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Originally Posted by merains View Post
dear all,
drove my new civic from coimbatore to kochi today.although did not check the FE i particular but i think i got 11 kmpl overall with AC on/off and driving on highway (like city driving because rarely crossed 60 kmph and with lots of pot holes too).shall post the actual FE once tested in city/highway with AC on/off.
Dont even consider the drive as highway run, its just like what we drive on a regular day, in bangalore not so peak city/out skirts/outer RR.So the figure you quote are quite impressive.
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Originally Posted by mobike008 View Post
Both would be in range of 7-9kmpl
Crv previous gen (gals love em model) :
7-8 kmpl in city
9-10 max kmpl in highway

The FE guage shows 20 kmpl and all at times, but its just a piece of stupid gizmo.

ps: if one can buy a Crv, one doesnt care about AC ON or Off coz it anyways has auto climate controls, so all the above is with climate control ON and at 20-23 deg
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Make:tata safari ex 4x4
YOM: 2007
Fuel:regular diesel with system d
Average:city-11.5 highway-13.5 (aircon always on)
Driving style:uncouth
Avg speed:80kmph
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Originally Posted by merains View Post
Dear all,
any idea what would be the FE of honda CRV and accord ?
both my CRV's give me 6 in the city and 8 on the highway.
the accord 2.4 gives me 7 in the city and 9 on the highway.
my friend has the accord v6 and that gives him 5 in the city and 7 on the highway
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Guys just returned from a long drive of 550KM..

Following are the figures for my Palio 1.2 Sport

Highway driving : 70%
City driving: 30% (Really really congested bumper to bumper traffic)
AC: 100% on all the time

Last time with 60% AC it returned me 17.5 KMPL. This time due to City traffic and AC it came down to 15. But still I see it as a good figure..
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My Opel Corsa Sail 1.6 returns about 8 to 8.5 kmpl in city and amazingly 15kmpl on highways. Once during a trip from Mumbai to Pune and back, I got 17kmpl. I can't explain the wide variation, but I have observed this on several occasions. I use normal petrol and add System G at 1:10. The AC is always on when I am in the car. I mostly drive in Mumbai with weekends on highways where I rip. Push it regularly past 140 and a few times 165kmph on the expressway before sanity takes over.

I keep complaining to the service guys about the low FE, and post service the car gives an additonal 1 to 1.5kmpl for a few days before slipping back to the Opel bad habits. I wonder what do they tweak to give better performance and why doesn't it stay that way.
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last week My swift VXi gave me 17 KM/L with A/C running on highway(400 KM run). in city FE is usually 11/11.5 KMPL
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My Alto Vx1.1 gave 15.5kmpl in city (80% AC usage) to 18~19kmpl on the highways (100% AC usage).

My Baleno gave an overall mileage of 13kmpl (11.5kmpl in city and 16kmpl on the highway). I never turned off the AC. Rarely rolled down the windows. Once I managed 21.5kmpl on a 350km run from Bangalore to Chennai on the GQ with only 30% AC use, single ride (only me and my backpack on the car), steady speed of 80~85kmph, never applied brake - would let the car coast down to less than 40kmph before applying brakes. This was a freak trip and I never bothered to repeat it. I tried this after I read the MAX Mileage article in Autocar.

My Cedia is giving 10.7kmpl overall mileage, again, with 100% AC usage. In city it gives around 9.5kmpl which goes up to 13~14kmpl on the highways.
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Mileage Update:
My Alto returned 21.25kmpl in an entire trip (home to home) in a 526km trip with 75km AC. This is the highest I got in an entire trip.

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Manoj.nice attempt

Nice to see the way you have done your home work & thanks for sharing.

[quote=manoj_joseph78;485521]I get around 13.5 for my Swift Vxi.

Below is my log for the last year. \
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Alto LXi Feb 2007
Ran 9k kms till now

City mileage 12kmpl with A/C. Extremely light foot. Crusing in top gear most of the time.
Highway 15kmpl with A/c in speeds or 80-100 kmph
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palio fe!!

while working for fiat i came across many fiat customers who cribbed about the milage
so we desided to take them on the trial on their routs at their timings with them but me at the steering wheel.
the max i got is 26kmpl on highway in palio 1.2 pre nv +two ghats to and fro .<the customer used to get 10 in the same traffic conditions>now he gets 15-16
1.6 gtx 18 kmpl without ac including two ghats to and fro .
petra diesel 30.63 without a/c with 5 people on board plus 50 kg dead weight .
one customer couldnot accept the figure of 21 kmpl so we went for the back to back test... we got 23 the second time
for tatas
xeta <petrol>26 kmpl without a/c
indigo pet 18 in ac .
asnd voila !!! wvery one without any exception started getting good avrages
the test procedure is simple physical overflow to physical overflow @80 to 110 kms of drive .. kms covered and fuel comsumed

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FE of verna diesel, fiesta diesel, indigo, n optra magnum

hi guys..
could anyone provide the FE of Verna D , Fiesta D , indigo D, and optra magnum ???? [ city FE and highway FE with AC ]
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SX4 Zxi - 250 km done ( run-in period)
I checked the mileage from tank-tank fill and I got 11.8 in city conditions with AC 100% ON. Should improve after first service.
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Getz Prime 1.3
2800 kms done
10 to 11.5 in City
12 to 13 in highway (Rash driving)

Santro (Old Model): Sold
73000 kms done
12 to 13 in City
15 in highway
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