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Congrats on you new ride!!, waiting for some pics
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Originally Posted by Red Liner View Post
... last night it went right up top on its own.
IIRC, I read somewhere that mHawk has some very very sophisticated 'sensors' and at times it can even 'sense' the mind of the driver/owner.

Maybe it was one of those 'intelligent sensors' mimicking you or your actions

However when I switch off the car, it does not drop down. ....
Of couse, it takes time to drop down -- after all it is right up at the top.

Don't worry, if it happens more than 20 times a day then PM me. I will guide you in t.......

Till then go through this thread and learn it by heart.


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Congrats Red liner!! Did you red line till now on the scorp . Awaiting the pics.

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A Scorpio on pills that's definitely a first on the forum

Congrats on your new ride..
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I tell you, these Scorpio owners are a crazy lot - they have no idea how to take "nice pics". Anyway Red Liner did the right thing - call a Safari owner to take "nice pics"

The frontal view
Name:  IMG_0796.JPG
Views: 2403
Size:  113.2 KB

Auto Mode - doesn't look good
Name:  IMG_0797.JPG
Views: 5661
Size:  118.9 KB

Manual Mode - still the same
Name:  IMG_0798.JPG
Views: 2397
Size:  118.9 KB

ICE guy struggling to fit ICE in the cramped front seat
Name:  IMG_0799.JPG
Views: 2392
Size:  115.6 KB

Inside of rear door
Name:  IMG_0800.JPG
Views: 2361
Size:  77.5 KB

Inside of front door
Name:  IMG_0801.JPG
Views: 2799
Size:  78.3 KB

Outside rear door - gentle reminder!
Name:  IMG_0802.JPG
Views: 2308
Size:  64.2 KB

Steel rims posing as alloys
Name:  IMG_0803.JPG
Views: 2332
Size:  90.4 KB

Rear Window
Name:  IMG_0804.JPG
Views: 2293
Size:  119.6 KB

The badge
Name:  IMG_0805.JPG
Views: 2286
Size:  78.7 KB

I last saw such reflectors in the 80s
Name:  IMG_0806.JPG
Views: 4226
Size:  88.5 KB

One good thing - bigger mirrors
Name:  IMG_0807.JPG
Views: 2291
Size:  101.7 KB

The famous riser that never goes down
Name:  IMG_0808.JPG
Views: 2280
Size:  119.5 KB

Auto Mode - panels not looking good
Name:  IMG_0809.JPG
Views: 2258
Size:  86.1 KB

Manual Mode - still the same
Name:  IMG_0810.JPG
Views: 2224
Size:  83.7 KB

Venky fiddling with something
Name:  IMG_0811.JPG
Views: 2216
Size:  91.9 KB

Another riser
Name:  IMG_0812.JPG
Views: 2250
Size:  85.8 KB

The gear lever in neutral - and they call the Safari a truck - the nerve!
Name:  IMG_0814.JPG
Views: 2246
Size:  94.2 KB

Mahindra R&D secrets revealed
Name:  IMG_0816.JPG
Views: 2230
Size:  60.8 KB

Tiny IRVM and the owner Venky
Name:  IMG_0817.JPG
Views: 2221
Size:  93.9 KB
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@hrag >> that was hillarious. The pics were more of a critical comparision and most unlike what a firt time owner would post of his new vehicle.
BTW that gear lever in neutral and those reflectors are seriously hillarious.
The design of the ac vents does not go well with the rest of the dash.
Like the color. Very easy to maintain. The interiors too are well coordinated shades & trim.

Congrats on your new buy.
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Power ORVM adjuster
Name:  IMG_0818.JPG
Views: 2281
Size:  78.7 KB

Driver sun visor - no pocket to keep stuff handy like the Safari
Name:  IMG_0819.JPG
Views: 2257
Size:  53.9 KB

Passenger sun visor - no flap for mirror like the Safari
Name:  IMG_0820.JPG
Views: 2258
Size:  71.0 KB

The glove compartment is a joke, seriously!
Name:  IMG_0821.JPG
Views: 2249
Size:  89.9 KB

New upholstery
Name:  IMG_0822.JPG
Views: 2221
Size:  103.1 KB

The roof
Name:  IMG_0823.JPG
Views: 2232
Size:  87.8 KB

Name:  IMG_0824.JPG
Views: 2230
Size:  107.3 KB

Auto Mode - Fender not looking good
Name:  IMG_0825.JPG
Views: 2251
Size:  85.2 KB

Manual Mode - slightly better
Name:  IMG_0826.JPG
Views: 2334
Size:  70.5 KB

Fancy headlamp assembly - bubble wrap
Name:  IMG_0827.JPG
Views: 2257
Size:  112.3 KB

Front fog lamp
Name:  IMG_0828.JPG
Views: 2192
Size:  79.5 KB

Taillamp assembly
Name:  IMG_0829.JPG
Views: 2219
Size:  98.2 KB

Spoiler + high mounted stop light
Name:  IMG_0830.JPG
Views: 2222
Size:  98.2 KB

Rear bumper reflector + tow hook
Name:  IMG_0831.JPG
Views: 4409
Size:  63.9 KB

Front tow hook
Name:  IMG_0832.JPG
Views: 2192
Size:  60.3 KB

The rear vents famous for freezing round objects
Name:  IMG_0833.JPG
Views: 2186
Size:  83.9 KB

The boot
Name:  IMG_0834.JPG
Views: 2166
Size:  88.2 KB

Stock speaker locations at the rear above the door
Name:  IMG_0835.JPG
Views: 2148
Size:  79.0 KB

Foot step
Name:  IMG_0836.JPG
Views: 2176
Size:  85.4 KB

Bridgestone Dueler H/T tubeless on steel rims
Name:  IMG_0837.JPG
Views: 2178
Size:  83.6 KB
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I like the Auto & Manual Pictures for comparison!
I guess, Manual is more effective!

Apart from the Walrus teeth grill, the scorp is looking good! Had the privilege of one follow me yesterday! But, I slowed down to let him pass just because of that grill!

OT: Congrats on the mHawk! It definitely is MEAN!
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hrag: nice one.

Funny gear lever angle.

The clad with Scorpio written on it looked good.OVRM thingy looks very plasticy.

The pockets on doors are like the interior space

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Hrishi, looks like you really were out with a venegance, clicking those "nice" snaps. As for the tags, they were hilarious!

So, do you also stalk the Scorpio owners as Suman does?
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Default The Story begins - How I chose the car

Thank you Hrishi. I see that the fizzy drinks that make you see stars that we got together really worked!

Lets get down to business now. My story to buy a car this time around was a long one. The last three cars I owned (all FIAT's) were spur of the moment decisions to buy a car - see the car, plonk the money down, and drive away with glee. This time around, I was more measured:

In short - my introspection over many moons decoded into a requirement of having a big no nonsense car that I could take on long drives - hence a diesel - and is cheap to own. The first car that shot up my spine was the Bolero. Though I loved the utilitarian perspective of this car (much like as another Bolero owner put it - sitting in the balcony and driving a 1BHK around), comfort levels did send a chilling judder up my spine as well.

Real reason: Mom called it a Dabba on wheels. GF did not want to hurt me and was alright with the bolero but later agreed to the Dabba on wheels concept.

And I thought women love you for what's inside! Very superficial indeed!

The day I was about to book the Bolero, the sales guy met me and said that the 2.6 CRDE's prices dropped by 70k. Early X'mas? Actually, the Refresh was around the corner and they were trying to clear out the old stock. But that was not the full story.

I immediately blocked a black 2.6 CRDE with a INR 10,000 booking amount (after much fighting and cussing, he started at a 50,000 booking amount and I started at 5,000). Think I'm a good negotiator huh? You aint seen nothing yet.

Later that week (the week end really), I hoppity skipped and jumped gleefully to the stockyard to choose my new black Scorpio. As I entered the stockyard, I saw quite a few undelivered cars. Started up a Mhawk and checked out the NVH levels. Not an insane amount of difference as against the 2.6. The way M&M launched the MHawk with those blinding ads of lights screaming across an american highway, you would think this engine was a product of the supposedly defunct martian civilisation. Well, I am sorry to crash your dreams but its from the same backyard as the 2.2 VTTXDFYT whatever engine that powers the rival which shares its name to Good Bye!

I noted down both engine numbers and chassis numbers but did not give a firm date for delivery since I had to yet put aside the rest of the money north of 10,000 greenbacks. And I walk away.

Cut to a week later...lying down in my small cubby hole of a living room (the size of which must have definitely inspired the glove compartment of the Scorpio) watching late night telly. Was flashing across the news channels and I catch the end of a ticker on CNBC with the word *Scorpio*.

WHAT?!?! What is CNBC saying about the Scorpio?

Stuck on for the next half hour and read each and every news story that the blasted ticker ran until the Scorpio thing came out...and what have we...

M&M reduces prices of Scorpio across all models between 30-70k! Wow! That included new models as well!

Now, I was confused. Should I wait for the new models to come through and bargain more for the 2.6. My good Karate sensei of years yonder always taught me patience. But it was no fun learning about patience when pursuing knuckle down push ups in blazing sun on hard tarmac. This agonizing self imposed wait...nay...exile...was almost unbearable.

Still I waited. And I called all the dealers in Bangalore every single day about the new models. To the extent that they refused to take my calls. I asked friends to call them then and ask about the new model in the hope I would get to know something. No luck. Things got so crazy that they had ready transcript responses whenever I called them. Blech!

And finally, the launch arrived. The prices arrived. Comparisons showed that the Scorpio was tremendous VFM now (minus air bags - spank you Anand!). Took a pen and scratched over the Black 2.6 Scorpio which was already written over a now hazy Bolero. Convinced myself that the ABS is a compulsion, not a luxury. Moved up the pecking order and blocked an SLE.

What color you ask? Did I go through similar vagaries whilst finally arriving to this not green here not grey there color? Thats coming up next.
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Finallyyyyyy Nice part 1 RedLiner. Waiting for the next part.
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great write up Red Liner!
enjoy your ride!
btw, extreme gear lever dude

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You wicked Hrag

Congrats Venky! That was a interesting read.

SO, when are we meeting up in the "Dhabba on Wheels" Lol...
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Last 2 pictures:

Air intake / intercooler scoop?
Name:  IMG_0838.JPG
Views: 2231
Size:  63.7 KB

See Venky's love for his new Scorpio as he rushes to embrace it.
Name:  IMG_0839.JPG
Views: 2167
Size:  125.2 KB
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