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Default Re: Highest reading on the odometer!

This 2014 Škoda Rapid is owned by a close friend and is running a stage 3 setup.

Highest reading on the odometer!-6a5e686b7d664a71afa05120a65f0293.jpeg

Yes it doesn’t have the Škoda green light cluster.

Highest reading on the odometer!-891174d74dc3487987c801f8610f8f5a.jpeg
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Default Re: Highest reading on the odometer!

My friend's private Maruti Ertiga which was used by his dad as a daily driver. What's more fascinating is that the car is just 7 years old and hasn't been driven much is the past 1 year. So most of the miles were covered in the initial 6 years which amounts to 45000+ kms of running in a year

Highest reading on the odometer!-odo.jpg

I drove the car and it still drives well apart from few squeaking noise from the interior panels. He intends to use this car as long as he can since it just runs without much fuss!

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Default Re: Highest reading on the odometer!

While we are time and again reminded of the old innova's capabilities some even covering 10 lac kms, how does the Innova Crysta stack agaisnt this?

Has anyone seen the innova crysta with the 4-5 lacs km odo?
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Default Re: Highest reading on the odometer!

My grandfather's used 2003 Maruti 800 (bought in 2010) from MS themselves. The previous owner had apparently been a doctor who'd abused the car and neglected it. It hasn't been used much lately and there's a lot of things that need to be repaired. The Maruti guys take advantage of my grandfather and usually don't do a very thorough checkup of the car or restore essential parts, all the while quoting high service charges. Right now, the car is just a white elephant.

Highest reading on the odometer!-20201115_104720.jpg

If you're wondering, the last digit is in the process of rolling between 3 and 4.
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Default Re: Highest reading on the odometer!

5 years 11 months. Lockdown or not, she keeps munching no less than 45k kms a year. An absolute bliss to drive and own.

Highest reading on the odometer!-102f981c6a634fce95a372db900699c7.jpeg
2.5L kms on stock clutch and suspension.
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Default Re: Highest reading on the odometer!

XUV500(2012)- 2,30,000 KMS
Duster(2014)- 2,00,000 KMS
Santro(2007)- 1,46,000 KMS
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Default Re: Highest reading on the odometer!

The Ertiga joined the 200,000 Km club on yesterday:

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20201228_160325.jpg
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Default Re: Highest reading on the odometer!

Originally Posted by paragsachania View Post
The Ertiga joined the 200,000 Km club on yesterday:

Attachment 2099100
Congrats Parag! I love how the Instrument cluster still looks like brand new, with the MID still as bright as ever! Wish you some more milestones on this car
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Default Re: Highest reading on the odometer!

Our 2004 Elantra CRDi has run somewhere in the range of 2,70,000kms over the (now 16!) years. The odometer was accidentally reset somewhere around the 2,00,00kms mark, and it’s gone 83,700 or so kms since then. Most of this running was in the first 12 years, and I think I’ve only covered 35,000kms or so in the last 4 years. Stock clutch, but the suspension had given up around the 2,00,000kms mark(It was scary driving it at that point, the brakes were near useless below 10km/hr , H.A.S.S couldn’t find the problem for nearly 2 months, and I’ve almost hit pedestrians because it wouldn’t stop )
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Default Re: Highest reading on the odometer!

A friend's 04 Zen LXi with 270k km on the odo . The car is in immaculate condition, no one can tell she has run so much by looking at the photos. I haven't yet had the opportunity to drive her, since the Zen stays in his hometown.

This car was bought from Bimal Auto Agency, Guwahati in December 2004. It was their second new car to be bought home, was their primary vehicle till 2010 (After which they bought a Dzire D). As for the modifications, only a relay kit for 100/90W bulbs, left ORVM & front fog lights have been installed.

For the initial years, all services were done at MASS, now in the recent years servicing is done in local FNGs. As far as maintenance goes, only wear & tear parts have been replaced over the years, no major repair has been done till now. Front & rear bumper, tailgate, rear windshield, front HLs, front fenders have been repainted/replaced over the last 16 years. The Zen still continues to run as reliably as ever .

Here are some photos of the Zen:
Attached Thumbnails
Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210115_022810.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img20210114wa0028.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133410.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133046.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133150.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133231.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133022.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133113.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133307.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133241.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133427.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133205.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133500.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133617.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133714.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133357.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133550.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133519.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133533.jpg  

Highest reading on the odometer!-img_20210114_133708.jpg  

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