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Others (Country, Jazz, Instrumental etc) 86 28.38%
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Old 4th April 2021, 01:29   #196
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Re: The Music Thread

Keep them coming. I am not a huge music fan nor I like any genre of music. Can I single out any "type" of music I like? Probably not. Soulful numbers to heavy metal - depends on whether they resonate with me. There is no reason, no rhyme!

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Joe Satriani, the king of Guitar

2. BB King

The opening riffs, the tune and the all-star cast of this live performance!

3. Metallica's S&M, especially the recent one with the SFO Orchestra

I love No Leaf Clover, Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman, but there is something soothing about Nothing else Matters

4. Dire Straits - Your latest trick, especially the original LP version has probably the best opening intro

***If anyone has recommendations for soothing Jazz pieces like the Dire straits version, please, please and please recommend!***
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Re: The Music Thread

After listening to Raag Ramkali by Bhimsen Joshi for 30 years, I never thought I would like another rendering. But this lady proves me wrong.

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Re: The Music Thread

This one sounds kind of 80's retro track, found it randomly on Spotify. Stuck on loop now.
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Re: The Music Thread

Originally Posted by sridharj77 View Post

4. Dire Straits - Your latest trick, especially the original LP version has probably the best opening intro
Oh man, my favourite singer! And this latest trick is fantastic, makes for a beautiful listen with good quality earphones. Other fabulous songs from him are:

What it is
Sailing to Philadelphia
Book like that
Speedway to Nazareth
Lady writer

His voice is on a different level altogether, goes so low on the pitch!
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Re: The Music Thread

Somehow youtube is throwing some of my old favourites at me, the songs I used to listen in my car two decades ago.

The 2003 Grammy winning song...

The next song lost Song of the Year and Record of the Year award to the song above.

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Re: The Music Thread

Not that i favor any particular kind of music , i listen to whatever pleases , but of late the indie tamil music scene has been hitting the right notes for me and this song by pop singer Dhee and folk rapper Arivu does just that. This song is also a tribute to Dhee's grandmother who is a migrant laborer and is produced by A R Rahman's indie label 'maajja'. Very touching.

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Re: The Music Thread

I have a fairly, you might say, eclectic taste. Having grown up steeped into Hindustani Classical music through my father and amateur experimentation in keyboard, guitar etc of my own over the years, I am a fair connoisseur of all forms of music. My family has always encouraged listening to all kinds of genres so BoneyM and MJ were staple part of my growing years as well (right from age 4 I guess).
I am currently into:
1) 80s/90s Bollywood
2) Telugu chartbusters (mostly learned through YT , all dance tracks from AA/NTR Jr, RCT)
3) Select ARR Tamil compositions (soothing, easy listening types)
4) Thaikuddam Bridge
5) Hindustani Classical vocal (mostly the big ragas like Marwa, Multani, Bhimpalas, Malkauns, Darbari), occasionally Carnatic classical vocal
6) A new favourite of mine in the recent years has been Malian ( & West African) blues music. Man- that country is a musical powerhouse! Its sad that some of its really talented superstars are not as well known as the Western stars. But listen to Habib Koite, Ali Farka Toure , Toumani Diabate (instrumental-kora) and more current singers like Sona Jobarteh (Gambia), Fatoumata Diawara, and you will be transported to musical heaven.
What else ?..
Oh and when I am bored of it all, I move on to Mehdi Hassan and Farida Khanum.

I am a Maharashtrian, and the vast repertoire of iconic Marathi film music (pre 80s) , abhangs, folk songs were on our lips almost every day. But today,barring a few recent Ajay Atul compositions and a couple of recent movies like KKG, there are barely any songs that even register in your mind after a few days.

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Re: The Music Thread

Originally Posted by fhdowntheline View Post
1) 80s/90s Bollywood
80s 90s Bollywood is the best. Though the movies were hand made, we, things, the music was so heavily inspired from the florescent west in the 80s, that most stuff was listenable. 90s, well, you can see the resurgence in the remix industry today.
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Re: The Music Thread

Padmabhushan Pandit Rajan Mishra passed away due to Covid related complications in Delhi yesterday. Pandit Rajan Mishra along with his brother Pandit Sajan Mishra was Doyen of Banaras Gharana. I was fortunate to attend their live concerts on few occasions. He was blessed with a powerful voice which effortlessly traversed three octaves.

Here is a beautiful rendition of Raag Durga by Pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra.

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Re: The Music Thread

This song recently popped up in my YouTube recommendations and I really wanted to share it with you guys. I believe this has to be one of the best 'The Voice' auditions ever, the artist is Jesse Campbell and the song is "A Song for You".

There are quite a few covers of this song(Michael Bublé, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston....), infact according to wiki, there are over 200, the most popular I believe, is the one by Donny Hathaway. Here's another one of my favourite covers

Absolute goosebumps stuff!!
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Re: The Music Thread

Was just browsing youtube on this lazy Saturday and this showed up.

Stuck in my head since.

Here's the link if you just want to listen to enjoy the music.

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Re: The Music Thread

Originally Posted by SmartCat View Post
I have a theory: Most of us like the music groups that were popular during our high school and college times.
My music playlist for many many years has been about the same and I also realised it has not been updated much as it's usually the following:

Eric Clapton
Queen/ Freddie Mercury
The Beatles/ John Lennon
Bob Dylan
Dire Straits
Bruce Springsteen
Rod Stewart
The Doors

Veering off slightly, but adored Jim Morrison so much in my college days, when I visited Paris a few years back I went to the Pere Lachaise cemetery to see his grave and pleasantly surprised that so many still do after so many years, as the picture below shows:The Music Thread-img_20181101_143324608.jpg

Lately, I've been using YouTube Music for my playlist because some live versions are really good like Springsteen's, 'You never can tell', which should rank among the top impromptu recordings of all time, and Sheryl Crow with Clapton singing Tulsa time with great guitar work from Albert Lee and Vince Gill, in addition.

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Re: The Music Thread

The duets of the late 1970's and 1980's, when great talents came together are some of the very best melodies of the modern times. Hopefully, we all remember these tunes. I could have missed a few of them on this list.

These include:-

(1) Woman in love by Barry Gibb and Barbara Striesand
(2) Enough is enough, no more tears by Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer
(3) Endless love by Michael McDonald and Diana Ross
(4) Let me go love by Nicolette Larson and Michael McDonald
(5) Islands in the stream by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
(6) I knew you were waiting by Aretha Franklin and George Michael

( a DJ had said that George Michael who was at his peak in 1986, when he did this song with Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, should consider himself lucky enough to pair with one of the greatest living female talents. Most fans were thinking that its the other way round. Sadly both passed away within a short span of time recently)

(7) Ebony and Ivory by Paul Mc Cartney and Michael Jackson

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Re: The Music Thread

My current favorite album while driving is Sitar Metal's self-titled debut album. It's a fusion of the calmness of Sitar and the scream of the metal. Sitar takes the centerstage most of the times. There is little or no vocals in all the songs which further makes the Sitar standout. Do give it a try!

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Re: The Music Thread

I am not a music buff, not even distantly. However, a clip about a museum located in Bengaluru's J P Nagar has me all excited. Saw it on OMG! - Yeh Mera India.

Would love to pay a visit once.

Anyone here who has been there?

Indian Music Experience

From their website:
Get ready to experience all things MUSIC – discover various genres, explore the stories about iconic songs and music makers, marvel at the beautiful musical instruments and artefacts on display, and create your own music. Traditional or contemporary, young or old, the IME has something for everyone
Disclaimer: Not related with, nor have personal interest in either the museum or the YouTube video. Just sharing a piece of interesting information.
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