2000 km with my 2023 Seltos D AT: 5 observations including mileage

Currently, I am getting 10 kmpl as mileage in city driving and 13 kmpl on highways.

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I have completed 2000 km with my new Seltos GTX+ Diesel AT in a month, and I want to share my feedback about the first-month experience.

  • Design: The car looks more beautiful in the segment, especially with the best interior compared to the Creta facelift. Both the exterior and interior are well-designed, but there could be better plastic in some places. My car looks awesome in pearl white. Ride comfort is good, but it feels jumpy on speed breakers.
  • Cabin View: One of the top design features is its cabin view. The infotainment system is well-designed with a large display screen. I love the stylish HVAC controls compared to the old-style HVAC in the Creta facelift model. It has the best ambiance with lights on both sides. The display cluster has three drive mode themes and one dynamic theme (which has eight different themes based on time and weather).
  • ADAS: I have tested multiple ADAS features in the first month of driving, and most of them are working properly. Please make sure no objects are blocking the radar or sensor on the front grill. I have experienced an issue with radar blocking, displaying "Vital forward safety functions are limited! Radar blocked."
  • Connectivity: I am facing audio connectivity issues while connecting my iPhone 14 Pro Max via Bluetooth, but audio is working fine with Android Mobile's Bluetooth. And there are no issues with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

  • Mileage: Currently, I am getting 10 kmpl as an average in city driving and 13 kmpl on highways.

I will post more updates if I encounter any issues or feedback on all available features.

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