Brought home the Tata Punch AMT: Impressions after the first 80 km

Fuel efficiency on the SUV's MID showed 18 km/l.

BHPian Chitta Pradhan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took delivery of Creative AMT in Red Dual tone colour yesterday. The other car that I use is Vento TDI DSG.

So far I have driven only 80 km. Few initial impressions:

  1. Delivery experience is super smooth.
  2. AMT lag though clearly perceptible, is not bothersome. I never thought that I will buy an AMT ever. But my TD experience with regard to AMT was positive and remains the same in my car too. I had taken a short TD of Maruti Breeza AT. This 6-speed TC seemed to be more confused than the 5-speed AMT of Punch.
  3. Low-speed punch is very good in my Punch. The car is quick enough to 90 km/h, beyond that I have not tried it yet in my car. But in TD car, I had found that reaching 100 km/h was kind of easy, beyond which it was a clear struggle.
  4. Ride is stiffer than Vento, but still quite comfortable.
  5. AC blower noise beyond fan speed 3 and more is too much. In Auto AC mode, the fan speed is not going to 2 or below (temp setting ~24), requiring manually lowering the fan speed to 2. Hopefully, with a cooler ambient temperature, it may go to 2 or below.
  6. Space as experienced from the driver's seat is more in Punch than Vento, because of more headroom. It feels like driving a much bigger car than the size it actually is.
  7. Engine is slightly audible inside the cabin almost at all speeds, but is not at all a concern. It's almost 80% as refined as Maruti/Hyundai 4-cylinder units.
  8. No vibration felt on the steering wheel & gear lever even at idle.
  9. While going to the office in the morning (mostly open flyover of 12 km), MID FE in Vento is ~ 22km/l. Today morning I went to the office for the first time in Punch, MID FE came to ~ 18 km/l. After running in, I think it will be close to Vento FE, if not more.
  10. One major concern: with 4/5 times pumping of break-in congested traffic or while parking in tight spots etc., the break becomes hard and non-functional (almost). I have never experienced this problem in any car when the engine is running. If the engine is off, then of course this happens after the use of the brake for 4/5 times. Is this a problem common to all Punch or it's specific to my car only? Need comments please, so that I can take the car to a service station.

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