Nissan India makes product line-up leaner

Nissan India has tweaked its India line-up, which is now a lot leaner. This means that many model variants have been shelved due to low customer demand. Some of the Nissan cars on offer in India now have half the number of variants that were available earlier.

The biggest change has been made in the Micra line-up. The petrol Micra will now only be offered with a CVT gearbox. Moreover, the company has discontinued the base XE and top-end XVP variants of the Micra diesel. The Micra XVP came with four airbags, but was totally devoid of any customer demand. As a result, Nissan Micra diesel is now offered in two variants: XL and XL (O). On the other hand, the petrol Micra is available in the XL CVT and XV CVT trims.

The Japanese manufacturer has also shelved the base XE trim of the Micra Active. The other three trims (XL, XV and XV S) haven't been fiddled with. Unlike the new Micra, the Micra Active can still be opted in a petrol manual variant.

The Nissan Sunny petrol can now be opted with a CVT option on the top-end VX trim, which was earlier offered in the mid-level XL variant. Moreover, the XV D variant that came with leather seats has been discontinued. As a result, leather seats are now only a part of the petrol XV variant.

The company has also shelved off three variants of the Terrano - 85 BHP diesel XL, 110 BHP diesel XL and 110 BHP diesel XV. This means that the Terrano is now available with only one petrol variant (XL) and three diesel variants (85 BHP XE, 85 BHP XL Plus, and 110 BHP XV Premium).

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