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Re: The Cricket Thread

Feel for Dhoni too. He made the right changes, got Bumrah to open and got Gayle out quickly and got Ashwin on and should have had Simmons. That was the turning point in my view. That said, the way the Windies batsmen were swatting the ball and the kind of stuff the bowlers were dishing out, if not Simmons and Russell, the others would have done the job.

Our bowlers were hampered by the dew, agreed. But they seemed to have no plan to fox the batsmen. Pandya needs to use his brains a little. Bowling length and short may work on a slow up and down wicket but not on a flat deck. I did not see him varying his pace either. Jadeja bowled too wide of the off stump. Giving width to those muscle men is suicidal. You can pack 50 men packed on the off side, it won't matter, the ball will fly into the stands. Ashwin was the biggest disappointment of the tournament for me. Looking at the way Tahir, Badree and Sodhi have bowled in the tournament, I miss a quality leggie in our side.

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Re: The Cricket Thread

Pandya should be kicked out forever and sent to oblivion.

And I am baffled at the idiotic captaincy and selection.

Firstly, dropping Dhawan was a huge blunder, especially on this pitch. He thrives on flat surfaces. Rahane, though a brilliant batsman in tests, is just not cut out for T20s. His slow batting here cost us the extra 20 runs that would have won us the game.

Secondly, when Ashwin is your best bowler, why would you not bowl him out? He ended up bowling only two overs, while Pandya bowled his four. Even on a bad day, Ashwin is more likely to get you wickets than Pandya as he uses clever variations. Variations are the key in this format. There is a reason why people like Faulkner are successful in T20s.

Thirdly, and this is the mother of all brainfarts - why on earth would you ask Kohli of all people to bowl the final over when the opposition needs like 6-7 runs to win? What was the thinking behind this?

Dhoni needs to be held accountable for this. These idiotic moves are just not acceptable on the field.
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Re: The Cricket Thread

No point in debating. Same old story again and again. Till the time good for nothing favorites of Dhoni won't be dropped nothing can change. I want Windies to win the final. They deserve it.

And ya, let the real cricket start now.. IPL
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Originally Posted by msdivy View Post
- 2 wickets of no-balls which could have shifted the momentum..
Amul's take on the SF -Bowlers over-stepping aids loss to Windies!

The Cricket Thread-ce9f57bviaas2.jpg
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Some jokes doing rounds on the no ball wickets,

New practice pitch
The Cricket Thread-img20160401wa0001.jpg

New boots
The Cricket Thread-img20160401wa0002.jpg

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Re: The Cricket Thread

Hats off to the Windies. Don't know how they managed to do it, thought it was all over after the 19th over. 2nd most exciting game in the tournament!
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Congratulations to both the Women's and Men's West Indies team for grabbing the World T20 title!
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Team that could 'Dial a 6' anytime won the tournament ! 24 runs scored of last over of world cup final would indeed be exciting. Guptill started the tournament with a six off the first ball, Braithwaite finished with a six. Along with WI, the other team happy are the Afghanistan - the only team to beat the WI !

A tidbit on Sammy, the winning captain - in the whole tournament, he faced 13 balls, scored 6 runs, without any boundaries. He bowled 3 overs, conceded 31 runs and picked up a lone wicket in the Afghanistan match. But as captain, he won the toss 6 times out of 6 and opted to field first in all those 6 occasions
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Dhoni bashing!

With only 2 batsmen firing..Kohli/himself, people still bashing Dhoni?

Sad to see how some ordinary people like us hold others to the highest of standards, and will accept nothing else.
Its a huge achievement even getting to the semis with the team not firing on all cylinders.

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Re: The Cricket Thread

Raina vs Dhoni. I don't know why have this strange feeling that GL will loose against RPS
I'd be happy if my feeling doesn't become a reality
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Season (leather) ball cricket in Powai

Hello All

(mods....kindly move this thread to an appropriate location in case I've erred in starting a new thread for this topic)

I live in Powai, Mumbai and am looking to get back to playing some cricket with pads, season ball etc. Of course, I am a lot older than when I last played. I most definitely will not get picked for any of the competitive or quasi-competitive levels. So, I am looking for leagues for older people who play recreationally.

Recently, a professor friend of mine in IIT kindled this fire in me and gave me hope that I can join their Masters league inside campus. All pumped up, I went out and bought a full kit. I am now looking to put it to good use.

So, people... if any of you already have a league going in the Powai, Ghatkopar, Vikhroli area, please let me know. I will be thrilled to join.


Mod Note: Please SEARCH before creating new threads. Merged your post with our popular Cricket Thread

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Re: The Cricket Thread

Alastair Cook falls short of 5 runs today. I hope the Sri Lankan batsmen give him the chance to get those 5 runs in this match itself.

The ball doesn't seem to be swinging. Are the SL bowlers not able to use conditions well ?
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Sri Lanka crumbled, just as expected. This series was always going to be a no-contest. Kusal Perera and Chameera should have been there in the side to add some muscle to an extremely feeble Sri Lanka side. Mathews played like a rock the last time Lanka toured England. This time he looks vulnerable too.
But that Mendis guy played well. He is a keeper as well. So might be a good find.

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Re: The Cricket Thread

27 runs in 32 overs for a win at one stage and India won by 10 wickets with Faiz Fazal scoring a half-century on debut.
How long is it since there was a match like this ? heh heh it's India against the mighty Zimbabwe team

Our Print and Television media is so biased these days, the tri-series in West Indies is not getting any coverage here in India - the matches played in that series are going to be much better and more interesting than a second string young India team taking on a hapless Zimbabwe team

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One positive was that we found a completely new KL Rahul in this series. And this one looks good for the future. He is also serious about keeping now, and could be a great Dhawan replacement in the future.
One thing that I'm also okay with is that he finally shut the door on Uthappa. Rahul has a far better technique with the gloves, opens the batting for Karnataka as well, is seven years younger, and a much better team man than Uthappa.
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