever sent your car, or know a detailed experience and what this takes?
  2. Are you aware of any agents who will manage the paperwork and hassles and speed things up? (hell, I'd be very slow...I cant even speak Kannada!)
  3. In either of the transport methods does the car have to be in the sender's name? This one is in my dad's name, would you say that can be a problem?
  4. In any mode of transport, will I have to bear any octroi or charges other than the transport and insurance? (I am sending the car to where it was registered, this seems to be reverse of what most of you have done)
Any other tips, suggestions are welcome.

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Talk to a Mahindra or Tata Motors dealer in Bangalore and ask if they will take it back in their delivery vehicles (the large trucks in which they send new vehicles to dealeerships). I say Mahindra or Tata Motors because their plant are in Nashik and Pune respectively. You might get a good deal.
A few weeks ago someone took his car from Calcutta to Agra in this way for 7k.
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Old 23rd December 2008, 23:57   #53
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Thumbs up Thanks for the lead

Thanks for the lead Sudipto!

I got in touch with Kishor Transport via Concorde Motors. They seem to be a pretty big player in the automotive logistics business and have contracts with Tata for their Pune and Jamshetpur plants. They also have tie ups with Maruti and Hyundai for transporting cars.

They are ready to drop the car from Bangalore to where-ever is the closest point for me to drive from for 8000 bucks and optional transport insurance.
They will use proper car carriers, not a generic truck or trailer - basically the same stuff they haul brand new cars in.

Seems like a good deal to me!

I first have to renew the insurance for my car, then I can send it off. I plan to visit their facility once before finalizing a deal with them, just to be sure.

I'm also going to talk to the Mahindra folks to see what infrastructure they have in the meanwhile. I suspect it might be the same company...their site says they work for Mahindra too!

I will update this thread as I make any progress. Keep the suggestions coming! Especially if there are any specific practices of these companies, specific questions I should ask, any safety tips, etc, do let me know.

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Old 24th December 2008, 13:09   #54
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When I had to transport my car back in 2005, when I got transferred from Indore to Noida. I used the services of the transporters who carry vehicles from Maruti's Factory in Gurgaon to the that city.

While coming from Gurgaon to say any city - they have a truckload of cars, while going back they return empty. So you can get a great deal in this regard....

All auto majors are situated in almost all the metros.

Maruti in Delhi
Tatas in Jamshedpur/Pune
Hyundai in Chennai etc....

so if you have to get your car transported from BLR to Pune - get in touch with a tata dealer @ BLR to give you pointers for the transporter at BLR. Get in touch with him - load the car, your car arrives in Pune on D+2. Drive it from Pune to Panchgani - it's going to turn out much cheaper & convinient this way....
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Red face Help in transporting my Car!!

Hello everyone! this is my first post on team bhp.

I am getting a Maruti Swift in Chandigarh in April and will need to ship it to Mumbai. (my Dad is getting it from CSD in Punjab) hence i need to get it here.

Now i have heard about octroi and stuff, hence i am planning to get the delivery in Deolali (Near Nashik) or Pune.

I have read the threads about the transportation and stuff. My dad has gotten a quote of 10k from some local truck guy.

Wanna know if its fine or are there any cheaper guys available? Also, anyone, has anyone used Train to ship their cars from anywhere to anywhere? I was reading the Indian Railways Parcel rates and they had a rate of some 4k / tonne for a distance of 1800 kms (the distance between Chandigarh to Mumbai).

I dont want to drive all the way coz its a brand new car!!

Please help!!

Thanks in advance!!

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Default Shipping a used Car by Train. Does it work?

Not sure if this is the right forum for this post, if not sorry and MODs may move.

I am relocating to Singapore from Bangalore and as a result thinking of selling both my Cars (both Santros). Another option could be to somehow send at least one of them off to my native place (Dehradun, way up north from Bangalore). Driving is out of question (just not enough time), a truck based shipping might be too expensive. Some of my friend told that its possible to do this via Indian Railways for a cost of about 5-6 K. Sounds too good to be true and I, for once, could not get much on Google either.

Desperately need some advice on this from someone who has a first hand experience on this. Thanks
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Transporting by road should not take you more than INR 10k - I got my Wagon-R sent to Delhi from Bangalore in Feb this year for 8k, add another 2k for Delhi to Dehradun (if the transported in one go from Bangalore to DD).

If train charges are 5-6k, I am sure spending 10k on road transport would be lesser of a headache as it would save you from administrative tasks at the source and destination + would not require packing the car (I think it is a must if you transport by train)
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Cars used to be transported using trains (goods trains) long back. I don't know what the scene is these days.

Hey, why don't you give your car to sammyboy. He is in Bangalore and is from Dehradun and he can drive till there and hand it over to your relatives :-)
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Yes it is possible but with railways you will never be sure when your car will reach. They might take it out anywhere in the journey to make room for someone who's bribed them enough. Even if you bribe them you might have to travel along just to make sure they don't do what I just said.

I think it's just easier and safer (for the car) to be sent by truck. But please do make sure you cover your seats and the tank is as empty as possible (or get the AC disconnected). I once shipped my car (Zen) from Delhi to Hyderabad. The seats were very dirty and had stains (food stains), the odometer was no longer working (not sure if they disconnected it before going for a joy ride) and the tank was almost empty (I must have had 4-5 lt in there before I gave it to them). My theory - they turned the engine (& AC) on and ate and drank inside and maybe went for a joy ride.

It's like choosing between the lesser of 2 evils.
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I would definitely recommend you to send the car by train. It saves your car from a lot of wear and tear and other unforseen events while transporting them on road. My father while on transfer from Bhubaneswar to Hyderabad had transported his Padmini (still with us) way back in the 90's by a goods wagon. The car took 1 month almost to reach a distance covered by passenger trains overnight. The car reached in spic and span condition with no dents, stains except for a layer of dust that had settled on the car. It took one month because the wagon was by mistake detached enroute and attached to another train travelling to Mumbai and later discovered and detached at Sholapur. The railways didnt bother to inform us about it. My father new one of the Executive Directors of Railway Board (who recently retired as Railway Board Chairman three months ago) then who helped it locate and send it back to Hyderabad.

Moral of the story is it could get indefinitely delayed but your car would reach in good condition. Now, it would be much easier to track your wagon as things have improved vastly at the railways.
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