Recoveri launches MicroDot anti-theft tech in India


Recoveri has launched its micro tag identification and trace solutions for vehicles in India. The South Africa-based company manufactures and exports its MicroDot technology, which is claimed to be an effective form of vehicle marking and a powerful theft deterrent.

The MicroDot anti-theft technology uses thousands of small dots laser etched with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) linked to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The MicroDots are then sprayed throughout the vehicle. These are 1mm x 1mm polymer dots that are difficult to locate.

The MicroDots contain an ultraviolet tracing agent that is only visible under ultraviolet or black light and a microscope. As such, the dots are difficult to detect with the naked eye. 

Each unique code is linked to Recoveri's international database. This information can be used by the police to track the owner of a stolen vehicle. The technology can also be used to secure laptops, mobile phones, luggage, jewellery and other expensive household items. The company claims that the MicroDot tags are almost impossible to remove.

Recoveri plans to setup authorised MicroDot fitment centres across India. The company is also in talks with car manufacturers to adopt this technology. Meanwhile, the Central Motor Vehicle Rules - Technical Standard Committee has already framed standards for the auto industry to use microdots.

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