Need to buy a used SUV: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport or Montero

After eliminating all cars, only two SUVs stand out and both are from Mitsubishi.

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Status Quo

Here is a link to my previous thread on buying a used BMW E90 or E60.

Since I was not able to find a well maintained E60 530d, I got a 2011 Jetta DSG in 2019 and Code6 remapped it. Then in 2020, I got a 2010 W212 E350 CDI. Still silently searching for an E60 530d. Other cars in the garage are an Etios D and 1st-gen Swift P.

Need for an SUV

The last SUVs we had were the Scorpio (sold in 2009) and Xylo (sold in 2013). Since we haven't owned an SUV in a long time, the urge to try out a different flavour of car has become very strong.

Requirement and usage pattern

  • Need imposing looks
  • Will be used primarily on the highway
  • Plan to start basic off roading
  • Budget- 10 lakhs
  • Will be owned for a minimum of 5 years and maybe even more
  • Will see a usage of 20000 kms per year
  • I am ok with waiting for parts but the vehicle has to be reliable

Rejected options

  • Toyota Fortuner- too bumpy, bad brakes and over priced in the used market
  • XUV500- looks not imposing enough but otherwise perfect
  • Pajero SFX- engine performance not enough
  • Old Safari- bad handling, questionable safety and niggles
  • Scorpio- already owned and find it too bumpy
  • Old Endeavour- too bumpy and low seats

Final consideration list

After eliminating all cars, only two SUVs stand out and both are from Mitsubishi. PS: Have only driven the Pajero Sport MT and I am yet to drive the Montero.

Pajero Sport 4x4 MT


  • Comparatively easy to maintain
  • Newer models available



  • Vehicle from a higher segment
  • Offers better safety features


I am seeing very contradicting views regarding the ride and handling package. Some have very high regards for it but others feel its got too soft a suspension so it pitches a lot and handles like a boat. Which is true among these???

Final thoughts

Please suggest the better option between these two for my needs. Also, if I indeed go for a Montero, which is the better among AT and MT. Do suggest any other SUVs if you feel it meets my criteria.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Frankly, for 10-lakh rupees, I would prefer to buy something newer & locally made. Remember, a used 10-lakh rupee import can quickly become a 14-lakh rupee import as the maintenance & repair bills come in. And it's not like you'll get the crème de la crème examples for 10 lakhs. They'll either be high mileage, abused or both.

I would personally get something like an XUV500 (only thing you don't like is the design), Hexa or similar. Both are better with their smooth & competent ATs; the XUV500's MT is clunky, while the Hexa's has poor ergonomics.

Regarding the Montero's suspension, it's comfortable, but very soft, especially the later models & facelifts. Not a handler at all.

Which one to buy - For 10 lakhs, neither. Get a used XUV500 or Hexa AT and you'll be happier. For touring & basic offroading, consider the talented Duster AWD too.

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Here's what BHPian asit.kulkarni93 had to say on the matter:

I think you should stick to the Pajero Sport. Montero didn’t sell as much as the Pajero Sport and their spares would be an issue. Pajero Sport’s spares can be arranged with relative ease. The Pajero Sport has an amazing suspension setup and the engine is pretty good too. The low end is a bit weak which a remap will take care of. The Pajero Sport is pretty reliable and fun to drive.

Please avoid a pre-owned XUV. The reliability is questionable and it’s far from robust. Hexa is a decent product but reliability is typical of Tata. Expect niggles and shorter interval for running repairs. You won’t find such issues in the Pajero Sport.

Here's what BHPian landcruiser123 had to say on the matter:

If I were you, I'd consider upping the budget. You're used to a Mercedes E-Class and a VW Jetta, which are pretty well-engineered cars. A used SUV which costs 10 lakhs isn't going to impress you in the areas of NVH & comfort, especially if you're going to clock 20,000 km a year on it. Would have been a different case if it was a weekend toy to be used in your farm.

The LC 100 is an interesting choice - the best, considering your requirements. If you can get a used example in good condition that doesn't already have 3,00,000 km on it, I'd say go for it.

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