Maruti Jimny 5-door: 1st impressions after a close look at the showroom

The vehicle was drawing crowds even on a working day.

BHPian himalyan_ice recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I went, I saw it, and I really liked (most of) it.

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Nexa dealership opposite Bristol Hotel, Gurgaon. The vehicle was drawing crowds even on a working day. The dealerships will really need to brace for tomorrow evening. Apparently, the car will not be on display over the weekend and will move on to another dealership.

Love the squat dimensions.

Engine bay. I wish there was a bigger heart here, but then I also wish I was sipping champagne on a yacht off Amalfi instead of being a pinball in Gurgaon.

Straight-up view of the bay.

Love the projector headlamps. Hope the fog lamps come as an LED accessory.

She goes commando.

Headlamp washers.

The no-undergarment theme continues.

Boxy is the new black. Love the form.

Beautifully proportional.

Expecting a car-wash startup at Shark Tank real soon.

Also, I don't know how will these corners get cleaned post an off-road session.

Tinted windows. Extremely useful.

50:50 split. I don't know how the whole flat-lay talk came about, but this does not look encouraging for sleeping bag deployment.

170cm / 5'7" dot. Snug, but comfortable.

Electric adjustment is for people who choose either comfort or off-roading capability. Or have enough money to afford both.

Thar vibes. No declaration of where it was proudly made. Sad (I'm kidding).

Pocket-friendly G-Wagen

Wipers from the "El Cheapo" bin.

Water bottles? You will only drink from the fresh springs when you take it to the nearest trail. Once back, at the car wash, where you will spend a lot of time.

in my defence, there was a vlogger right behind the person taking this picture.

Pic to provide an idea about how tall the car is.

No height adjustment. Steering adjustment only for tilt.

A half-covered dead pedal. But a dead pedal nevertheless.

The Gypsy and the swift had a baby...

Perfect visibility of the bonnet for 5'7"

The aesthetics department won only one war on the inside. The wrapped steering wheel.

Knobs and dials and buttons. Brilliant.

Hardly any chrome. Good.

If you keep asking for a car from the 80s, you'll get a car from the 80s.

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