Thane Traffic Police sending 'Thank You' notes to motorists


Thane Traffic Police has partnered with an NGO named Thank You India, for acknowledging motorists who follow traffic rules in the city. The police and the NGO are sending 'Thank You' notes to motorists with an aim to appreciate those who respect traffic rules.

The idea was a brainchild of the Thank You India group. The NGO believes that while it is important to fine traffic offenders, it is equally important to appreciate those who follow all rules. The initiative started over 6 months ago. Initially, traffic policemen who found a motorist following all rules used to handover the driver a Thank You card and a rose.

The NGO has now changed the operational procedure for this exercise. The group has two photographers and a team of 70 people spread across the city, who secretly capture photographs of vehicles that are found to be driven as per traffic rules. The NGO then contacts the traffic police department to extract the vehicle owner's address using its number plate. A Thank You card, along with the photograph is then sent to this address as a token of appreciation.

Source: Indian Express

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