Video: Truck rear-ends my SUV with 4 adults & 1 child onboard

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The impact may look gentle but it left me with a pain along the seat belt region for a few days.

BHPian BoneCollector recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I'm sharing an old rear-ending incident just to highlight the fact that why it's important to take a glance in your rearview mirror when you are coming to an abrupt halt in moving traffic.

This happened in December last year. The video doesn't show the actual speed with which we were hit. The car suffered extensive damage to the boot end as well as the front. The impact may feel like a gentle one but it was good enough to leave me with pain along the seat belt region for a few days. 4 adults, all belted and my son was in a child seat. So no injuries. Luckily, the rear glass didn't break otherwise we would have some injuries. I have this habit of looking into my rearview glasses when I'm in moving traffic and am aware that there is some vehicle behind me. I saw the truck coming too close in IRVM and I removed my leg from the brake pedal. I feel the damages may have been more including shattering of rear glass plus some injuries if I had not released the brakes. Due to this, the car didn't oppose the push by the truck and was pushed into the Scorpio in front leading to extensive damages in the engine bay which was not visible till I removed the bumper the next day. The car took all the impact without any of us suffering any injury.

The hatch door, as well as the rear cross member, were bent and damaged. Taillights were gone.

The front shows just damage to the bumper.

Actual damage without bumper, damage to the radiator.

The intercooler was also damaged.

The car was repaired and is back to its original glory.

Situational Awareness is the key everywhere.

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Seat belts save lives