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Default The "Car / Bike got stolen" Thread

STOLEN: White Mahindra Bolero - MH 04 DY 1741
Engine No: GA94E48553
Chassis No: 92E89369

Hi guys...need your support on this one. My car was stolen from Thane last night(Valet parked at Mantraa restaurant, Hotel Dhiraj, Service road, Wahle estate).

If you spot a White Bolero SLX bearing MH plates as above - please notify me immediately.

If you spot a white Bolero in suspicious circumstances or with UP, MP number plates - please notify me immediately.\

Please keep an eye out while you are on the roads...means a lot to me!

Sriku - +91-9619010318
Guru - +91-9819090772
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That is really sad. Hope you have already lodged an FIR with the Wagle Estate Police? Also, I would suggest that you register your vehicle details here:
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Sorry to hear of the loss, SriKu.
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Damn, sorry to hear of it. Will keep an lookout for any car bearing that numberplate.
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Thats really very sad. As I often go to this place for dinner on weekends and my car is always parked by the valets. The roads there are really very dark with no street lgihts but still I find it very strange as there is lot of traffic till midnite or so. I think it can be someone inside involved from the valet people. Will keep on looking for this numberplate though.
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That is terrible

What did the valet people have to say. Is there a possibilty to sue them for the same, as it is because of their negligence this happened
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Oh man, hope you get it back soon. Best of Luck.
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It's sad to hear that your car has been stolen from valet parking.
did you got your key from them, if so then check for wax or soap signs in the key which might lead to the people who has stolen ,if it was an insider job of the Hotel.
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Old 22nd February 2010, 12:24   #9
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This seems to have been an insider job. This is bloody unfortunate! Damn - I am not valet parking ever again!

What does the hotel say?
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Old 22nd February 2010, 12:58   #10
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Sorry to hear that..sue the hotel.
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Sorry to hear that. This sure sounds like an insider job.

-- Torqy
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My god. i am taking a cab next time i go to the place.
Thats a great loss mate and i feel sorry for you.
But is there someway you can make the restaurant people liable for the loss. Sue them maybe ???? Senior members please comment
in the meantime please log on and post on this url.
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Oh God hope you get back your vehicle at the earliest.
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Sad to hear that, hope you get your machine back in good condition. I'll inform my Mumbai friends to watch for this vehicle.
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Sorry to hear about the theft. My two bits as below:

1. Lodge an FIR ASAP
2. Motivate the cops to investigate. Tell them if you suspect the valet parking staff.
3. Demand a xerox of the valet's driving license (Will be helpful in case he scoots)
4. Lodge an Insurance claim
5. Don't have high hopes about recovering the car.

PS: I'm sure you must have checked with the RTO that the vehicle wasn't towed away.
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