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My last Trip to Pala and Kottayam(Kerala) through ~70% hilly Roads (156kms) :
Our Vista QJD Returned 18.2kmpl with 100% A/C(blower on the lowest speed).
I feel the Mileage has gone down after 2nd Free Service and the Car at 6500kms .
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my accord v6 gives me between 5.5-6kmpl in the city. its driven with a heavy-ish right foot. not measured highway mileage.

should i even be posting here? lol. and lets call it fuel consumption, and not fuel efficiency, in my case

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Vehicle : Maruti Ritz Lxi
Odo reading : 2135 km
Route : Karaikal to Pondicherry (NH)
Litres Consumed : 8.26
Kms Covered : 142.5
FE : 17.24 kmpl

A/c used only 5% of the time.
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Hyundai Getz GVS Prime (1.1) 2007
Odo - 33k
City FE - 11.5kmpl a mix of a/c non-a/c driving in Pune
Method - Tankful to Tankful
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Car: Swift VDI 2008
Engine: DDSi
ODO: 19000 km
City F.E: Around 12-13km/ltr with 100% a/c
Highway F.E: 17-18km/ltr with 100 a/c
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I mentioned this in my initial ownership experience thread, however, here is my current FE:

Car: i20 CRDi Magna
ODO - 4950 km
FE - Overall 18.2 for the last fill.
Approx 50% City, else on open roads to my office outside city, with moderate traffic.

The previous fill returned 17.6.

Best I got: 23.4 for one tankful - Filled at Calicut, consumed in a couple of 50 km drives within kerala and then trip towards Hyderabad. refilled somewhere on the Blr-Hyd highway. I havent got this anytime before or after, so I am not sure if this can be taken as a realistic result. Perhaps the 90% humidity and the higher air pressure at sea level altitudes helped a bit? no clue. In any case most of my driving in this particular fill was below 100kph, except for the last 100kms.

Otherwise I have observed that FE drops to around 18 on 100+kph runs.

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Tata Safari 2.2 Dicor- 52700 kms
City driving (tier 2 city, lots of idling nonetheless) 10-11 kmpl
Highway driving - 13.5 -15 kmpl
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Originally Posted by Shan2nu View Post
Trip - Hubli-Blore
Total Distance - 412kms
Vehicle - OHC VTEC
A/C on - 35kms
A/C off - 377kms
Cruising speed - 90-100kmph
Fuel Consumed - 18.03ltrs
Fuel Economy - 22.8kmpl

WOW!!... These figures are just superb. I guess the "cruising speed" means "very very light foot" ??..
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Audi A4 2.0 TDi - 10 to 12 in the city - highway 14to 16
Skoda Ocatavia - 16-17 in city - highway 21 +
Swift (with cam) 8kmpl city - (without cam) 13kmpl city
Pajero - 7-8kmpl city - post pump caliberation ? Yet to check
Merc E250D - City 10kmpl - never done a highway run

All figures with 100% A/c


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Scorpio mhawk Sle
City - 10 KMPL
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Originally Posted by dhanushs View Post
WOW!!... These figures are just superb. I guess the "cruising speed" means "very very light foot" ??..
Actually, the cruising speed is just a small part of it. Its how you get to your cruising speed that matters. I use feather light throttle pressure even when i acc. Shift at around 2500-2700rpm. Ease off the acc if i can maintain 100kmph on a downhill section.

If i encounter an uphill, i don't increase throttle pressure. I maintain the same amount of throttle and see how the engine takes it. if the revs go below 2000 rpm, i down shift to a suitable gear, while still maintaining the same amount of throttle.

I tried this with our petrol innova and i got around 14.5-15kmpl with 100% A/C. I think i might have posted the exact figures somewhere on this thread.

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Car - i20 Magna Petrol
ODO reading - 1965 Km
Trip - Long trip through State Highway
Total distance travelled - 450 km
AC 80% with 5 people
Petrol consumed - 28L
so, average FE = 16.07 Km/L

but my city FE is poor 10 to 12 Km/L

I have tested empty tank method
My i20 covered 26.5 Km, in 2 liter petrol (13.25 Kml) with 100% AC
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Default An update

Driving - 100% city, mostly crawling
AC - 100% on, idling around 10% of that 100%

Fuel Consumed - 36.02 litres
Kilometres - 346

Mileage - 9.6km/litres
Car -baleno

Location - Chennai
Stretch - Annanagar-Koyambedu-vadapalani-guindy
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I drive a 2005 swift Vxi (40,000 km run)
The drive is smooth. No complaints as such. Although I feel my FE is on the lower side. Do let me know if its normal for Bangalore driving conditions.

FE in city with AC on 50% of the time - 11 to 12.5Kmpl
FE on highways(mostly 100-120Kmph) with AC on 50% of the time-15Kmpl

What do you think Bhpians?
And also, does the FE decrease upon shifting to the highest gear too early(but without engine knocking)? Say keeping the RPM in the range of 1000 to 2000.
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Guys, I am a little confused with my i10's tank capacity. Based on the manual it is 35L, I am sure it would take it more than the 35L. Was anyone able to get the exact capacity of i10s tank?

I would also like to know when exactly the low fuel indicator lits up?
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