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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

Originally Posted by Vinod_nair View Post
Checked the delivery schedule for Thar, with 1 dealer in Kanpur, he gave me a maximum time of 2-3 months, again solely on the variants available.
This delivery schedule was sent by the other dealer
Mahindra Thar : Official Review-screenshot_20201020214514.png
Hope this helps.
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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review


Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
Thar has a tight rear space? Below is the BHPian sitting in passenger seat with the driver seat attached to his position.

Attachment 2069972
The Jimny is tiny! But that picture is definitely wrong and not giving the correct perspective. I think that dude leaning forward and not sitting properly on the rear seat. The Jimny definitely got decent room for 2 adults at the rear.

Watch the following video from 12:12 to get the right picture.

^ It's a long review at 45 mins from down under, but one of the best ones for the little Suzuki. Totally worth your time. Enjoy!
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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

If you live in the city, smaller the footprint the better for you. Jimny looks cute. would I buy one: may be not. I've seen a lot of Spresso's and find them cute so is the Ignis: came that close to buying one last year end. I'd envy the level headed youth who get's a Jimny and drives it responsibly to college. It's basically for a single or two persons at most. Would be fun when you're young and carefree...
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Re: 15,000 Mahindra Thars booked till date!

Originally Posted by saikarthik View Post
.....but the assembly line is also shared with Scorpio, so Its tricky for the production planning department to balance both the volumes.
Hmm.. So that is the reason Scorpio now has a waiting period of 1.5 months.
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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review
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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

Originally Posted by A.P.S.Grewal View Post
Won't a sturdier metal skid plate mitigate this? I know of an incident where the radiator ended up damaged in the 2020 Thar, and was curious to see how this can be fixed after-market.
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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

looks easy but its a big job to get it perfect and functional....they should fix it
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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

I think if one waits for another 3-4 months, this initial rush will peter out, especially when the first time buyers discover that the Thar isnt their usual cup of tea.At that time, Mahindra will also get enough feedback to launch a 2.1 update (since the Thar itself is a 2.0).
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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

Are the power window switches backlit?
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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

Would any of you know if this will affect the launch of the new 2021 Scorpio. Will that Scorpio also be manufactured in the same unit as this Thar?
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The doors according to the company are removable and I remember reading somewhere that the power window switches are placed in the center console to avoid an issue with the wirings.

ORVMs seem to be attached to the doors and the controls for the same are on the door.
Would this not be an issue with the wiring if the doors are removed?
And of course the driver would struggle with rear view without the doors.
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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

An 18 year old son of rich dad is a first time car buyer. I'm willing to bet that there are many such people.
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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

Had a brief test drive of the Thar last Sunday.

Here go my observations:

1. Looks: Can't get better than this. Doesn't look like a sub-4-meter car at all! Just retrofit an aftermarket Jeep grille and you are good to go. The 18-inch alloy wheels and tyre combo look and feel smashing.
Mahindra Thar : Official Review-rear-out.jpeg

2. Interiors: I was sure Mahindra will have some ergonomic niggles for sure. I have a Scorpio in my stable and I rate it an ergonomic disaster.

Front - Seating position is commanding, but not uncomfortably high. Reach adjustment for the steering would have been great. All controls are easy to reach. Fantastic view. I simply love cars with bonnets that can be viewed from the driver seat. The steering wheel is puny for such a butch car and reminds me of the XUV 300. The all-black dashboard looks decent if not great. However, there are a lot of scratchy and cheap plastic bits which miffed for a 17 lakh OTR car. However, it is far ahead in terms of quality styling and upmarket compared to the ultra utility interiors of the outgoing Thar.
Mahindra Thar : Official Review-dash.jpeg
Rear- This is where the real downer. First of all, reaching the rear is a task. Elder people in the family will simply hate you and some will warn you that they are not from the third world. The seat is narrow and the whole execution anywhere but perfect. I was kinda shocked to see the way Mahindra has done up the rear sides inside. A roadside upholstery shop will do a way better job.
Mahindra Thar : Official Review-rear-side-2.jpeg
There are decent legroom and shoulder room and the seat base is not uncomfortably low. Even people near 6 feet tall can sit pretty comfortably for a short trip. Mahindra could have done a better job at the rear.

Boot - Nothing much. I saw the hardtop version. You can open the top glass as well as the rear door. Not much space there except for a few slim bags. Wonder why? IT IS A SUB 4- METER CAR.
Mahindra Thar : Official Review-boot.jpeg

YES, very few would have noticed this. The Thar measures 3985 mm and that will clear most of your doubts. The bonnet eats up the major part and you are left with very less to play around. Hope now most of us are clear for the lack of boot space or rear passenger doors.


Engine: I test drove the diesel manual. It is a gem. Supremely refined and eager and stress-free motor. Simply loved the way the car drives in any RPM or gears. It was kinda expected considering the fantastic diesel engines we have seen in the Scorpio and XUV. I will rate this engine on the Thar as the best diesel engine from Mahindra seen in this price range. Loads of torque and power throughout the rev range. The gear shift is also pretty smooth and precise, though not at the Maruti or Hyundai level.

Handling and Ride: I just loved the way this one handles and rides. Braking is also pretty good. The straight-line stability is pretty decent (I reserve my comments as I couldn't test the straight-line stability properly, but as per the initial impressions I rate it pretty good). The ride was surprisingly good, even better than the old XUV 500s.

Will I buy it - NO

It is a car for two people.
Rear seat and the surroundings are a disaster.
Lots of cheap and scratchy plastic.
No boot space.
Sub 4-meter, Why Mahindra, why?
The interior quality, fit and is disappointing.
Attached Thumbnails
Mahindra Thar : Official Review-rear-seat.jpeg  

Mahindra Thar : Official Review-scratchy-dash.jpeg  

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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

Finally test drove the Diesel Manual Hardtop with 18 inch alloys that I'm interested in. I have seen more than enough video reviews and read enough opinions.

We have an Audi Q5, Innova 2.8 AT, XUV 300 at home. I love driving any car/bike though.

The Thar looks incredible in reality. The stock chunky tyres are something I had never seen before. The width and profile is scary. The dimensions are so unique. Extremely aggressive stance.

The infamous ingress - well I wasn't expecting it to be comfortable, but at 5'7", 95 kilos with a defunct athletic build. I got in/out fairly easy. Seats were superb in the back for two. Fit and finish is more like a formality for which I don't care. It was as good as any 5 seater MUV, but the connect with the cockpit is totally amazing - like the passengers are driving too. Anyone above 5'11" will find it a bit cramped, but if you re not as wide as me, no issues.

The interior front is like sitting in a tank. The driver's seat is plush. The view is excellent. The buttons obviously are purpose built and the fit and finish surpassed my expectations. I hate the feeling of a machine being too intuitive or over comforting.

Now the dealmaker. The engine is incredible. It operates and sounds like a petrol even when you rev at idle. The powerband is fabulous and is decent for this obviously heavy vehicle. The engine is very punchy and drives like a car in a Jeep-like manner.

Gear shifting is a breeze. Throws are like 1st-gen EcoSport with perfect slotting. Not rubbery or greasy and that's what I get from my XUV300. It just has slightly longer throws than the XUV. In no way is it long like a Fortuner or other full-size body-on-frame SUVs. The clutch action is perfect. No need to push it down. Tap it and slot. No lateral movement thankfully.

Steering. Does not shake as I saw in the YouTube videos. Obviously, offroad test vehicles are thrown around and the wheels get misaligned. It is hydraulic and in no way as easy to turn as an electric power steering. It takes extra effort to turn, but it is liveable. The rest is as good as any MUV.

Noise levels are minimal but the horn sound can be heard inside. Luckily it low pitched. The doors close with a thud like international cars. Very secure. The engine cannot be heard inside the cabin nor does it scream like a Toyota on revving. My Innova grunts.

Brakes are good. Emergency braking works. It is mildly spongy though. Not as crisp as XUV300.

The height of the footbar is not too high as I thought. Takes minimal effort to hop on.

Driving it is a breeze. Perfect for the sinful city traffic. Can drive it in any way expect for making quick turns. Cornering is fantastic. It will be brilliant on sharp mountain turns.

The suspension is well balanced. Sharp fast cornering does result in body roll, but it's fun and not scary. Makes the Scorpio look pathetic. I felt extremely confident driving it. Bumps were taken like a boss. The softer suspension setup does make it a fun ride but doesn't wobble as many mentioned. It is composed. So long tours will be effortless, especially on challenging terrain.

Rear view is average because of the spare tyre in the center. Could see only the helmets of bikers at the rear. ORVMs are massive and show you more than enough. Reversing camera is a must if you have pets/small kids at home.

At the end of it I was happy to have booked one. A night before, I was ready to cancel it thinking I don't need it as an excuse to satisfy my midlife crisis, but in all fairness, the new Thar has given a bright spark. It will surely see a fair bit of adventure.

At 15 lakhs on-road, I don't think anything will ever come close. It feels like a premium car and drives like one too, but with the frame and haathichaal of an SUV. The cabin feels secure and extremely comfy. Taller drivers will miss under-thigh support, but that's how it should be for longer trips because I feel, over-compression leads to swelling of the feet.

As far as cosmetics go, yes cars like Bolero, Pajero and Harrier look puny in front of it. If that's something that matters to you. Anyone who sees it knows there's a passionate driver/adventurer behind the wheel.

Kudos to Mahindra for making it a good product. I am willing to ignore the Jeep Wrangler look, but it is what it is and makes my wallet happy. After sales service is a trade off. But, a reliable engine spares most troubles and this thing is truly built like a tank. As unique and practical a vehicle can be without missing out on any bells and whistles.

I hope this helps most of the folks who are/were as confused as me. I have realised the only easy to convince my wife is to make her drive it. That will ease out the rest,

Peace and best wishes.

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Re: Mahindra Thar : Official Review

So an interesting interpretation of the "first time buyers" definition.

I got a call from Mahindra asking about my interest in Thar. Although it was strange since I have already booked the vehicle. They asked the usual stuff, which dealer etc. And then came a question : Have you owned a Mahindra car earlier?

That is when it struck me, may be the 57% buyers are the ones who haven't owned a Mahindra earlier. Possible? My hunch yes.
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