Took delivery of my Audi A4 2.0 TSI Technology: Initial observations

We did consider the Skoda Superb as well but we felt that even though it is significantly less expensive, as a self driven car, it would be too large, especially for my wife to drive

BHPian vanam recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I took delivery of my A4 Technology Edition over the weekend. Mine is the MY 2023 model with the flat bottom steering wheel and the new B&O music system. I have been informed that it is the first MY 2023 A4 delivered in Bangalore. The car is Navarro Blue with the Okapi Brown interior. The car is intended to be a self driven vehicle with very occasional chauffeur driven use as we have a 2.8 Innova Crysta ZX (with the captain seats) for when we are chauffeur driven.

I had a pleasant experience with Audi Bengaluru (details of the pricing are confidential due to multiple vehicles being purchased by a few friends and I). Insurance was taken from outside. Mr Sandeep from Audi Bengaluru deserves special credit for his service levels and customer management.

The MyAudiConnect dongle is not yet provided due to a shortage and will be provided in January 2023. The cost of the same is built into the overall price already.

We did consider the Skoda Superb as well but we felt that even though it is significantly less expensive, as a self driven car, it would be too large, especially for my wife to drive, and further, the luxury levels in the A4 were in our view worth the price difference.

The least that thing Audi can do is print an owners manual with a right hand drive car featured. Both the brochure and the manual are for left hand drive cars. Come on Audi.

Uploading a few pictures. Since quite a bit has been discussed in these pages, am focusing on those pictures that add value to this thread.:

The flat bottom steering wheel (MY 2023 car feature).

View of the drivers side of the car with the flat bottom sheering wheel and the Okapi Brown interior.

Another view of the driver's seat and the instrumentation.

One of the interesting features of the Technology Variant is the all digital instrumentation and the ability to customise the look of the dash and meter panel. Here are a few different options - The picture may not be too clear as I had not yet removed the cling film from the meter console.

I have been using different looks for different days. The car gives you a warning if you are trying to shift the displays when on the move as it can be distracting.

The best mileage that I have managed to eke out is 10.8 in peak hour city traffic with a very light foot and in "Efficiency Mode". The worst that I have got is 6.9 in similar conditions with aggressive acceleration and in Dynamic Mode.

Also had an opportunity to drive down on the new Mysore Road to Maddur this weekend with two fellow German sedans for company. A Mercedes CLA and a BMW 530D. Was a good opportunity to stretch the car and put her through her paces. There is the annoying beep above XXX km/h but other than that, the highway run was magnificent. The car kept pace with the big Beemer in most places except in one long straight stretch when the power of the 5 shone through.

All my cars are absolutely stock and so is this one. I am happy with the B&O system and it is more than enough for my needs.

The one niggle that I face is that the drivers side door armrest is too low and could be higher to rest one's elbow. Aside from that, am loving the car.

The rear seat is more than adequate for two people and given that we have an Innova Crysta ZX (2.8), we do not think we will need to squeeze 3 in the rear seat.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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