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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Honda City (2004)

Yep its an old car!
But I don't want to change the car.
It still runs beautifully in the city and is very fuel efficient in Bangalore's bumper to bumper traffic.

Features wanted:
- Bluetooth music system, without changing the look of the current dashboard layout. I do not like non OEM looks which I have seen in other cars. Also do not like touchscreen music systems. Buttons are any day better.
- Cooled leather seats (have stanley leather currently)
- MID such as fuel consumption, like how many liters of petrol exactly. Would be awesome to see how fuel efficient this 14 year old car can get in a city like Bangalore, with air - con switched on for 90% of the time.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

I'll restrict the wishful thinking to the price range in which the vehicles are offered:

2010 Figo Petrol:
  • 1.5 L engine of the Current Figo
  • Reverse Parking Sensors
  • Better Seats

2012 Duster 110PS:
  • Better Speakers
  • Better Seats
  • Passenger seat height adjustment
  • Bigger Brakes
  • Gearbox from the AWD

2015 Duster AWD:
  • Rear A/C Vent like 2012 model
  • Better seats
  • Placement of navigation screen above A/C vents
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Honda Jazz iDtec 2015 VX:
1. Better insulating material
2. Android Auto and Apple Car Play
3. A better AVN system which does not hang
4. Auto diesel
5. Ability to tell which door is open (if any)
6. More functional information cluster
7. 6 Airbags for top end
8. Reach adjustment for steering column
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Fiat Linea Classic Plus

1. Aux input
2. DVD playback
3. USB input
4. 6 airbags
5. Bigger tyres like in Linea Emotion
6. Odo reading, Range and mileage show on the MID always
7. All 4 power windows with autodown and autoup like in VWs
8. Electrically adjustable ORVMs
9. Lumbar support
10. Leather seat covers since the base variant gets it.
11. Remote locking
12. Wish it had been more powerful, 73 bhp feels less and I get fatigued on long drives.
13. Rear seats fold flat
14. Auto AC, my humble Beat has it. Have to change the AC settings so many times on long drives.
15. Reverse parking camera and sensors and front parking sensors.
16. Self dimming IRVM
17. Seat belt buzzer that doesn't stop till all the passengers put it on including rear.
18. Full size spare wheel
19. Drivers and co drivers armrests
20. Bottle holders. My Ford Classic has 4, Beat has 2 and Linea has zero.
21. Rear AC vents with bottle holder in front of them either in the front or rear to keep the water chilled.
22. Short stub like antenna. This stick like one had to be removed many times while parking in multi level parking areas.
23. Google maps and navigation.
24. Mobile charging slot thats functional and works.

Will try to add to the car whatever features I can over time but I am very satisfied with the car and Fiat. Will buy a Fiat again anyday. Hope the upcoming Fiat Tipo addresses all these.

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

VW GT TSI 2016:
1. Paddle shifters
2. Disc brakes in the rear
3. Projector head lamps
4. Arm rest (though I installed one myself)
5. A head unit that worked better with an a wider range of Android phones or at least better integration for google maps for instance
6. OVRMs that automatically open and close when the car is started and shut off
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Toyota Etios VD 1.4 D-4D 2011 model
  • Automatic Transmission option ( available in other countries now )
  • Paddle shifters
  • Height adjustable front seats ( available with current version's driver seats )
  • Cruise control
  • The Euro 6 corolla Diesel engine which has peak torque in 1400-2800 rpms along with the 6 speed automatic transmission.
  • Hybrid Petrol Engine option
  • Android Auto ICU with better quality stock speakers
  • 7 airbags
  • ESC
  • Hill Assist
  • Better sound insulation

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Hyundai Accent (GLE) 2010
The list is :-
1. ABS
2. Atleast 2 airbags
3. Steering mounted controls.
4. ACC (The stock AC overcools the cabin)
5. Disk brakes in all wheels.
6. UV cut glass.
7. AWD setup.
8. A turbocharger.
9. A GC of 200MM (28MM more than the current).
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

2013 Fortuner 4x4

Better brakes - I'm sure no one can disagree with this.

Otherwise I think its a heck of an SUV and I prefer the utilitarian cabin instead of a 747 sort of cockpit
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Hyundai Creta - 2016:

Would love to have the below features in my car.

-Rain sensing wipers
-Automatic Headlamps
-Cruise control
-Ambient lightning

-Android Auto/Apple Carplay (Available in Creta from 2017 onwards)
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

My ride is Innova Crysta 2.8Z, the only thing missing is a TPMS which I have installed myself.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

I figured out that great mechanical's is what makes me happy over useless features. That said would like to have basic features. I have also added list of feature that I would have been happy if not provided.

Ford Endeavour 2.2Titanium:

Features I want:
1. Panaromic Sunroof
2. Front camera
3. Seat massager
4. Knee Airbag

Features I would love to be removed:
1. Voice assist
2. Powered tailgate
3. Auto headlamps/wiper
4. Complex MID

Innova Crysta 2.4GX:

Features I want:

2.Steering controls
3.7 airbags
4.4 reverse sensors instead of 2

Features I love to be removed:
I did not wanted too much useless features and hence got GX instead of VX.
Happy with whatever It came.

Renault Kwid:

Features I want:
1.Better speakers
2.Dual airbags
4.Rear Power windows

Features I love to be removed:
Its already bare metal by current standards.

Toyota Innova G:

Features I want:

Its the oldest among the lot but the most peaceful. Pure driving,zero distraction .

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Features? Well, the elite i20 in the Asta trim comes fairly loaded. But yes, some more features wouldn't go amiss . So here's my take:

1. Revolving number plates: to fool even the most astute Indian copper, when I'm caught jumping the signal.

2. Beggar proof windscreen: so tramps and beggars at traffic lights & signals can't see inside, and so can't come knock on the glass.

3. On board Star Wars "The Force" generator: so, like Obi Wan Kenobi, at the push of a button I can just move that errant & annoying, lane hogging, diesel fume spewing, overloaded/overcrowded three wheeler out of the way.

4. Camouflage generator: so I can disguise my piddly little hatchback into a mammoth Landcruiser Prado with political plates & regional graffiti, at the press of a button, and then people will just run away and clear the road for me.

5. Infinitely height adjustable suspension: so no matter how deep the pothole is, I should be able to raise the ride height and sail over it in peace.

6. Amphibious capabilities: so no matter how much it rained last night, i should be able to go wherever the heck I want without worrying about sinking & hydrostatic locks.

7. Intelligent biker repelling wing mirrors & bumpers: Everytime a biker approaches my car and tries to squeeze into a gap that can't be squeezed into, the wing mirrors & bumpers should expand automatically and block the biker from attempting the move.

8. Random political party affiliation generating nano-paint: if I'm traveling through an area with affiliations to a known political party, the paint should automatically match that parties chosen color, like say, orange! Then do whatever I want & get away with it, because my car bears the same color! Easy peasy.

9. Toll booth receipt generator:: Because, who the heck likes paying toll, amirite?

And, the ultimate, Pièce De Résistance:

10. Targeted EMP burst generator: pissing me off with your gas guzzling, smoke spewing, lane hogging, bullying piece of s#!7 vehicle? how about I fire a targeted burst of EMP at your engine and disable it! Eat that, sucker!

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Honda City 1.5 SMT (2009):

Gimme the air-cooled seats please Every time we go for a road trip, my ass is literally on fire.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

My 2013 Brio S is a victim of needless cost cutting by Honda. Need:
- Dead Pedal
- Speed sensing auto lock doors
- Boot Lamp
- Better NVH
- Rear wheel well cladding
- Cabin filter
- Better tires than the crappy Goodyear/MRF
- Lighted steering controls as well as power window buttons
- Auto up power windows, at least the driver's
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Honda City VMT iVtec 2014

1. Apple car play (must)
2. All wheel disc brakes (must)
3. Ventilated seats (nice to have)
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