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Default Mike Procter indulged in Racism

bhajji's case
those testified against Bhajji Ponting. clark. lee, hayden, symmonds. of these only three said they heard Bhajji saying monkey word.( clark, hayden, symmonds himself)

Now in support of Bhajji: sachin, Bhajji himself + two empires who said they have not heard anything like that.

So mike procter thinks the words of white men is right over black /brown men.
this is the only conclusion one can get because there is no ther evidence aganist bhajji

Isn't this racism?

Why not lodge a complaint against the mike procter for racism in his deeds

this was all done to get Bhajji out of squad as he made ponting look like bunny by getting him out 8 times

Imagine what would have happened if it is ganguly who appealed for catch like Ponting did?

He should have been either banned/reprimamded/suspended for bringing the game to disrepute. because ponting is it is fair. this is nothing but Racism

In south africa 4-5 years back 6 indian players were suspended for excessive appealing including sachin for ball tampering. why not the same to Aus as they indulged in illegal appealing. of course Au will never indulge in excessive appealing as the empires are more than willing to give opponents out at the slightest appeal by third man fielder also in case bowler did not ask it

I suggest all Indian player carry pen drive with audio recorders in their pockets and record what nonsense Au cricketers indulge in. then see what Racist ICC will do.

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Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post
Another very good and valid point. No ICL / IPL for them.

Also I would love to see all the advertisers - cancel the contracts with all Aussie players IMMEDIATELY.
Problem with Symonds and the Aussies is that they are just plain jealous of Indian team's success lately.. both on and off the field.. Look at the way Symonds made noises about Yuvraj getting a Porsche. We won't take a backward step | The Daily Telegraph

And then there that thing about Indian players being taxed during their tour of Australia!!

So, as you said, the best thing is to hit them where it hurts the most, their pay packet.
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The great Aussie thing: What goes on in the middle, stays in the middle.
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Originally Posted by maddy42 View Post
They should go to the next stadium and then not agree to come out. Let cricket Australia go to hell. Let them end up paying their A@# off to the crowd and the TV channels.
I would prefer them walking out now itself. If they do as above, there may be one more controversy.
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Default online Petition against Unfair treatment in AUS

Let's do something ... Here's an online petition against how India is being treated. Please read and sign if you agree.

Plea to take action against Steve Bucknor, Mark Benson and Mike Procter Petition

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Another Aussie Bull****: We play hard and fair.

My message to aussies:
Well, so do we. We will use the full might of Indian economy and monetary power to make your life miserable on and off the field. You aussies ready for that?
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I've sent out the following to all my friends asking them to email ICC, thanking them for upholding the spirit and values of the game. It is not the content that matters as much as the fact that we can at least let them know what we think about them, and their contribution to the game they claim to love so much.

If you feel let-down by the standards of the second test match between India and Australia at Sydney, 2008, and feel it is only a continuation of the trend, please forward the mail given below to ICC at their email address : Use whatever subject you want. Let us see what we can do instead of simply cribbing about it. Even if you do not want to do it yourself, can you at least forward it to all your friends who might be interested? - Sree.

Upholding the spirit of the game

Let me offer you my heartiest congratulations, on behalf of a lot of other Indians - and possibly more than half the Asians all over the world who follow cricket - for the way you have consistently upheld the spirit of the game.

Take the second test between the indisputable world Australia and, those sorry pretenders, India. How dare the Indian players believe that they could beat the ICC's pet champions in their own backyard? I mean, their win at Adelaide was a fluke - look at how Steve Waugh stopped them in that last match, and how the other Steve (Bucknor) affected their fortunes. Giving Tendulkar out LBW when the ball hits his helmet should have been clear enough, but the Indians never listen. No matter how many times you have them pulled up on disciplinary hearings - excessive appealing, slow over-rate, aggressiveness - they still refuse to realize that the odds are stacked against them for a reason.

Take this tour, for example. Ponting can take as much time as he wants to bowl his allotted overs because he has forced a decision in his last sixteen matches - whereas the Indians have had to use every single skill they possess to keep from losing - and still, they lost the first two tests. Even after Sachin was given not out during an LBW appeal in the first innings, they could not salvage the match. What business do they have to play against the likes of Ponting and co.?

Never mind that Symonds, in keeping with the spirit of his game, stood his ground for four 'dismissals' - the umpire, after all, is the last word on that issue. Never mind that Ponting, who advocates the credibility of the fielder's word over the batsman's, stood his ground when he had obviously nicked one to the 'keeper. Never mind that Hussey had nicked one himself, and then went on to score freely against an attack that had already gotten him out twice in the match. Never mind that Jaffer was bowled off a no-ball, or Dravid given out caught behind when his bat was closer to the pavilion than to the ball... never mind that to the hundreds of people who saw that match, it is not the players themselves, but the Umpires who should be awarded for the final result.

Possibly, there will be recriminations from this onslaught of misjudgments from the officials. I would like to suggest that you pass an order, much like you did a couple of years ago when commentators made criticizing bad decisions their favorite pasttime - you simply asked them not to do so - asking that replays should be allowed only for boundaries. That way, nobody can complain about bad decisions.

After all, once you've buried the game, shouldn't you at least uphold its spirit?

Oh, and by the way, there are rumors that the ICC has been taken over by the World Wrestling Entertainment and that all the finishes are being scripted. I sincerely hope that is not true - I would hate for the WWE to taint its credibility by its association with you...

Thanks, and I hope there is someone there with enough brains to understand that I was being sarcastic. I would appreciate a reply - just to show that a human eye has seen this letter - even if it contains only the stock ICC response, "This match was played in the best possible environment in the best possible manner, and we are proud of it."

Once again, I thank you for taking no action against Ponting and co (I take the liberty of including the umpires in the latter) since the invincibility of a champion is certainly what the game needs, and not the champion's integrity.

Waiting for you to screw us all through the rest of the tour, I remain, sincerely yours.

PS: Could you forward this to Mr.Pawar at BCCI too? I would have done it myself, but I do not have the BCCI's email address. I hope at least you do.
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Whatever happens, this story seem to be blossoming:
'Yuvraj, Deepika may tie knot in two years'-India-The Times of India

Yuvraj Singh and Deepika Padukone enjoy dinner in a restaurant facing Sydney harbour. Deepika, who's in Australia to shoot a film, turns 22 on Jan 5. (TOI Photo)

Yuvi seem to enjoy this company better the the Aussies on field.

Yuvi's stats in this series here
Runs Mins BF 4s 6s SR Pos Dismissal Inns Opposition Ground Start Date
0 10 11 0 0 0.00 6 caught 2 v Australia Melbourne 26 Dec 2007 Test # 1855
5 16 10 1 0 50.00 6 lbw 4 v Australia Melbourne 26 Dec 2007 Test # 1855
12 36 24 2 0 50.00 6 lbw 2 v Australia Sydney 2 Jan 2008 Test # 1857
0 2 3 0 0 0.00 6 caught 4 v Australia Sydney 2 Jan 2008 Test # 1857
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Default Australian Tour suspended - BCCI

Guys,seems BCCI has finally decided to act

India suspends Test tour - Cricket - Sport -

UPDATE 1-Cricket-India suspend Australia tour pending appeal | Sports | Cricket | Reuters
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Read this - "Considering that the Monkey God is one of the revered idols of Hindu mythology and worshipped by millions, it is surprising it was considered a racist term," Mr Natarajan said in a statement. which is taken from this website.

I think by talking like that we are doing more harm to our case by getting in mythology and Gods and religion in the picture
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I fail to understand this thing about an agreement to take the fielder/captains word in case of a doubt. Why only a fielder?

The batsman's word then should also be considered. Ask Dravid if he had nicked or not, before ruling him out.

Does the fielder have more integrity?

And I still can't believe the huge no-ball that was overlooked - the ball that got Jaffer.
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@ChevyTeddy Have you sent this mail to them?

@diabloo very true. No one is complaining about yuvi not playing on field. Coz he is playing a different game off it.
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BCCI suspends tour of Australia

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has suspended its tour of Australia pending the outcome of an appeal for suspended spinner Harbhajan Singh .

"The Board will appeal to the International Cricket Council to review the decision of the Match Referee and suspend its operation till the appeal is disposed of," the BCCI said in a statement released on Monday.

Source: BCCI suspends tour of Australia
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Originally Posted by shuvc View Post
I fail to understand this thing about an agreement to take the fielder/captains word in case of a doubt. Why only a fielder?
It is assumed that the fielder is in better position to tell whether the catch was clean or not. The game is played in the right spirits so word is to be taken.

The batsman's word then should also be considered. Ask Dravid if he had nicked or not, before ruling him out.
There will be 2 views. Obviously,
1) Be it Dravid or anyone, none would love to leave the team in such a crunch position. Dravid's wicket was crucial, as he is such a player who can stand the whole day, literally.

2) With batsman defending himself, there will be difference in opinion.

And the new thing coming in like the batsman can appeal against the decision is ridiculous. Dont keep any umpires on field let them operate sitting with 3rd umpire. Everything will be done through technology. Or keep Honda's Robot in place of the umpires.
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There is an old story about Sharmila Tagore calling the Cricket Club of India and being told that Tiger Pataudi just left for batting, and “but don’t hang up, madam, he will be back soon,”
Originally Posted by maddy42 View Post
@diabloo very true. No one is complaining about yuvi not playing on field. Coz he is playing a different game off it.
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