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I drive a chevy spark. Total kms run is 8200. It consistently gives me 15KMPL in city driving conditions and 18KMPL on highways. These figures are without AC.
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Fiat Palio 1.6 Stile Sport (Petrol)

City driving with a/c = 10 KM/Liter

Highways with a/c - 13 KM/Liter
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Scorpio MHawk Sle
City - 11.7 kmpl (with 100% AC - mostly in 2)
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Got 18 Kmpl over a 200 Kms stretch of road. With AC on 75% of the time.

Palio 1.2 NV Sport!
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Originally Posted by amaan View Post
Fiat Palio 1.6 Stile Sport (Petrol)

City driving with a/c = 10 KM/Liter

Highways with a/c - 13 KM/Liter
I think all 1600 cc cars give more or less the above average. My SX4 too gives 10 kms/L in city and around 14 Kms/L on highways with 100% ac on.

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My Chevy Beat is really beating me in FE figures, max of 12 with mixed AC and Highway drives with average throttle.
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Latest figures of my i10 Kappa
Odo - 6000 km
Fuel - BP Unleaded
Method - tankful to tankful
Drive - 80% highway 20% city
AC - no
FE - 18 kmpl
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ANHC, first 400 kms
Mileage- 30 L for 405 kms, about 13.5
Driven with 70% AC + defogger and all within city. Max speed about 85.
Sure to get about 14 once second service is done
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Last april when i went to RTO office, i came across a diesel 800, the diesel engine sourced from diahatsu. This owner told me he is getting an (astonishing) 35 kmpl.

I have come across diahatsu diesels in omni giving 30 km+ so i think this cannot be so much far from the truth.

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Latest for my Scorpio driven entirely in the city. No AC

Tankful to Tankful 12.8 KMPL
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Originally Posted by MutantX View Post
Guys, I am a little confused with my i10's tank capacity. Based on the manual it is 35L, I am sure it would take it more than the 35L. Was anyone able to get the exact capacity of i10s tank?

I would also like to know when exactly the low fuel indicator lits up?
The low fuel indicator lits-up with roughly 8ltrs fuel in tank. This is assuming the tank capacity to be 35L. Once i ran 2 kms after low fuel warning and the tank-full gulped 27.xx liters. I don't think the tank capacity is more than 35L. One thing is for sure though, the fuel gauge is not linear. In a linear gauge each quadrant would mean 9lts in i10. Yesterday the needle was pointing to middle of last quadrant - means there should be roughly 5ltrs of fuel. But tank-full only took 25.2 ltrs.
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Civic-AT awesome!

Civic-AT, 17.7 kmpl (660kms with 37 litres)
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Almost 90% in the Delhi crawl, (no, actually its got better now, honestly!) Maybe 10% of the above on Greater Noida expressway, AC always on, my red bread box (2001 Wagon R) gives me 13.9 km per Litre
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Santro Xing XL 2005 (second-hand)

Location: 100% City (Mumbai - Andheri East/Vile Parle East)
AC: 85% on (put it off when it gets too cold on setting 1, switch it on when it gets warm)
Commute: 5-6 kms one way to the office, 50% bumper to bumper traffic.
Driving style: Sedate. Switch it off at long traffic lights (after reaching engine operating temperature), and upshift at 10, 20, 40 and 50kph)
Mileage: 10.87 kmpl (tankful method using auto-cutoff, at the same pump)

Tracked on (Anoop's Santro (Hyundai Santro) | Fuelly)

I am trying to improve the mileage, but don't seem to have luck. The Modi Hyundai engineer was able to extract 15+kmpl on a 19km drive in Saturday traffic with 100% AC.

Any tips or hands-on observation/tution would be very welcome.
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I am driving a Getz 1.3 GLE for the last four years. I get 12KMPL in city and 15-16 on Highways with AC on. Best i got was 18KMPL on my hyd-goa trip 8 months back.
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