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Re: The Cricket Thread

100th 100 and we loose the match. What a day. :|
Irresponsible century, to be honest. Atleast it's over now.

Well played, Bangladesh.

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This loss is dedicated to Sachin. Had he not wasted so many deliveries once he hit 80, India would have had a score of 320 at least.
But this is nothing new. This is the reason every time Sachin scores a ton, chances of the team losing go up.

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Re: The Cricket Thread

Cant digest the fact.

India elated by Tendulkar achieving personal milestone, but not even bothered with the humiliating loss

This is what makes people like Dravid apart from the crowd. Now Sachin cant say, ""I DONT PLAY FOR ACHIEVING PERSONAL MILESTONES ""

Shame on the team for loosing against Bangladesh.

I just hope tomorrow's news papers does not blow this up to a monstrous proportions
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Re: The Cricket Thread

I saw this coming.

Bangladesh played well. And we simply did not bowl well enough. In fact, we did not bowl well at all. Irfan Pathan's umpteen full-tosses and that one lovely lolly by Praveen Kumar sealed it for Bangladesh. Add to that the number of dot-balls Sachin faced while trying to get to his landmark. And the last five overs of our Innings (barring the last over) going for barely 20 runs.
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Today it showed the difference between Rahul Dravid & Sachin Tendulkar

If he had scored freely and not looking for his hundred we could have scored 320 easily.

Kudos to Bangladesh
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Originally Posted by bluevolt View Post
I Sincerely Hope that Sachin Tendulkar don't score his 100th Ton against Bangladesh on Friday!

Though HE may do so on Sunday against Pakistan
That was why I posted this couple of days back.

I was fearing the same, India will loose and all brick bats to Sachin Tendulkar.

Had he not scored his so called 100th hundred I am sure less number of people blamed him for today's loss.

I don't know whether it was Sachin Tendulkar's fault or the fault of Indian Bowlers or Bangladesh actually deserved to win.
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Our bowling unit can't defend 290 runs on board against minnows and the blame goes to Sachin.
Great !
What is the guarantee that 320 would have been a safe target going by the kind of lollypop balls bowled?
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Originally Posted by Chalu
Today it showed the difference between Rahul Dravid & Sachin Tendulkar

If he had scored freely and not looking for his hundred we could have scored 320 easily.

Kudos to Bangladesh
So Dravid wud have scored so fast that we wud have 320. What was Dravid's striking rate by the way in ODIs?

Somebody mentioned Kapil Dev and his delayed retirement. Has India produced a fast bowler of same or better class since his departure?
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Now by loosing the match India (the masters of cricketainment) has made sure that all the matches are relevant.
BCB should be very thankful to BCCI.
Those lollypops were not by chance you see.
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Re: The Cricket Thread

I would say just this

India lost last 19 of 20 ODIs and SRT scores at average of 30.

Critics: " Damn! Sachin didn't score a 100 so India lost"

India loses against Bangladesh but SRT scores a century

Critics: "Damn Sachin!! Every time he scores 100, India loses. He should be sacked, he is bad luck.

Pathetic criticism at its best by Critics. Would do well to put these Critics in SRT's shoe and handle 150 kmph balls all day long and also handle criticism and expectation of 1 billion people for 20 years and ask how do they feel.
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Cannot put the blame entirely on sachin, sachin did play very slowly to achieve his personal landmark, which resulted in us getting 30-40 runs short. But the way indian bowlers bowled and bangla batsmen batted, they could have also chased down 320 runs or so. Also its high time for sachin to retire n save himself from further humiliation and same goes to dhoni also, must step down as a captain. Gambhir/kohli can be selected for the job.
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Re: The Cricket Thread

All Sachin baiters whose vision is clouded pls read the article by Sanjay Manjrekar for an Eye-opener - Sanjay Manjrekar: India's quest for three bowlers | Opinion | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo

If our lollipop bowlers can't defend a score of 289 against Bangladesh then I don't think that they would have defended 320 or 330

I don't know why they have rested Umesh Yadav. Currently we have only trundlers. I guess with bowlers like Praveen, Irfan & Vinay the opposition batsmen can probably have a smoke or a shave & be back but still the ball wouldn't have arrived

In the WC Sachin scored 2 hundreds against England & SA. Against England he scored 120 of 115 balls & India managed a total of 338 but still we managed to Tie the game! I still have memories afresh of the mini collapse after Sachin's dismissal. Only Yuvraj & Dhoni managed to score some runs in the last few overs.

Against SA he scored 111 of 101 balls and was the 2nd wicket down at a score of 2-267 in 39.4 overs and the rest of the team could manage only 29 runs at the loss of 8 wickets in 9 overs! And we still managed to lose the game by 3 wickets.

Instead of throwing brickbats at the Great Man I request the 'Arm Chair Master Blasters' to "analyse" the root cause of the defeat.

NB: The bowling failure is there for everyone to see and if someone chooses to conveniently ignore that then we know that they get a sadistic pleasure in blaming Sachin for everything in their life. And as I had stated earlier - Too much analysis will lead to paralysis.
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Re: The Cricket Thread

For those who are all shouting at Sachin to retire, please let Sachin decide when he wants to retire as he knows much better any one of you whether he can still contribute to the team or not. And he definitely knows better with his huge experience of playing cricket at the highest level and he'll surely hang up his boots when he thinks it's time. (and oh, please let us know how many of you have actually played cricket at national level? Please do share your experience playing cricket at that level.) And if you guys can't digest watching him playing then please switch off that TV, you might get lot more time in hand to do some productive work.
Sorry for being harsh, but I just can't take anymore of this as I feel our heroes need much more respect then what we give them.
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Re: The Cricket Thread

Wow, our team sure is good when it comes to 'timing' - what a way to lose a match that should have been made memorable for that outstanding milestone of Sachin reaching his 100th international hundred ! Alas, but no we have our own way of making it 'memorable' with a stunning loss.
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Re: The Cricket Thread

What to say about Virat's strike rate? he scored 60 odd runs from 80 odd balls!!
Our great bowling line up cannot defend 290, that too against a team like BD. Kudos to BD team for their victory!
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