My Audi e-tron SUV: 5 positives & 5 negatives after a year of ownership

Once you're used to the silence, no vibrations and acceleration, there's no going back.

BHPian Pippoosh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So its been a year since we got "Mental" home - What else do you call something that can get a high voltage wire plugged into its forehead on both sides! and accelerates like crazy!

Just did the annual service with the odo at 7,200 at the Audi Mumbai South workshop. Usage is low because of a high WFH mode. Service was super efficient, no fuss and most importantly a zero rupee bill - as we had taken the 5 year comprehensive service package upfront. Funniest thing was at the end of the service the car does not really feel different like an ICE car would. Effectively it came back cleaner and nothing else noticeable!

At the end of 1 year, my thoughts:


  • EV - once you're used to the silence, no vibrations and acceleration, there's no going back!!
  • Comfort - large space, can hold 6 people if need be. Rear seat is a great place to be in Mumbai traffic. You wont notice anything outside and can do as many calls / videocalls as you want.
  • Practicality - Massive boot space, never had an issue anytime; Sun-shades on rear windows, air suspension to raise the car over the massive road humps.
  • Tech and Gizmos - all the funky things one can think of.
  • Audi support and service. Always happy to help with a smile!


  • No wireless Android Auto.
  • No ventilated seats (not really felt the need though!).
  • Yet to get the dongle to connect the car to the App. Not a real deal-breaker.
  • Public charging infra even in Mumbai sucks. Never been able to do it for one reason or the other
  • This one is the funniest. Virat Kohli got one in the same color. Now some fans seem to think this one is his. Hopefully he changes his cars faster than we do.

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