2018 BMW X1 X-drive M-sport: 40,000 Km ownership update

The only unsheduled replacement was a faulty vibration damper that was making noise.

BHPian Chethan B G recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dear Bhpians, please accept my sincere apologies for not updating the thread; reason being lack of enthusiasm during the last two years, due to Covid-19 in particular. I sincerely hope, each one of us have overcome the varying degrees of trauma, we all have undergone, during the recent times.

Let me begin with the list of events pending for update:

  • Oil Change Service (ODO: 22,300 Kms) and wiper blades replacement – 06/02/2020
  • Oil change service (ODO: 26,200 Kms) – 06/02/2021
  • Brake fluid change (ODO: 26,500 Kms) – 24/03/2021
  • Purchased Extended Warranty for the 6th year – 27/03/2021
  • Ceramic coat - maintenance service – 15/12/2021
  • Front Brake pad replacement (ODO: 29,800 Kms) – 17/12/2021
  • Tyre replacement - RFT to Tubeless (ODO: 30,000 Kms) - 27/12/2021
  • Full size spare wheel and boot modification - 30/01/2022
  • Oil Change Service (ODO: 30,900 Kms) – 28/02/2022
  • Crankshaft Pulley Vibration Damper assembly and Battery replacement – 05/04/2022
  • Insurance renewal – Tata Aig – 06/06/2022
  • Wiper blades replacement – 12/08/2022

As the list is exhaustive, to avoid posting a lengthy article, I will split the same as required.

1. Oil Change Service (ODO: 22,300 Kms) and wiper blades replacement – 06/02/2020

These were the times when International news started pouring-in, indicating concerns referred to the weird things happening in China- Wuhan province. Things quoted appeared so weird and fictional that this news itself, in general was heeded as entertainment, as we all know.

As the MID threw an alert indicating that the service is going to be due, I booked an appointment with Navnit Motors, Airport Road. Airport road service centre is less crowded and therefore I prefer to take the car there for service, even though I reside in South Bangalore. Infact, all the past services have been carried out there and the service delivery and experience has been top-notch, every single time. I usually leave the car by around 10am and take delivery the same afternoon between 2pm – 5pm, depending on the work scheduled.

I got the wiper blade changed during this service. Wiper blades are not covered under BSI (BSI+ covers that), which costed me approximately Rs.7, 500/- for a complete set of both front and rear wipers.

I usually have a practice of changing the wiper blades before monsoon, every alternate year. This way, the wipers will cover 2 monsoons, take the beating during the second summer heat and then the replaced wipers help prepare for the upcoming monsoon. Only this year, I was a bit early, since I had planned long trips and also, rainfall had become a bit unpredictable off late.

Engine Oil / Oil filter / Air filter / Fuel filter and Cabin AC filter were changed as per schedule. Oil change services cost anywhere between 20K - 25K, depending on the materials used. Things like Fuel filter for example, will not be changed during every service. All this is covered under BSI.

Service was done and the car was ready as ever, raring to go! And I had planned my travel, completely unaware of what is in store!

2. Oil change service (ODO: 26,200 Kms) – 06/02/2021

Running after the previous service was hardly about 4000 Kms. Even this was possible only since we were a part of the front-end support team. This was the first time in my life; I got the Oil change service done as per the elapsed time without completing the allowable mileage. Thanks to our family car Alto K10 AMT which was doing duty within the City limits.

As usual, after taking an appointment, I took the Car for service. Stringent safety protocol was observed right from the entry till the exit. No extra charges were levied in the name of consumables for sanitizing the Car, before or after the service.

Engine Oil / Oil filter / Air filter were changed as per schedule. This is covered under BSI.

3. Brake fluid change (ODO: 26,500 Kms) – 24/03/2021

Brake fluid change is covered under BSI. But the activity can be carried out only when the change becomes due and not even a few days earlier. Therefore I had to wait until the MID threw-up the alert and take the car back to the service centre. This can sometimes become a pain!

Never the less, activity was completed. Going to the service centre and meeting their staff is such a delight in itself, that I consider every visit as an opportunity for a long drive!

4. Purchased Extended Warranty for the 6th year – 27/03/2021

I had plans to purchase the 6th year extended warranty and had inquired about the cost during my visit to the service centre. Later on, I transferred the funds and completed the purchase. This costed me Rs.1, 23, 500 + GST. Now the car is covered under warranty (BRI) until 13th June, 2024.

Considering that BMW warranty is comprehensive with undebated coverage, I have no doubt that this is worth the money spent. Luxury cars with expensive spare parts are best enjoyed with warranty IMHO.

Right now I have BSI package for 5 years (13th June 2023) and have plans to extend it for upto 10 years. This could only be done towards the end of the existing term. Therefore, I will be purchasing the same during May 2023.

From my experience, considering my usage, I feel that the BSI is of value. But not sure about BSI+ though.

5. Ceramic protection coat - maintenance service – 15/12/2021

I had purchased Ceramic protection with 4 years warranty. Yearly maintenance was due in the month of June 2020 and June 2021. Due to Covid restrictions and risk, I could not take the car for maintenance during the year 2020 and until December 2021. Therefore, I discussed with Ultimate Detailerz and asked them to provide one maintenance service for which they obliged.

I am very happy with their job. Minor scratches on the RHS Bumper could not be covered / removed though.

6. Front Brake pad replacement (ODO: 29,800 Kms) – 17/12/2021

Received an Alert asking for the Brake pads to be changed within 1800 Kms. Got it replaced as I was planning to travel long distance. This costed me Rs.27, 000/- including Parts / Service / GST.

7. Tyre replacement - RFT to Tubeless (ODO: 30,000 Kms) - 27/12/2021

RFTs and their associated harsh ride were the only low point of this car. The experience had become so bad that I had stopped enjoying the car at some point of time. Fellow Bhpian Ganesh and Dr.AD had suggested changing the tyres to Continental CSC5 RFTs / Michelin PS3 ZP, which I had thought for some time. But eventually, dropped the idea of continuing with RFTs and settled for Tubeless tyres.

Stock rating of X1 – M Sport is 225/50 R18 95W. Tyre width is not an issue; slight increase in width could help though, coupled with quality rubber. More importantly, I wanted to have a slightly thicker profile this time so as to decrease the harshness. Since the Car is an M-Sport variant, suspensions are lowered by 10mm and are also stiffer compared to the lower variants. Therefore, going with 235 50/R18 would increase the profile and add 10mm to the Ground clearance (making it similar to the other variants). 118mm thickness of the Tyre side wall is good for our roads too.

To begin with, the choice was between Michelin PS4 and Continental Sports contact 5. Later Vredestein Ultrac Vorti got in to the contest and won the race, as PS4 was not available. A discussion with Bhpian Santosh Bhat cleared all my doubts regarding the same.

Ultimately, Vredestein Ultrac Vorti – 235/50 ZR18 101W made the cut. All 4 tyres put together costed Rs.76, 000 including GST. A rating of 101 ensures that the tyres can handle heaver load than the stock RFTs. Also, ZR rating adds protection to the RIM.

I have driven the car for roughly about 3500 Kms after tyres are changed. Difference is phenomenal to say the least.

  • Lovely looking tyres designed by Giugiaro of Italy.
  • It took almost 500 Kms for the tyres to properly bed-in.
  • Steering feel and feedback is FAR better. Controls at high speeds have transformed and I feel more confident.
  • Ride quality has improved by leaps and bound.
  • Tyres are much gripper and Brake feel has improved.
  • Tyres are absolutely silent when compared to RFTs. Need to check after 15k Kms.
  • Optimal cold tyre pressure; City 32- Highway 34.

All in all, enjoying the ride!

8. Full size spare wheel and boot modification - 30/01/2022

With the tyres changed to Tubeless, I needed a proper spare tyre. The donut provided was already 5mm smaller in radius compared to the stock tyres. With the new tyres, the difference would be 15mm which is more than half an inch. Also, with limited range it was not a practical solution given my usage.

Therefore, I purchased an 18 inch Y spoke - Type 569 Alloy from BMW @ 45k, to be used as a spare wheel. As I wanted to restrict the space occupied by the spare tyre inside the boot, went ahead with stock rating of Vredestein Ultrac Vorti. That is 225/50 ZR18 99Y XL @ Rs.16,000 including GST.

I had to lift the boot floor by about an inch. Used wooden pieces all round to achieve the same as shown in the photographs below. Later on, I topped it up with a rubber lining to avoid rattle from within the boot.

9. Oil Change Service (ODO: 30,900 Kms) – 28/02/2022

This time around, the Oil change service alert appeared after an addition of approximately 4500 Kms. Obviously it is a time bound service schedule which got activated. Routine work such as changing engine oil / oil filter / air filter / cabin filter was carried out; absolutely event-less activity as usual. I am very happy with the services provided by BMW Navnit Motors.

Service was covered under BSI, if not would have costed me about 25k.

10. Crankshaft Pulley Vibration Damper assembly and Battery replacement – 05/04/2022

I had been to Shimoga for a weekend trip. While returning back from Shimoga, after filling up the fuel tank, I thought of getting the tyre air pressure checked. While at it, I noticed that there was a bit of rough noise from the engine bay. Once back to Bangalore, took the car to the service centre and got it checked. The SA after checking informed that the noise is due to a faulty / worn out Vibration Damper. Part was ordered and was replaced under warranty, along with the associated drive belts and fasteners. I was told that this is a regular wear and tear item!

Meanwhile the Battery being almost 4 years old, had become week and was showing symptoms of failure; typically taking a longer time to crank the engine. The same was checked and replaced under warranty.

Every thing was covered under warranty. This time around, I had to collect the car after 2 days.

11. Insurance renewal – Tata Aig – 06/06/2022

From the last couple of years, I have been getting the Car insurance from Tata Aig. As a matter of fact, I have not had any Insurance claim from the past 15 years! Insurance premium for the current year was approximately Rs.53, 500/- after 50% NCB.

12. Wiper blades replacement – 12/08/2022

It was time for wiper blades to be replaced. Called the service centre and made sure that the wipers were in stock. Couple of days later, when I was on that part of the City, got the wipers replaced. This time though, a complete set of front + rear wipers costed me Rs.9, 500/-; a good 2000 bucks (30%) rise in 2 years!

Time for some pictures!

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