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View Poll Results: Who is your favourite FASTag provider?
State Bank of India 13 2.75%
Axis Bank 28 5.92%
IDFC Bank 6 1.27%
ICICI Bank 144 30.44%
Equitas Small Finance Bank 12 2.54%
HDFC Bank 45 9.51%
Syndicate Bank 0 0%
Karur Vysya Bank 2 0.42%
Punjab National Bank 0 0%
Federal Bank 2 0.42%
Saraswat Bank 1 0.21%
South Indian Bank 1 0.21%
PayTM Payments Bank 195 41.23%
Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank 0 0%
Kotak Mahindra Bank 6 1.27%
Fino Payments Bank 0 0%
City Union Bank 0 0%
Bank of Baroda 0 0%
IndusInd Bank 2 0.42%
Yes Bank 0 0%
Union Bank 0 0%
Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank 0 0%
Other 16 3.38%
Voters: 473. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 24th February 2020, 16:33   #1
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Default Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

Thanks to BHPians katchkamalesh & sidhu_hs who asked for this poll.

Click here to know how one can procure FASTag and read about its benefits and drawbacks.

Please vote and let us know which FASTag service provider you are using and how the experience has been.

Who is your preferred FASTag provider?-2-icici-fastag-2.jpg

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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!

I got mine from Axis Bank as it was available on Amazon. Found the entire process to be smooth & easy. Needed to clarify something, and their tech support was easily available via phone.

I've also deposited 2,000 bucks into their wallet as I'm not a fan of any "auto-debits" on my bank accounts.
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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

I have opted for AirTel via the AirTel app, hence have voted for others. AirTel money is fairly easy to use and the deposit etc are seamless.

While I do 500+ kms every week, I am yet to visit tolled road/s, so will revert post that.

I think ICICI might win this poll, followed by Axis / PayTm.

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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

I got the Fastag from ICICI when they were the only service provider, so had no choice. Pretty happy with their services both from a software side and the customer support. Twice I was billed wrong and the corrected amount was reverted to my account, albeit with a bit of follow up. All in all, a happy customer
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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

Voted for 'Other'. I use a NHAI Fastag (issued free of cost from a toll plaza), and the best part about it is that it's not linked to any bank account. Whenever I need to recharge, I just select a payment method and do it. The balance stays in the NHAI Prepaid Wallet. Don't have to worry about money getting deducted from my bank account.
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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

Good Initiative. My small add-on suggestion is, let us measure our experience on a scale of 1-10 through the poll, so that we can see who is the best service provider visually on a graph.

My story:
I have purchased two fast tags from IDFC First Bank.

Purchase Experience:(10/10)
Purchase experience was pretty smooth. They had a booth opened in front of my office during "Free Fastag Offer" season.

Just paid 200 per tag (100 Rs. Security Deposit and 100 for Toll balance) and got two tags immediately. Activation message came after 2 days along with Login ID, password for the site to check the balance and recharge. Pasted both of them just behind the Rear view mirror along with a cellophane tape on both the sides just to remove if in case it is not read by the sensor in the toll

Toll Experience: (10/10)
Both of them have been working seamlessly. Not even one single instance where I had to struggle near the toll. Have crossed approximately 50 tolls all put together so far after pasting the tags.

Recharging Experience: (8/10)
Recharging is a breeze from the portal. One point worth mentioning, which has pulled down the score by 2 is, I have been given two login IDs and passwords for two vehicles. But, If it was single account, there is an option in the portal to transfer money from one car to another car. Unfortunately, I am not able to use this feature since I have two different accounts

I tried calling them several times to get both the accounts merged into one, but in vain

Billing Experience: (10/10)
Last point but not least, I have heard many people complaining about amount deducted twice, wrong billing amount etc. But, I have been lucky (Touch wood), so far, I have not faced any such instances. Amount deducted is exactly equal to the toll amount mentioned near the booths. Also, if it is a single day return Journey, the amount deducted during return journey will be deducted exactly as per board mentioned and no issues on that front.

Messaging experience: (7/10)
I get immediate SMS at few booths whereas at other few booths, it takes 4-5 hours. But, have not missed any messages so far. I am yet to see the 2% discount getting credited to my account yet. Not sure when and how this will get credited. So, cannot rate this.

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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

I voted for PayTm, because it has been easy to get the FasTag, and hassle free to use it.

However, I think this is an unfair/pointless poll, because very few people would have a chance to use multiple Fastags from multiple providers. If anything, this poll would show that most people would have bought their tags from a large bank or PayTM, although they might not have been much worse off if they chose any other provider.
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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

During one of my regular commute, I noticed an ICICI canopy at NHAI Vasad Toll Naka. I approached him and bought my fastag some two years back. That ICICI guy became a good friend and I bought my other car's fastag from him. I even guided many F&F to him.

So far, I have used only ICICI fastag and I am very much satisfied with the entire experience.

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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

ICICI. Had to go to the bank when I got it a few years back. This time ordered on-line, and got it in a week.

My old tag has worked well, and now login to recharge uses an OTP - dont have to login with passwords. It has worked well for me.
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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

I got my Fastag from ICICI in 2016 when Fastag was in it's infancy. I bought it from the only place which was offering it, ICICI bank branch in Hosur Road.
Submitted my car details and received the tag in a week's time, three days before I was due for a long drive on Toll roads.
It has worked flawlessly so far and have had no issues with the tag. Only issue I have faced is from the toll operators.
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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

I have so far used Fastags from ICICI(2015-18), HDFC (2018-), Axis (2019-). Have recharged quite a few trips using all of them. Most of the problem is recharge related. On the go mobile recharge was seemless and instantaneous(5-10 minutes) with ICICI. Recharge Menu and compatibility with mobile screen and speed of recharge has been average with HDFC and below average with Axis. Only two(ICICI once in 2017 and axis once in 2020) Tag identification failure with all three put together with approximately 250 toll entries(icici 150, hdfc 80 and axis 20).

Though launched before the availability of 4G speeds i felt icici had a much smoother experience hence voted for it.
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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

Have been using HDFC for more than a couple of years. Once you get your head around the unfriendly portal, it has been pretty smooth.
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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

Voted for ICICI. I have a HDFC tag for one of my cars and ICICI tags for two cars. Ordering a tag from ICICI has been very easy and deliveries were quick without follow up. The website is user friendly and recharging and checking balance is a smooth process. They even have a dedicated android app.

HDFC on the other hand has a laggy website. I've faced an issue where a recharge hasn't reflected in my account and the same remains unresolved till date. Customer support on phone and mail is very poor.
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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

Got Equitas for all 3 cars. Their process seemed to be the easiest in the early days when tags were being sold by NHAI offices in various cities. Earlier, for the two cars, I had to go and submit the documents to the closest Equitas branch. For the latest tag bought for the city runabout car, even that was not required.

Their top-up process is simple and moving funds from wallet to tag or tag to wallet for multiple cars allows you to shuffle the funds around based on the upcoming usage of the cars.

They have always responded with a solution to my queries / problems via their helpline number.

As a result, I have not tried any other provider.
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Default re: Who is your preferred FASTag provider?

I have voted for Paytm. I have one car with paytm fastag and other with ICICI fastag.

I am an occasional user. No problem with ICICI fastag. In fact it served me well during my Gurgaon-Udaipur-Ahmedabad-Statue of Unity (and back) 2340 km trip last month. But I don't like calculating the approximate toll and loading the wallet (if it is more than required, my next trip may be after 6-8 months or even later) whereas my Paytm wallet is mostly loaded so no need to calculate and worry about left over balance for future use.
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