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Old 21st October 2005, 12:41   #16
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this is funny..........pulsarian you suck ......... hehe ... i swear .. what were you thinkin when you did it hahahah.....

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Old 21st October 2005, 12:50   #17
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rudra sir,

your avataar...

is that an EOS1D you are using ???
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Old 21st October 2005, 12:51   #18
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Hey Pulsarian that is just too bad, when you have copied the reviews atleast you should have mentioned Team-BHP.
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Old 21st October 2005, 12:53   #19
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Looks like pulsarian has used the cutting edge technology (cut copy paste)...so cheap.

Few more lessons To MR PULSARIAN

Lesson 1 - Never read another person dairy - Its like peeping into someones bedroom. (do you like someone doing it to you?)
Lesson 2 - If you don't have creativity - keep your c*** shut

BTW Pulsarian - The avatar picture in ur mouthshut review (someone doing a wheeling) who was that? where did you cut that from?

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Old 21st October 2005, 12:55   #20
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This is very bad, we can surely put these comments in the comments section of the posts on mouth shut and also "distrust" the member.

Also there is no question of expectingthat person acknowledging team-bhp since its not a carbon copy he has fooled people by changing some names too ... its really really bad and very wrong for a person to do like that ....

shame on you pulsar..... learn to be original ...

I think we should complain to mouthshut.....

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Old 21st October 2005, 13:08   #21
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Thumbs down

you know what guys i think we need to check if he has put any more of TEAM BHP reviews on mouthshut under his name or at any other site , and then warn those guys not to trust any thing this guy says ...
its a shame but i guess u cant control this , we can only have self control and warn people about such things ...

shamfull i swear
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Old 21st October 2005, 13:20   #22
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Dunno why but for some reason I am reminded of fellow TBHPian Sam Kapasi. He put in a small but very sweet message to all TBHPians at the bottom of the JBL advert.
Made me feel very warm and proud!
Atta boy Sam - It is upon seeing such stark contract that I appreciate you even more. Thank you for being a part of this Family.


PS: I am a member at mouthshut and time permitting, will try to give Z- ratings to this Pulsarian chap asap.
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Old 21st October 2005, 13:21   #23
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Originally Posted by GTO
And this is what Pulsarian had to say when a Mouthshut member complimented him on his review skills:

Pulsarian says : "thnx man............i am reading auto mags for the last 6-7 years so maybe they have a lot of influence on my writing.
next time ill try to put it in simple language.
GTO, I read all those compliments in mouthshut. Let me congratulate you for your writings.

And regarding the above reply of Pulsarian, I think that is just another copy-paste job....

Originally Posted by F 50
Not only those include this,

Case Three :
TBHP Member Rahulmd on Fiat Petra 1.6

My dad had bought a baleno the previous week and was totally in love with it, so that was a serious option as far as I was concerned.
How many dads this pulsarian guy have? When rahulmd's dad bought a Baleno, he says HIS dad has bought one....

Arre, do some editing after you copy and before you post man...

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Old 21st October 2005, 13:26   #24
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This is goddamn Cheap! Its downright disgusting to even know that someone can have the ***** to even do such a thing. Mods i guess you guys must already be taking this case up with Mouthshut by now, and yeah as i see that Team-BHP is copyrighted (isnt it), yuo guys can take it up as a case of violation of copyrights.

Lets nail this retard!


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Old 21st October 2005, 13:40   #25
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This is absolutely ridiculous. This person should be banned from viewing our site.

Dear Mods- I have visited sites where you cannot copy the text ...suggest if we can use that to protect our forum from such publicity hungry DUDES....

No respect for intellectual property... I wonder if Pulsar owns what he says ...

I think this is individual issue nothing to do with mouthshut... or may be it is because of promotions that mouthshut run to increase eyeball count.. *****
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Old 21st October 2005, 13:46   #26
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This is really disgusting! It reminds me of someone during my college days who copied my entire project and showed it to the prof as his. It has been 10 years and I still have not talked to him yet.
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Old 21st October 2005, 13:47   #27
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Default Reporting to mouthshut....

I have already distrusted this member and i have put comments on this reviews where i have mentioned that its a copy i am sure every other post of his is a copy too ... others should know about this .. the only way is to include this in the comments of the review since people do read comments of every review.

Also i checked the site http://www.mouthshut.com/help/contact.php

for such issues and you need to mail to

to report such violations of copyright.

I have mailed them with facts and links. i am sure this person would be banned from mouthshut soon.

Anyways doesnt matter it just shows the kind of upbringing this person has , hope he corrects himself before its too late.

I have done quite a few reporting whenever in my office (Infosys) there is a technical article by sombody which is a total copy, its really taken seriously. This person has not just copied but he has changed the proper names in order to make it "look" different , we cannot take this issue lightly, its a very serious issue and believe me in companies like infosys, we plainy fire the person with no questions asked as cheaters are more of a harm to a company.

If i can know where this person is from , and if the person is from Infosys, i can certainly report this to the management, i am sure you will see him bearing the bitter fruits of copying.
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Old 21st October 2005, 14:04   #28
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GTO, did u tak this matter to mouthshut People?.Do it now man and kick that ass outta this group.This people need to be put in jail..
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Old 21st October 2005, 14:04   #29
Team-BHP Support
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whats the update on the actions against this pulsarian?
i say hunt the ****** down and ca******* him.

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Old 21st October 2005, 14:05   #30
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Default hahaha

@gchandra: gud work man...nice bit of initiative work there..

yeah u c a lot of this at mouthshut.com where u read a lot of reviews which are "copy and paste" from other sites or other members reviews. The moderators over there are workin full time tryin to curb such activity.

I too have an ID out there and have not been active for a while now..

Moderators at TBHP, start ur policing!
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